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What did your implantation bleeding look like?

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Im charting and started having spotting yesydaerday...which was day 7 post-ovulation. A small amount made it in my panties but otherwise, every time I wipe there is some form of blood. I have read that women describe implantation bleeding as a couple if tiny, almost unnoticeable red spots or light pink discharge. But my first spotting wipe was red and the rest has been thick brown. It is day 2 of this wiping with a very noticeable brown discharge. It is there every time I wipe but rarely has made it to my panties. My temps are well above the cover line. Could this be pregnancy or am I too hopeful and this is a highly unusual early period?
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Please excuse the typos. Sent from my phone.
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Never mind the inquiry.
Temp dropped below cover line this morning.
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IDK BK Mommy, I think it's too early to tell. Lots of women experience temp drops at this point in their cycles whether pg or not. I've seen many a chart with some seriously steep dips then they shoot right back up and just fluctuate until either AF or BFP. Women that stay pg with a strong, sticky little gumdrop can have charts that fluctuate which is why a lot of women stop temping after they get a BFP; it's just too nervewrecking. Honestly, I think only time will tell here but you know your body better than anyone else. Are you still spotting or bleeding? TTC is so hard on a gal hug.gif .
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Mamacatsbaby, thank you so very much for your response. I had more red this morning when I wiped and very slight traces of light brown gummy stuff one other time this morning. I have had one other pregnancy and birth 2 years ago. It took us about 6months to conceive and I don't recall spotting. I know every experience is different. We are so hopeful. I really appreciate you response. I'll report back tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
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fingersx.gif for you!
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I had what seemed like 3 days of a light period when I had conceived DD. 

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Erigeron, that is very encouraging. It is just too early to be my period. The low temp this morning planted some doubt. But we'll see. I really appreciate you sharing your experience.
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My temp was back up to a 98.4 today!
Think happy thoughts.
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Happy thoughts, BK Mommy!

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Good for you!  I hope you get a happy surprise.  I have not had implantation bleeding before but had a similar thing happen this month:  I had spotting at 8dpo--the tiniest bit. 


I think have AF now.  I was excited when it happened.  If you have spotting several days before your period there is a pretty good chance it's implantation.  But sometimes spotting during the LP can be something else.  I'd never spotted before so I thought it might be IB too.


My temp was still up today and I am one day later than normal for AF now (four days after spotting!) but I think she's really here and am sure my temp will be below coverline tomorrow.

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Littlest bird, good for you! Fingers crossed!

I got AF today. greensad.gif
Think I might give it a rest for a while. Thanks so much to all for keeping up with my daily updates! It will happen when it is time for it to happen.

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Aww, I'm sorry AF came for you BK Mommy hug2.gif . Damn her! There when we don't want her to be, not around when we need her. It's like a bad relationship you can't win with shake.gif .
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