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Awww. How exciting that you got to share your awesome news!
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It seems so many of you are getting Betas done, how is that?  Every medical professional I've spoken with said they don't want to see my until I'm at least 10 weeks.  Also, ultrasounds this early?  I'm confused.

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Soleil- I just always heard people here on the ttc forums talking about getting betas done, so when I got pregnant I called my doctor and she wrote an order for my hcg beta. A friend of mine has never had one done in either pregnancy (to her knowledge), although sometimes she can be a eensy bit oblivious lol. Gotta love her though. How do you feel about not having betas until 10 weeks? Does it cause more or less worry for you?


Pauletoy- Thanks, yeah it was nice :)

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Soleil- I didn't have one done with my last pregnancy and I haven't even called the dr yet for this one.  I know some women who get them are because they have recurring miscarriages or fertility problems though.

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I did have an early loss last month, so maybe that's why they didn't hesitate to do a beta for me?

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Ahhhh, ok.  That makes a little more sense.  I guess I definitely would not mind getting some bloodwork done just to see if everything is still cooking in there.  A little of my backstory...my husband and I were trying (and I mean TRYING by charting, bding a whole bunch and using herbs/supplements) for a little bean for 7 cycles previous to me getting pregnant this time.  About 2 months ago I went to the OB/GYN because it wasn't happening as easily as I though it would and I was getting a little scared being 36 (never felt so old in my life once I was told I was of "advanced maternal age") and because my cycles had dramatically decreased as had the number of days I bled.  Anyway, long story short...I was tested and told I had an abnormally high FSH and my husband was tested and was told his sperm had an abnormally low motility rate.  Basically, after all of my research I realized that I was probably gonna end up as an IVF patient using a donor egg.  Needless to say, I was devastated.  Well, I took matters into my own hands and began living healthier by eating better and participating in wellness activities (i.e. acupuncture).  I also did a few other things that are probably way TMI ;)  So, fast forward to the present.  One week before I was scheduled to have my first appointment with a Reproductive Endocronologist I found out I WAS PREGNANT!!!  Oh, the universe is so ironic.  Because I never made it to the RE appt, I was never given the stamp of infertile or high risk therefore am not privy to the protocol of close monitoring which honestly I wish I was.  One thing that is worrying me most is that women with higher FSH levels have a higher percentage of miscarriages and carrying a fetus with chromosonal abnormalities.  This scares the bajeezus out of me!  I would love to have some reassurance at this point in whatever way, shape or form.  For now, I just sit and hope the little bugger is healthy and holding on. 


Anyway, that's my story. 


I think I'm going to give a call to the OB/GYN on Monday and see if I can get some tests done earlier, maybe even have an OB follow me until I'm out of the woods (like around 12 weeks).


Dahlia, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss...I can't imagine how heartbreaking that must have been. 

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Hi Everyone! Happy to be here...


1. Preferred name - Sphinxy, please. 

2. EDD (estimated due date) - By my last period it's 10/5, but by my date of ovulation it's 10/10. We'll see what the doctor says. 

3. How long TTC (trying to conceive) - 4 Months

4. Part of the country you live in - Northeast

5. How many kids you have - This will be our first!

6. Profession - Finance/Data Systems

7. Hoping for a boy or girl (or don't care either way) and why - We don't care either way, though we have usually found ourselves intuitively assuming it's a boy. 


Oh my goodness, I am SO tired. I'm not having that much trouble sleeping, but it seems lately that right after lunch my body just starts shutting down like I need a nap. And I'm finding that it's very uncomfortable to eat a normal sized meal, my stomach feels "clogged". So I've been working on smaller, more frequent meals instead. Some manageable heartburn off and on, but no other difficult symptoms. 


I'm looking forward to getting to know you all through our journey!

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Welcome Sphinxy! Congratulations on your pregnancy! :-) I hear you on the tiredness it's really rough.
Solielmama wow quite a journey you've already been on to get here, so pleased it all happened naturally for you.

AFM Sunday evening here. And today's my first day minus a nap and I am totally wiped out. Feel like I am already developing a wee bump, and I am hating pants at the moment, in dresses as much as possible. Just for the comfort factor.
Hope your all feeling well :-)
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Hi all,

I'm essco. Glad to be here!

-EDD October 9th.

-Took us 3 months to conceive. Had an early miscarriage in November- on Election day of all days- so I'm trying not to get too excited yet.

-We live in western Pennsylvania, USA.

-Have 2 children, a 6 yo girl and 4 yo boy.

-I'm in the field of natural medicine.


I did get 2 beta HCG levels and thank G-d they more than doubled so things are looking good for now. I called my midwives and specifically asked them to do the serial betas, since I'm 40 and had that miscarriage. They hesitated a bit, I sort of had to talk them into it, but eventually they capitulated and ran not only the betas but also 2 other tests I requested: TSH and progesterone!  I'm kinda pushy that way, LOL.  But seriously, I had good reasons to push the testing. My last TSH was 2.56 which is at the borderline of what some reproductive endocrinologists are considering high (assoc with repeat miscarriages) so I was glad to see that it had gone down.  And my basal body temps made me wonder about both thyroid and progesterone. My experience with many MDs is that you have to really advocate for yourself sometimes. 

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Really exciting to see the ddc filling up nicely! Yay for October babies! Welcome Essco! 3rdtri.gif

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Soleil- Thanks, yeah it was really hard even though it was so early. But I really believe that the loss last month was our baby trying to get to us, and succeeded this month :) So we'll still be meeting him/her. You had such a long road getting to this point, and I'm so glad you're with us! It sounds like a good plan for you to call your doctor and request the tests. I don't see why they'd deny you!! I may still request a 3rd beta, just to make sure my numbers look good!


