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Woo hoo, Carmen!

Welcome Sotohana. I simply counted in weeks, I think.
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Our trio arrived at 6:02, 6:03, and 6:04 on Sunday, March 24th. (I went into labor at 32 weeks 2 days) All are doing well--still need help practicing breathing and eating--and I am doing well also. We plan on our babies being in the NICU until the end of April but at this point, don't really know how it will go. I am going to be discharged today and am very sad about it. It will be so weird leaving the hospital without them!

Saywer Martin--4 lbs 4 oz
Elliott Charles--3 lbs 11 oz
Miles Wade--4 lbs

I will post photos later--I need some up-to-date ones because they change so much every day!!
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Lisedea, I'm glad you're doing well. Was you DP there when labor started? I can't wait to see more pictures.

Oh, speaking of pictures, Escher, my almost 17 month old does get frustrated plenty. Here he's very angry that I put a panfull of cake batter in the oven instead of allowing him to eat and fingerpaint with it.

And I'm jerk enough to snap a picture of it.
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Carmen-I'm so glad to hear it was happy news and DP was able to attend!  I hope you can enjoy the next few months with a little less worry.  Excited to meet the healthy little one later this summer!


lisedea- Congratulations!  jumpers.gif I'm so glad you are all doing well.  I know it will be hard to leave the hospital without them.  I hope they get stronger and healthier soon so you can take them home.  Take care.


seraf-You're such a mean mommy!  winky.gif  That baby's adorable even when he's screaming his head off.  I liked your advice about the knife too.  DW got a chuckle out of it too.  I'm so sorry about the break in.  That was a crappy welcome to the neighborhood.  I hope you are able to replace the camera equipment and other items you need. 


OMOM-Happy 1st Birthday to Sage!


starling-I liked the way you handle the climbing and doing of things that could cause some boo-boos.  I hope I can be that calm about it.  I don't want my kid to grow up scared of everything, but there is always that instinct there to say "Be careful."  Exploring is important.  I will also need to be creative about the redirecting because that sounds very important.  We know a couple with 3 kids who we think are pretty great.  DW has named a parenting method after them because she wants to be able to be great parents like they are.


knittingtigers-I'm sorry about the GBS.  That does make things a bit more complicated.  Can they give you IV abx without additional fluids so they could give them to you and then disconnect the line?  I wouldn't want to be attached to an IV pole the whole time either.  I would rather not have IV fluids because it makes you all puffy for a while afterward and it can make it harder to nurse.  I'm also sorry your feet are so swollen.  I hope you are getting some rest now that you have more help.  I just bought a pair of crocs this weekend and I was thinking of you.  I don't need to wear them yet, but I want to be prepared and we were at the outlet mall.


granite-That's cool that it went so well telling your boss.  I hope you are able to work everything out so you can keep up with your apprenticeship. 


Sphinxy-I'm glad you had a nice vacation.  I came back from mine with a sore back so I feel your pain. I hope you are feeling better.  I'm so happy to hear the NT scan went well!  Each milestone like this makes the journey a little easier.  I'm sorry they were poking your baby too hard. 


planet-I hope you are able to figure out a better sleeping arrangement that works for all of you for a little while.  Sounds like they change so much and their needs change and you have to keep adjusting. 


AFM-Life has been busy around here.  My birthday was last Friday, and we celebrated several times.  It was lovely.  DW always makes my birthday so special.  Then we went down to Monterey for our little babymoon.  The hotel was nice and peaceful, and I got a massage and scalp treatment that were very relaxing.  We went to the aquarium and saw the awesome jellyfish and sea horses.  And we ate some yummy food.  We stopped at the outlet mall and Carter's was having a 50% off sale so we got an adorable sweater vest, so baby can dress like his mama, and some other basic things.  We're trying not to buy too much because we haven't had our shower yet and we are expecting some hand me downs, but sometimes it's hard to resist.  On the way home my back really started to hurt and it feels strained now.  I had a chiropractor appointment yesterday but I couldn't make it because a man died on the train tracks so there were horrible delays for my commute home.  I almost cried when I realized I wouldn't make it in time.  Luckily, they are able to fit me in today.

I have my 28-week appointment today and GTT, and my u/s is Monday to see if the placenta has moved.  I'm a little nervous about the GTT.  I don't want to have to deal with GD.  I hope my diet and weight gain are good enough to keep me away from it.  Any tips? 

I'm doing more research into daycare.  It's frustrating for me.  One place that sounded good doesn't open until 8, only seems to do disposable diapers, and only keeps babies for the first year.  That would mean we would have to find another infant daycare for the second year.  That's annoying.   

