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Placenta Encapsulation

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joy.gif I have found a lady in Charleston, SC that will come to the hospital and pick up our placenta after baby is born and do the encapsulation with in 48 hours and return the pills to us at the hospital (since I'll be there 3-4 days for C-section) and I am beyond words excited about this !!!  Sheepish.gif  and I love that my hubby even asked me did I want to get the pills AND the tincture joy.gif  and YAY!!!  I'm so excited for this !!!

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I live In Charleston SC myself and happen to be googling "placenta encapsulation" and BOOM your post came up. I am also looking for someone to encapsulate my placenta could you give me the name of the person who is going to do yours? Im so thrilled I found your post :) dust.gifjoy.gif

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Brandy Brandfass


and this is not the one I went with but I don't have her email I found her on FB but both Ivy and Brandy came highly recommended by Adrian Leeds, Midwife at Transitions Midwifery :)

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Please pardon my naivete, but what is placenta encapsulation and why might it be useful?

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It's when you take the placenta, dry it out, and then put the dried out material into capsules to be taken orally.  Many people believe it helps prevent post partum depression and is generally healthy for the new mom.  You can usually find a doula or midwife who will do it for you.  I think January Jones was in the news because she did it after her baby.  I'm sure the other moms here can also provide more information.

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Wow!  I have never heard of such a thing!  I think I read somewhere that some mammal species' mothers eat the placenta after birth to remove any traces of blood or vulnerability that could be read by a potential predator.

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Spotty, my dad always told me the reason mammals do it is because they know it's good for them to reingest it :) **he lives on a farm and I watched pigs do it**


Because after the baby is born your hormone levels (that have been all over the map/high due to being pregnant) pretty much crash so ingesting the placenta helps prevent that or at least lessen the effects of it happening.  Some women put a small chunk under their tongue to prevent hemorage after birth, some put raw chunks in a smoothie and drink it etc.  The raw form is supposed to be the most potent also.  I don't think I could actually eat it raw, though I've considered it, but basically they clean the blood off, cut into small slices/chunks/pieces (like jerky sort of) and dehydrate it.  Once it's dehydrated it can be ground into a fine powder and put into capsules and taken orally.  Some women put herbs in it while encapsulating it as well.  You are supposed to take 2 pills 3 times a day, they keep for ever in the freezer (they won't freeze!) and if you start to feel down or blue you can take some to perk you up.  I had PPD and PTSD after L was born in 2010 and have planned on doing this since then to maybe prevent having it again :)  It also can help with breast milk production.


DH was going to do it for me last time when O passed away but this time we'll be almost 2 hours away from home when baby arrives so we need someone else to do it for us.  I would also be willing to do it for someone else that lived near me and needed it done :)

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Fascinating! How long will the encapsulating take? Obviously you won't be able to ingest some straight away.
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You could ingest raw placenta right away of course, but if you're referencing the caps then she told me it takes about 20 hours for the dehydration part and another few hours for grinding and filling caps (less if you have one of the pill filler contraptions) so she said maybe 2 days.  There are some that can't/won't promise this turn around time but she understands the significance of our urgency and that we live 2 hours from her ... so if we don't get them then how would we get them, ya know?

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thanks.gif I bookmarked it so I can get in contact with her when the time arrises pos.gifjoy.gif

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