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TWOMOMMY: Can you please move me to Waiting to know? TWW started today.  Thanks!

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Lots of baby dust to you Jenny!
Soto - wow that is great, I would love to read aour articles if you're willing to share them here.

Afm - tank arrived. UPS re-labelled it early am express plus. It wasn't delivered by our usual bashful young guy, but an old senior citizen I felt really bad for, when he had to drag the heavy tank to our 4 floor walk-up. So as of today, I'll be TWWing.
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escher sounds like a good plan - hope you find the month off useful re information.


fmorris that's great that you can do it so soon - sometimes it's better to not have to wait, you don't have as much chance to think about it for ages! Formatting seems OK here.


Friederike wow what a stressful day - I really feel for you but great your regular ob gyn is happy to do the insem. It's nice when they use their own common sense/values rather than what they told they should do. My gyn is a little like that - he talks in 'generalities, you could do this' without actually coming out and saying it. So glad the swim team arrived on time, phew!!!!!! Good luck for the TWW, hope it all goes 'swimmingly' smile.gif


Soto that's great news! The only word of warning I'll have is that you have to share everything there so even if things don't go to plan or you have some sadness you still have to share the emotion. This can be great but I imagine can also be very difficult, especially if it all takes a while. Looking forward to reading it though!


justanotherjenny welcome to the TWW!!!! I know exactly what you mean about the amounts etc. We were saying exactly the same thing 13 days ago. How can a baby come from this tiny tiny amount of liquid? FX for you!!!!!


AFM tomorrow is the day we test - not expecting anything but will be good to know either way. Finally heard from the couriers. They're picking up the tank MONDAY which is 2 weeks after I spoke to them and requested pickup. Friederike we need the German efficiency!!!!! If we have to do it again I'm going to request pickup before I even receive the tank.  smile.gif

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Good luck testing tomorrow, lizbian! fingersx.gif And congrats on finally having a plan for getting rid of that tank, LOL.


Welcome to the TWW, Friederike! I'm sorry it turned into such drama, getting the swim team to you... Exciting to think that if you need to try again, you've got your doc onside for the IUI. Great news!


Welcome to the TWW to you too, JustAnotherJenny! It's *not* inconceivable, not in the least... It could be *totally* conceivable, right now, for you, in your uterus! Ahhhh! Yes, it is very awe-inspiring, I totally agree.


fmorris, I was up at 6am and got ready for work, before seeing a text from my boss saying we aren't starting until 11am... And it's totally pouring rain out there, and the work we've got to get done is on a rooftop and oh, I know just how you feel! DP and I are going to watch the documentary Babies tonight, as recommended by my acupuncturist.


Good for you, sotohana! I'm curious, how will you negotiate the balance of your (and DP's) privacy needs with the requirements of the column? I ask because I used to blog, and then stopped when we began TTC a year ago simply because I (and DP) found it difficult to deal with the resulting questions from people we know IRL... It was more than I was expecting.


Twomommyfamily, I'm so impressed by your flax-eating results! I eat flax seeds on my oatmeal everyday, and have never had a lack of EWCM, but had no idea that the two might be connected. Glad you're on the count-down to insem day!


FX for you, KWPX! fingersx.gif


AFM: I tested last night at 9days post-IUI: BFN. Then I looked up the instructions for the internet cheapies that I was using, and they said they're to be used when AF is already at least 1 day late, so... Yeah, that BFN don't mean nothin'! Still full of potential symptoms, and I'm so tired that I'm no longer woken by the dog's late night shenanigans, which means my temps are finally holding steady. And boy, are they high. FF has set my O date to be 3 days after the IUI, but I think (hope) my crazy earlier temps are what did that. Now I'm gonna go and track down some answers from the government regarding whether or not my weeks of maternity/parental employment insurance would be impacted if I went to the trade school for my next 10-week course (during which I would also receive employment insurance)... My boss is at me to get the schooling done, but I don't want to do it yet if it means less time with the (as-yet-theoretical) baby!

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Granite: how exciting that you are having so many symptoms! And your chart looks amazing- practically triphasic! i think ff has the crosshairs too late and you insemed at the right time. When is AF due? You could test with an FRER soon, like even tomorrow if you want to. Or just wait it out. I have a good feeling about this!

Lizbian: what a hassle with this tank! I still have my fingers crossed for you for testing tomorrow!

JAJenny: welcome to the tww!! I hope you're cooking that 11-12-13 baby! smile.gif

Soto: how cool that you will be writing about lesbian ttc!

Friederike: what a build up to the insem! I'm glad the tank arrived in time! Welcome to the tww!!