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Does anyone want to be threadkeeper for April and May?  In the past it has been someone in their second trimester.  Let me know if you are interested.

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Pokey, eat lots of protein the night before your GTT and for breakfast that morning too, and go easy on the carbs and especially sugars. Good luck!
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Lise—congratulations! Excellent news and excellent names all around! I’m sorry to hear about your being discharged—I hope that they grow strong and learn fast and are out of there and into your arms in no time!

Omom—happy birthday, little Sage! I can’t believe how fast the year went!

Glad to hear the good (and reassuring!) news, Sphinxy and Carmen!

Sotohana—welcome! And congratulations! I’m so happy to see you over on this board finally!

Planet—I’m happy that things went well for you. I think that sometimes community really is the most important thing, even if it makes a mess of schedules.

Esenbee—no advice, but hugs to you on the night waking!

Pokey—glad you got your chiro appt after all! So sad about the train accident. Good luck with the test!

Hi to everyone else!

Apparently Edie took her first steps yesterday, towards DP when she went to pick her up from daycare. Of course she wouldn’t replicate them for me later, so I’ve only seen the beginnings of it (one step, then collapse). I’m glad she got to experience it first, but a little bummed that I haven’t been able to see her walk at all.
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Hi Everyone,

Folks due in November: There are a ton of queer families due in November: people who have posted here, people who are still hanging out in QC, and at least two families in the November DDC who I have never seen around here. Anyway, I started a Queer and Due in November thread over in the DDC if you're interested!

Carmen: I'm so glad that the scan went well. Hooray! I bet that was a real relief. Did your DD end up paying attention to the scan while it was happening?

Knitting: 35 weeks! Way to go! I'm sorry about the GBS.

Sphinxy: Hooray for a good scan!

Sotohana: Nice to see you over here!

Lisedea: Congratulations on your babies! joy.gif I hope that your discharge went well today.

Seraf: That is a hilarious picture. You didn't want him to finger paint with the cake batter? Utterly unreasonable. I can see why he had to tantrum.

Pokey: Happy belated birthday!

Isa: It's exciting that Edie is taking some steps! I hope you get to see it soon.

AFM: I think my wife looks pregnant. Not in terms of a belly (I think the embryo is still smaller than a pea), but she just looks different. It's fun.
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omom: Our community centers have drop in play gyms and it's only about 2 or 3 bucks - maybe they have something like that?


sphinxy: Glad to hear your NT scan went well. The tech doing our u/s yesterday had me do jumping jacks to try and get baby to move to a more convenient spot - she did shake my belly at one point too. I wasn't impressed but I don't think it hurt the baby and she did end up getting the measurement she wanted. Still annoying though.


esenbee, I wish we had the when to cut off liquids problem lol We have to practically beg DD to drink water (or anything) most days....she's like a camel or something...totally unlike me.


Welcome, sotosmile.gif I used weeks and days early on but now I usually round to the 1/2 week.


lise joy.gif


pokey, I hope the chiro helped. I've also decided to get the diabetes test done this time around...I'm not looking forward to it.


isa...first steps! Wow! So fun smile.gif


escher, no, DD was completely uninterested in the scan. She did like when I was asked to do jumping jacks to get baby to move though lol



Afm: I think I ate too much today. Ugh. I also fell on my way to lunch which really shook me up. I was in a parking lot with a co-worker and I slipped in a big oil patch. Luckily I was able to kind of do a controlled slide down on my hip and hand and it didn't hurt at all. It was quite a jar though and freaked me out. I talked to a midwife in the afternoon and she said everything is likely fine but to call them back if I have any concerns. I had called her in the first place because apparently there is a mini outbreak of german measles (rubella) in Tokyo right now and I wanted to make sure I have immunity...which I do. I'm so excited about the 4 day weekend!!

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Thanks for the advice, knittingtigers.  I ate a sugar-free protein bar before my test.  That drink is nasty!


prettyisa--The train accident was sad.  Fortunately, that does not happen too often so it doesn't feel unsafe.  They are saying it was a suicide which is very sad.  What a terrible way to go.  I'm so sorry you missed Edie walking!  I would be really bummed too.


escher-Thank you for the birthday wishes!


carmen-I'm sorry about the fall and glad you are ok.  I know what you mean about eating too much.  I never got that super-hungry I can eat everything in sight pregnant lady thing.  I have to eat small meals or I feel really uncomfortable.  But I think it's a good thing.  It's better for me to eat smaller meals.  The test was not fun.  The drink is pretty gross and full of yucky stuff.  I felt kind of weird afterwards and I got really tired until I ate something healthier. Two of my sisters had GD, and they are the skinnier ones in the family, so it seemed important for me to know.  I hope you enjoy the long weekend! 


