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I am definitely carrying differently this time. Baby is way up there in the fundus. My midwife mentioned that this common for multiparous women. It makes me look pregnant sooner, but it's not a round ball.

I feel more movement with this anterior placenta than I did with the last. I will have to ask the MW where she thinks it is now, maybe it moved back some as my uterus has gotten larger.
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Sorry for the poor quality photo but here I am at 24 weeks - I think I look HUGE and am really enjoying how round my belly is getting :) I thought I was carrying higher than with DD but looking at others' photos I seem to be carrying lower than a lot of you.



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Here I am after a long day of gardening at 23 weeks!
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Thanks for the compliments! I've felt pretty gross about it all, it's nice to actually have it called a "bump." I think I just look fat :P I think it's because no one has said anything to me in person about it, like everyone is wondering if I'm not just packing it on from laziness and food (though that is true as well, in its own way)!

This talk about different belly shapes from different placenta positions is interesting and something I've never thought about, by the way. I have no personal input though, as this is my only baby, but I'm curious about the rest of you!

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Xobel, I wouldn't take the lack of comments personally. It's dangerous territory to ask a woman if she's pregnant before a certain point. Most people you meet may suspect, but are afraid to say anything because if it is just gain, that would be embarrassing for all.

If you want to put it out there, spend more time with your hands on your bump. I think that is sort of the physical clue that says, " there's a fetus in there". If i just had a gut, I don't think I'd want to draw attention to it by touching it.
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Ha! Actually, just today I had a woman ask me if I was remodeling. The question seemed a little odd, but I got it and patted my belly while replying, "Well, we are having to make some more space." She winked and said, "That's what I thought." She was quite tactful and clever in her uncertain curiosity!

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None of my co-workers have asked and I'm larger than I was full term with my daughter at 21 weeks. I think it's just because it's not very socially acceptable unless I say something first and I'm not one to just say "I'm pregnant!"  I figure they know but I don't feel close to any of them so I won't say anything (I just work a few days a month there). I haven't had anyone comment except a lady in the OB office ask my daughter if she knew if we were having a boy or girl. She said mommy has two boys in her tummy.

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I'm just starting to get more questions - I agree that people are never quite sure if someone has just gained weight or not. I usually tell people if I can see them looking at my expanding belly but are obviously afraid to ask ;) I also find guys at work are much less likely to mention anything than women are....which I find puzzling. Maybe they don't want to admit they've been looking at your body or something? I dunno, it's weird lol

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I had a man talk to me about my pregnancy this week while picking out onions at the grocery store. He was around mid-thirties, I'd say, and said, "Do you know what you're having yet?". I told him we are having a boy, and he said, "That's great! Congratulations!". He was genuinely interested, and for that reason I think he is probably an expectant father.
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A lady asked DS at the lake the other day if he was expecting a baby brother or a baby sister.  I thought that was a pretty good approach for those who are affraid to ask an expectant mama (I was nearly out of ear shot, so if he would have looked puzzled she could've evaded awkwardness I think).  Although, it's pretty obvious there's SOMETHING in there now!

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Everyone looks super cute!  Here I am about 22 1/2 weeks...

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Super cute, Mama505!
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Here I am a couple weeks ago at 22 weeks.  So fortunate to participate in a free photog shoot at our local consignment shop, so I have at least one nice pic of me preggo with #2 :)

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You look great Jillgayle!  What a beautiful photograph!

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Originally Posted by Mama505 View Post

You look great Jillgayle!  What a beautiful photograph!

Yes, this exactly! You look lovely!

P.S. I had to do a double take ; you have a striking resemblance to my best friend's sister. I opened the thread and was like- whoa, Chana?!
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Jillgayle, you look beautiful! Love your sweater too!
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Great shot, Jillgayle!  Mama505, you look great.


25 weeks:

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Thank you!  Right back each of you :)  I love seeing all these beautiful bellies and smiling faces! 

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You all are looking great!!  I still feel so small even though I am almost 24wks.


So, since I am new I will play a little catch up.  I started taking pics around 16wks (when I felt there was actually something to see besides my usual chub), and have been doing it every two weeks on my even weeks.  I missed 22wks, though, cause I was sick.  I should have a new one on Fri or Sat.  Here's what I have so far:


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Beautiful, everyone!

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