Afm, got my strong positive opk yesterday at noon so we insemed this morning at 6:00am, 18 hours past positive. All that lovely EWCM had dried up to sticky by yesterday so I'm glad we had the pre-seed. All the ladies who do at home ivi/ici, I'm impressed! That wasn't easy or fun for us. It was hard to get all if the (tiny amount of) sperm into the syringe and then I think a lot got stuck to the speculum (which we won't be using again if we ever do this at home again) and then I think I leaked most of what was in there out even as I lay with my hips up. Oh well. I could only lay there for 40 mins then it was time to get ready for work. So, not a perfect event but I'm glad we at least tried at home once. Next month we will return to the RE for more monitoring and trigger again. But hey, this could have worked despite the rather dismal odds.
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Dismal odds are still odds nonetheless, twomommyfamily... FX for you! My CM always turns sticky or just wet the day of O, and I too would be needing that preseed stuff if we were doing ICIs... And I'm a little glad we're not, because they seem really tricky, as you've now experienced! Thanks for saying my chart looks triphasic, LOL... I keep thinking it does too, but then thinking how the dog may be responsible for those intermittent lower temps... So full of second-guessing, here at my house. Welcome to the TWW! fingersx.gif

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granite - thanks it's nice to finally be getting going on the process of testing. Expecting BFN but you never know I guess! I totally understand about the TTC balancing against study etc. My boss was asking me about study but I have no plans as already too busy! Glad that BFN was not relevant, good luck for the next test! Great news about your symptoms too. My temps are finally stabilised after dogs & illness so will have to see for next month I think.


twomommy- I know what you mean about the speculum we're feeling exactly the same and it seems like such a little amount, you think 'how can that ever make a baby?' Still, it can I guess, 'gotta be in it to win it' so you never know!


afm tomorrow morning's the first test. I have all the symptoms of AF so expecting a BFN but hey won't rule it out just yet. If it is a bit fail at least I can have a drink for one night next weekend when we go to Manchester for the weekend. We were supposed to be going to a concert (Jessie J) but she postponed until November annoyingly. My poor DW is hoping it's AF as she can't cope with my hormones being like this for 9 months!

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scorp - if you're lurking hope everything's OK x

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Granite Wow! This sound so promising! I am feeling the positive vibe for you too. FX and fully expecting to hear of your BFP!

Twomommy & Friederike wishing you well in the wait!

Mrs&Mrs, Esenbee, Sphinxy and others newly pregger... how many dpo/dpi did it take before you thought "I may be pregnant" or did you not really feel much difference until later? Inquiring minds want to know.
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JAJenny, good luck in you're TWW! Can't wait till mine!


Friederike, Glad the tank has arrived! Sucks the older gentleman had to haul it lol. Its all for the greater good though! FX for you! x


Lizbian, I think you're right about just jumping right in nd not thinking much. I'm just getting everything in order. Doing a great job with mye tea drinking as well. smile.gifI'm just patiently waiting for AF. I've got mye FX for you no doubt tomorrow. Hooray for finally picking up the tank! Nd lol @ requesting a pick up before you receive.


Granite, So that nasty weather seems to have made it to you quickly lol! It wasn't that bad today, cold, but thank goodness the rain and freezing rain subsided. Enjoy the documentary! 9 days is still a bit early so give it time! I've been looking into maternity leave and boy it sure is more info and grey area than I expected! Mye co-worker is expecting and HR told her basically Maternity leave covers nothing, and if she wants to get paid she'll have to have short-term disability on her insurance. Guess I'm glad I opted for that during open enrollment!


AFM, Patiently waiting for AF. Lord knows she'll be late when I'm waiting to see her lol! Oh well! I'm working on mye diet and trying to gain a bit more weight for TTC. So far so good :) ..nd heyy mye formatting came back! lol

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fmorris so interesting you need to gain weight when TTC - for most people it's the opposite!


afm BFN this morning. I was expecting it so twomommy can you please move me to waiting to O? Going to try one more time at home before we go the IVF route. x Thanks! Onwards and upwards!

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twomommy- welcome to the TWW too. So Jenny, you and I all insemmed on the same day. How cool is that. Let's see who tests first. About your insem - I read several times that using a speculum isn't recommended for exactly those reasons. I never tried with one though, I usually guide the syringe with a finger and shoot.

Fmorris - AF is a nasty lady. If you don't want her to come she does and if you're waiting on her she takes her good time. I hope you get to start your cycle soon! What is in the tea you're drinking? And good luck with you weight gain.
I also put on 8 pounds before TTC and lightened my training load considerably. Now after the holidays I gained a bit more even (perhaps influenced by the hormones I am taking), so I arrived at a 22.8 BMI, which gives me some issues with my body image. I've struggled with those since my teenage years. Rationally I know that it is a good weight for babymaking though, so I resist dieting, because that would definitely negatively impact the process. If my pregnancy is similar to my sister's I'll puke my guts out and loose weight in the first trimester anyways, so it doesn't hurt to have some extra pounds.

Liz - argh, I am sorry for the BFN. Did AF arive yet? It's not really absolutely over until she shows her ugly face. Although a march cycle would mean a christmas baby. By the way, I followed your example, spaced out the insems and used a single straw a bit later. You were right, it works fine even with just the small amount. And no leaking.