AFM- I passed my GTT!  joy.gif   I am so happy.  I am eating a bagel and cream cheese to celebrate.  I have had a craving for a while because that's all we've been talking about on here.  I am slightly anemic though.  I'm not really surprised because my mom and one of my sisters were anemic during pregnancy.  I can fix that.  I've been feeling kind of tired but nothing like the first trimester so I didn't feel like anything was off.  My appt. went well yesterday.  Everything looks good, my weight gain is still on track, heartbeat is perfect.  Ultrasound on Monday to check on that pesky placenta.  I made it to the chiropractor and, to my surprise, instantly felt better.  I could walk normally.  I also went to yoga in the evening.  I still have some tightness, but I am feeling much better.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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pokey.  woo for passing the GD test!  


sotohana . CONGRATS and welcome. . after a hard year for you and DW I am very glad you have some good news!!  


carmen. . falls are always so scary. glad you are okay and that you have immunity and are ready to go! 


lisedea. so glad you are headed home and sorry your kiddos are staying in for now, it must be so hard to leave them there but glad they are in a good place and are doing well! 


isa. . hope you get to see some good stepping soon!  


seraf.. love the cake meltdown face!   


tigers. sorry about strep B  that sucks. .wish they would let you test again closer to DD,  sometimes it just cycles out


escher.  yay for pregnant looking wife! 


granite. . good luck on work negotiations


sorry to anyone I missed. . AFM nothing really new. . just hit 29 weeks which is CRAZY.I have done literally nothing to prepare yet but I hope there's still a lot of time!  One fun thing.. every time that the baby kicks I tell DS and he says he wants to try to feel it.  Then he will put his hand on my stomach and of course she stops kicking and he tells me "no work mommy, no work"  well today he finally felt her kick a few times and he was so happy and laughed and said, "worked mommy!  Felt it, felt it!"  it was so cute!!  

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Congratulations lise!!
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Congrats, lise! Hurrah for you and your DP and your beautiful boys! It's so exciting that they're here! love.gif


Originally Posted by pokeyAC View Post
AFM- I passed my GTT!  joy.gif   I am so happy.  I am eating a bagel and cream cheese to celebrate.  I have had a craving for a while because that's all we've been talking about on here. 


Yay, pokey! Such great news. I just found out during my first appt with the midwife that having PCOS puts me at a higher risk for GD, which I'd somehow missed knowing about... Now I'm reading way too much about it. Anyway, more bagels & cream cheese will always make everything better!!!

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Originally Posted by pokeyAC View Post

Does anyone want to be threadkeeper for April and May?  In the past it has been someone in their second trimester.  Let me know if you are interested.

Pokey, I'll do it, if no one else is interested!

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I kind of love that a difference between QC and QP&P is that QC starts their new thread the day before the new month while QP&P is still working to find a threadkeeper when the month starts. orngtongue.gif

Cordelia: It's sweet that your son is so excited about the kicking. How old is he now?

Pokey: Hooray for passing the GTT! How did the ultrasound go today?

Carmen: I'm sorry about the fall. That sounds scary. I hope you had a good long weekend!

Seraf: I mentioned you over in QC in the context of deciding when to switch partners when one is struggling to conceive, so you may want to check and see if I misrepresented your views.

AFM: First ultrasound tomorrow. I'm nervous. Think heartbeat. fingersx.gif
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Escher, that must be why this thread only changes every 2-4 months. <3 <3 <3 Well, thats supposed to be one baby but lots of beats. What you said about me in QC was perfectly accurate.
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Good luck tomorrow, escher!  Happy Heartbeat day!


Granite-Thanks for volunteering!  I'll send you the info.  I hope your PCOS doesn't cause complications later.  It didn't stop you from getting pregnant so I have a good feeling.


AFM-We had the ultrasound today.  They couldn't tell us anything.  The radiologist has to send the report to the doctor and then they send it to us.  My OB is out of town so her backup is supposed to let us know.  If we don't hear soon, I will have to start calling and emailing.  They did an internal u/s and it looked like she was measuring the cervix length and then she was looking at the umbilical cord and the blood flow in it.  I don't totally understand u/s but it makes me kind of nervous that she was measuring the umbilical cord from near the cervix.  Now we wait.

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Pokey, I hope you get the answer soon.
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