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Super cute, Calladona! Love your daughter waving to the camera also!
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Yes, everyone looks so cute!!!

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Calladona, you've had a lot of growth since the last shot!
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Calladonna, Coffee:  You two are darling.  Growing fast, too!  This is so exciting.

Here I am at 18 weeks. (I think it's been about 6 weeks since my first pic at the start of this thread, and I am SO much bigger, I thought I was "showing" then:) )

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Super cute belly, emily4megan!!
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New to group! 8.10.13! Baby number 2! Won't know the gender for two more weeks!! 18w4d
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emily4megan, love it :D

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17 weeks and change, with a much more comfortable belly ring. *pshew*. Those came just in time...

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Everyone is looking so cute! I'll join in! 20 weeks, 2 days

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Yay, lots of fun bellies! :D

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I love how everyone's belly looks different. I'm used to mine and of course think it's"normal" but then I see that it's not actually normal, but unique.
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I finally have a belly, too! 19.5 weeks, taken last night. Unfortunately, I'm sure the general public still just thinks I've got a bit of a sweet tooth or some such. But it's a little baby girl in there!

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Such cute bellies.  If I feel up to it tomorrow morning I will post my half way mark pic.  thumb.gif  I think I'm coming down with some crud though.

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Here I am yesterday at 16 weeks 1 day. I like my bump better this time for some reason! 



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You are all seriously too adorable- Rainstar, GISDiva, Crafty, Xobel, and Hippo!
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I'm about 17 weeks.... and also new at taking pictures of my self!  It's hard to aim and run back from the camera!

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Loving the cute bellies! love.gif


19 weeks:

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Here I am at 21 weeks with our little girl and DD smiling for the camera.


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She's adorable, she's got that "me too!" look!

Those are cool maternity pants! Did you make them?
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What a cutie!

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