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38 weeks (with #3) in a few hours! Finally have downward pressure and achy bits - woot! smile.gif
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You look great EA77!

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Thanks, Mama! I feel like my belly made some real progress this last week. smile.gif
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This better be my last belly shot. I got dolled up and went to a going away party last night with some friends, it was a much needed distraction! 39 weeks 6 days...
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You look great, GISDiva!! That color looks nice on you. smile.gif
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GISDiva - You look fantastic! Hope you had a great night out. smile.gif
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Love these pics. :)


39 weeks yesterday and here was my shot:


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Definitely lower this week, Calladona! smile.gif
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You both look fabulous!

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You both look great! Cal- you're looking a lot bigger to me, though it could just be lower smile.gif

If I'm still pregnant tomorrow I'll post a picture smile.gif
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Ooh Banana!! Exciting!
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Calladona- you look ready to have the baby this week! Definitely lower too.
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Susan, I am so jealous of your beautiful smile every time you post a photo!  lol.  I'm pretty sure I lack the ability to smile when standing now.  ROTFLMAO.gif

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Thanks ladies. :)  I feel bigger and VERY low.  Baby is about an inch inside me right now. ;)


Jacksonmom, LOL, this smile in particular was for my little man who was sitting at the breakfast table laughing at us taking the picture.  That and my crazy girls who always want in on the picture. ;)

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39wk today with #3. Happened upon a full-length mirror in the parents' room at the shopping centre (hence me being loaded down like a pack-mule and my pants falling down). DD is playing in the background. smile.gif
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You look awesome!

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Agreed, what a sweet bump you have!
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Lovely bump there :)


And here is my 40 week pic.  Really hoping this is the last one!! :p


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Looking fantastic, Calladona!
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That's awesome Susan, you're bump has totally changed shape this week!  It's go time baby!!!

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