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Such cute bellies!

13 weeks with my sweet dog, Finn!

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Nice pics!

That does look like a sweet pup!
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Everyone looks great!!  Yay!

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Cute bellies, babyg and Pam!! And Pam, I want to scratch Finn's tummy. He does look like a sweetie!
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Thank you!

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12 weeks!!! 

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Here is 14 weeks on 2/4/13 :)

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Cute bellies! Here I am at 13 weeks smile.gif
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Love those cute bellies!!
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Aww, you ladies look so cute! I'm so much bigger with this one than the last one--part of that is that this is #2, part of it's that I'm 40 lbs lighter so there's less to hide the belly. And part of it is that the midwife thinks I'm oddly big for how far along I am. Here's a pic I took almost a week ago at 14.5 weeks. My favorite so far!


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Everyone looks so cute!! One day, when I have a belly...not a bunch of bloatedness, I'm going to post another picture.



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13 weeks!  I think I look smaller. LOL

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Post treadmill run....14 weeks tomorrow! Can't wait for it to get warm out so I can get my runs done outside!

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14 weeks. I think I went thru a growth spurt
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Come on y'all, our belly gallery is slacking.  orngbiggrin.gif


There's not much to show here, but if you excuse the dirty mirror and the super awesome pajama pants, here's my 15 week shot:




This was taken right at 15 weeks and I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow.  I think there's been some change, but we'll see.  

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You look great J! And those pants look really comfy smile.gif

I got nothing, besides looking a little fluffy from my uterus pushing everything else up, but that's not new for me! I'll just enjoy everyone else's photos for a couple months.

Keep them coming!
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I'll take one soon, I promise!

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19w4d- taken in the bathroom mirror just for you guys! :-)
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Jacksonmom- you're looking good!
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16 weeks, 2 days:


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