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Somegirl, EA77, and Crafty, you all look great!! Crafty, I am so very jealous of your lighter physique, though. I can't wait to join you "on the other side".
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Everyone looks great! I love all the cute pictures with older children.

Crafty, thanks for sharing a postpartum picture, a cuddly baby and smaller body sounds really good right now!

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40 weeks + 1 day! Oof!

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Wow, coffeebean! You look amazing!!

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Coffee, that's an impressive bump - beautiful! Looking forward to your postpartum photo any day now. smile.gif
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I agree with EA77, what an impressive bump!!  You look great.  

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Coffee, you look great! Hang in there! I know every extra day feels like an eternity, but you're doing great. Baby will come and you get your internal organs back!
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Hey Coffee! Get it, girl! You look great!!!!!
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Originally Posted by songbirdsparkle View Post

Hey Coffee! Get it, girl! You look great!!!!!

Yep, this!!!!  yeahthat.gif

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I love the belly pics.  Crafty, you're looking great!  Coffee, I hope baby is coming soon!


I am trying to take weekly pix now since you never know when baby will come...  Finally got my 37week pic today - 37+2:


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Susan, you are still looking AMAZING!!!!  

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I agree! You look fantastic, optimistic, and not even tired. How did you manage that?! wink1.gif
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Wow, Calladona, you look great!!
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Here is something different and kind of fun. Not good for showing belly size but I think they are my easily my favourite pictures from this pregnancy.

My mom took them on the trampoline the other day. A day short of 38 weeks. I feel so elegant and pregnant when I look at them, but in reality, I had to go and change my underwear after jumping so high! Ugh!



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Aww, thanks guys - ya'll are too sweet.  I think I had managed some good sleep the night before or something.... LOL


agilesheltie, those are awesome!  I'm impressed!  I think I would rip in half if I tried to jump on a trampoline right now! :p

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OMG agilesheltie, you jumped on a trampoline? That makes my third trimester antepartum self want to wince in pain and agony! Color me impressed. They are neat photos though!
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Agile: those shots are amazing!
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Agile- you look so graceful and full of life! I actually jumped on a friend's trampoline the day before my water broke- and it was shockingly unbeautiful and lacking in grace! Here's a photo for proof:
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No trampolining for me. wink1.gif But here I am at 37wks. I was huge all over and super uncomfortable with my first two, but I look and feel very different this time around.

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Agile-- those pics are amazing!!

EA77- you look great!

Coffee- I love that look on your face... You look terrific. Hope you and baby are snuggling in well!!
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