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Nice to see you Cathy! You look great!
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Thanks mamas!!  I'm sorry I haven't been around more.  It's been a whirlwind this summer.  Still trying to unpack and organize. 

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Nice to see you here again Cathy, you look great! smile.gif

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36 weeks!

We still have individual shapes to our bellies!  I love it.

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A friend of mine let me borrow her and her much fancier camera for the morning, I didn't want to spend money on maternity shots, but I wanted...something...she did pretty good for a complete amateur and our kids had fun together.  :)


This one is my favorite for obvious reasons, I think.  36 weeks tomorrow!


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GISDiva, that's a beautiful shot! I love lucking into one of those photos that I know is going to be meaningful to me and other people for decades to come. This one is like that. smile.gif
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Yes, just what EA77 said. You look very goddess-like! What a wonderful shot!
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Gorgeous belly, emily4megan!

GISDiva, I love that shot! So natural and serene!
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Yes, two more pictures of beautiful bellies!  And a truly magical shot GISDiva!

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GIS, you have inspired me to get a move on and get some photos that don't include my bathroom counter and my cell phone! 

I love  your photo, you look amazing.

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shy.gif  Aw, thanks ladies...

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Love it and that hair!!
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Took my 39 weeks pics tonight and I made this little collage. A preggy's journey...

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Here I am at 36.3. The neighbour came by to ask when we were cutting the rest of the hay, I said when the baby comes we will have time off to do it. He said "But you're only three months along, the snow will come by then!"

Flattering, but it makes me a little nervous when I know I am still measuring behind.

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You look great, agilesheltie! I think you look way more than 3 months, but you're just not carrying way out there.
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I like your collage Mary! 


AgileSheltie, You do look way more than three months.  I was similar with my first (we were farming then too).  At 34wks I had a round bit out front, but not much else.  Let me see if I have a picture...  Ah, weird photo... Anyway, I think you are also like a foot taller than me, so your torso is longer and there is more room for babe to stretch out in there.  Farming is hard work!  Just keep eating well and try to slow down a bit (literally, move more slowly or figure out a compromise).  Like you said that you had to haul water for the pigs, well just fill a 5 gal bucket and let them have that for a bit, then fill another later (this particular scenario might not work at all for you, but what I mean is that you have to find a middle ground to keep the animals/plants happy and healthy and you and the baby happy and healthy). 


So I just re-read what I wrote and I don't know that it makes the kind of sense that I intended for it to make!  eyesroll.gif  What I meant by all of that rambling is that you look really fit from lots of everyday physical labor.  I hope that with your sister coming that you can find time to share some of the heavier loads and take more time for yourself!  You look great!

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GISDiva, what a sweet shot with your DS, I love it!


Mary, great collage, it's so neat to see your belly growth like that!


Agile, I agree with Mary, I think you look good.  I was about the same last time around (see my comparison photos on the previous page of this thread) and DS ended up being 6 lb 3 oz at 38w2d although they estimated him smaller by U/S.  Also I think you might be tucking your pelvis in that picture? That will make your belly look smaller too.

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Beautiful shots all around! I think i'm due to take another one soon and truly embrace this body.  I don't even think i looked at myself in the mirror with DS, but knowing that this is the last time i will have this experience has changed something for me.

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Me at 33 weeks over the 4th of July. Looking good ladies!
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Looking healthy and great, RunAddict! Great to see you on this thread again. :)

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