Is anybody else testing soon? We haven't gotten a BFP yet this month, which is totally unacceptable. One of us has to get lucky, right?
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Liz So sorry about the BFN! Friederike is right though. Has AF knocked on your door yet? Keeping my FX still.

JAJenny Welcome to waiting. It would be so cool in that cosmic way to have an 11/12/13 baby!! I'm wishing for you too!

AFM So we're traveling...and eating at some of the best restaurants in the US! We are total foodies and sometimes plan our travels around dining destinations. So why was I not terribly interested in the rockin' meal I had last eve. It tasted supreme and was so well prepared but I lost interest early and then felt upset in my tummy all the night long. My temp is steadily up and appears to be creeping higher but I am on progesterone. I feel mild cramps at times but I recall feeling that way last time. I am 9 dpi this eve. I really got POAS happy my first go-round and don't really want to go down that path. I guess I am just venting that I am a little anxious and apprehensive about either result actually. I would be lying to say I wasn't anxious about becoming a parent at the same time elated at the prospect. Did I mention I am also 3 days into estrogen therapy as well to increase follies in case we have to go again? I think I am really just emotional today. God have pity on my DW!
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kwpx2 - For me it actually started the evening of 5DPO, which I think is a bit uncommon. I found myself quite nauseous, and it continued through the rest of the following day (6DPO). I find this odd because I actually haven't had nausea or morning sickness as a primary symptom during my first few weeks of pregnancy, so I guess it was just my body reacting to implantation. 7DPO was a quiet day, no symptoms, which made me sad, but then on 8DPO I had some mild cramps in the morning. Also starting on 8DPO were some serious mood swings and painful gas, and exhaustion kicked in on 9DPO. These symptoms never really went away winky.gif . So on 10DPO with three days straight of these mood swings and other symptoms (which for me would have been too early for my normal PMS), and AF still not due until 15DPO, I just knew I was pregnant, and took a test that night.


Soo... why do you ask? fingersx.gif


ETA - cross post! Sounds promising! Have you decided when you are going to test? On 10DPO DW and I were on a long car trip, and once I decided that I knew I was pregnant, I swear, I would have taken a test at a truck stop if they had them, I was so determined. Good thing they didn't, and we tested in the privacy of our own home instead. Anyway, I consider myself a bit of a foodie, too, and I'm telling you - not being interested in food lately is like the saddest thing for me. I'm thankful everyday that I'm not puking, but that doesn't mean I have much of an appetite either. Last week a friend and I were at a new farm-to-table restaurant on a bison farm and the menu looked amazing but all I could stand was a small bowl of chili. 

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Sphinxy I guess because of my reaction to such a wonderful meal last eve. Not really nausea but close. Emotions seem high as I got teary-eyed in a card section a couple days ago. I got a little teary-eyed at a military exhibit yesterday. That kind of thing makes me feel a lot of empathy but I don't usually feel like crying. I feel very anxious about a lot of the aspects of BFN and BFP. I don't think I am being irrational I just feel like I am super sensitive and aware of this. But then when in the TWW we are all so aware of the slightest anything and try to associate or dissociate it from the idea that we are pregger. Sigh...I will keep waiting and observing I suppose. Thanks for your input!
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kwpx - i feel like it was hard for me to sort my "real" symptoms out from the effects of the progesterone and trigger shot. since i had been let down by the fake symptoms before, i tried not to be too crazy about them. i remember weird twinges/cramps - but i'd sworn i felt that on previous cycles. i was pretty hungry, but i had been that way on the trigger shot before.  the hot water in my shower smelled weird (still does, if you ask me, although no one else can notice) and that was different. the biggest difference was that i was REALLY thirsty all of a sudden. i remember being like, hmm, this is weird. i was sort of nauseous before the bfp, but i disregarded all my nausea because, well, it was a trigger shot symptom that i'd had before. had i not been busily disregarding my own experiences, i would probably better intel for you. however, i think nausea is a great sign! and i want to hear all about your vacation, even if you arent enthusiastic about the food. we are foodies as well, and often travel places specifically for restaurants. my fingers are crossed for you. hurry over to QPP and let's invent foodie baby food recipes together. 


oh yeah, and i had giant, painful boobs but that was another trigger shot symptom that i ignored!

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Aieeeeee! Just got a faint-faint-faint second line with FMU on an internet cheapie strip!!! It's still only 11 days post-IUI. Blood test in three days. I am so tired, and now going back to bed, will do personals later!
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jammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifGRANITE! jammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gif


Rest up and keep us posted!!!

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GRANITE!!!!!!  YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!biggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifbiggrinbounce.gif


Frederike: I thought we might have insemed on the same day!  I'm currently testing the trigger out of my system.  I think it'll be totally gone by tomorrow morning.


Lizbian:  So sorry to hear of your BFN.  :(  




Just waiting... th_TappingFingers.gif

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Granite that is so exciting!!!! joy.gif

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