Hi Danielle wave.gif I didn't take a nap yesterday either, for the first time since Thurs or Fri haha. Such an accomplishment! winky.gif


Essco- I completely understand your hesitancy to let yourself get too excited, I still have some of that worry/anxiety too. Early losses are so hard, in so many ways. The experience really messes with your head because it takes away some of the magic and innocence of finding out you're pregnant. Keep your chin up :) My anxiety has taken the form of testing at least once a day to make sure my test lines are darkening (which they are, daily!!) It eases my mind a little bit to have that little way of checking on my baby. I agree with you that sometimes you really have to be a little pushy with doctors in order to get what you want/need. I'm not hesitant to ask for testing because I know in the long run I won't regret it.


Sphinxy- I'm with you on the exhaustion!! It's always around 1:30 or 2 pm for me, when I just feel like I've been hit with a load of bricks and can't keep my eyes open! I'm also trying to get in the habit of eating smaller, more frequent meals because if I go too long without eating I get sick to my stomach or dizzy. The problem is that I haven't been feeling all that hungry.


AFM- I'm 4w 5d today :) I love seeing the days/weeks go by, because I know that's one more day/week closer to the end of the first trimester when I can worry a little less :)


Happy Lazy Sunday everyone (Monday to you Danielle) Enjoy the superbowl if you're watching it!! (Ravens, baby!!)

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Sphinxy-  Were you on the Saner TTC thread or the One thread?  I remember your avatar picture but can't remember what thread I saw it on lol.  But congratulations!!!!


Dahlia-  I'm the same way, everyday one of the first things I do is say what day it is so that I feel a little better about this pregnancy lol.


AFM- I'm officially 4 weeks today woohoo!  Based on my normal LMP I won't be officially late until Tuesday though so I am inching my way towards that.  I will be 15dpo then.

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Hello Everyone,

here it goes-

preferred name: Orshi, but it's okay if u refer to me by my screen name

TTC- 2 months, sort of, after last m/c

due date- October 12, 2013

job- teacher (1st grade)

children- one girl, 3.5 yrs

gender pref- I would love to have another girl, but having lost so many, I really only want a BABY.


I am really trying to balance being optimistic and really-really loving this little bean with not getting too involved- sounds impossible I know.


Yet, I am somehow hoping, perhaps even feeling that maybe-maybe this baby will not leave us too early...


I would be glad to chat with other moms who have had m/c's. We do not know the reason why it happened to us...

I am also curious if anyone has ideas about supplements and natural remedies that may help us keep this baby.


As far as symptoms, I get dizzy at times, I am really exhausted, my lower belly feels like it's sucking my energy, and I eat like a horse. :D


Happy to be here!

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Yep, John16n33, that was me! There was a time when all I could really talk about on here was the insemination timing strategy, and I didn't think that would be very "zen" for the Saner thread so I took a break. I'm so glad we finally figured it out! Congrats on 4 weeks.


Orshi, I've not experienced a m/c but I can relate to the feelings of joy mixed with protecting yourself just in case. I am finding it can be really easy to let them spiral - like if I get upset or worried about something, then I start to think that my worry will negatively affect the baby. I am trying to remember to just let myself feel each day whatever I need to feel, without guilt or regret, and let each day unfold. It's nice to meet you. 

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1. Preferred name - Gray is just fine!

2. EDD (estimated due date) - October 9th, 2013

3. How long TTC (trying to conceive) - We are extraordinarily lucky. With all our children we conceived the very first month. 

4. Part of the country you live in - the best part: Canada

5. How many kids you have - 2 kids, ages 5 and 3

6. Profession - prenatal instructor and doula

7. Hoping for a boy or girl (or don't care either way) and why - I would kind of like a girl, so my daughter has a sister (she has only one female cousin too, who lives in Denmark) but I can't imagine I'll be disappointed either way!


I'm hoping to use this group to connect as much as I can with this pregnancy and stay present. I've ordered a couple of new books so I can celebrate this pregnancy. Despite teaching prenatal classes and knowing many things about pregnancy, I know nothing about *this* pregnancy and am hoping to be reminded of that frequently. 

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Welcome to all the new mummas to be! How is everyone feeling?
Feeling really well here, just tired. 5weeks today. Feel like its a mini milestone. Only a fortnight until our first midwives appointment. Which is so looking forward to.
I am almost certain I have a wee singleton in there, but kinda secretly hoping for twins... I think it'd be an amazing journey and would definitely cure the should we have four question (this is babe 3 for us).
Dh is happy, but I think he is finding it difficult just now to become emotionally attached to the idea, as he's feeling a bit anxious. I think once we have an ultrasound he'll be a bit more relaxed.

Hope your all well :-)
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Yay for 5 weeks, Danielle! My husband was hesitant to become attached at first too, but now that the doctor has given the thumbs up and he's seen my tests getting darker everday, he's so happy!

I'm feeling good, other than having a cold smile.gif but seriously nothing is dampening my spirits! I'm just so happy! I talked to my doctor and my hcg went from 18 on Wed to 79 on Friday!! Quadrupled! I'm thrilled and so relieved joy.gif

I hope you're all doing great smile.gif
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I guess I'm joining this group now! I tested this morning, 12 DPO, and got a BFP! My due date is October 15th. Scared and excited at the same time. I don't even know what I should do with myself now. I don't have a primary doc right now and I know I want to either birth at home or in a birth center with midwives. Should I start looking for a midwife and/or birth center? This will be our first baby. Eeek!

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Oh, and I forgot the answer the questions!


1. Preferred name: slammerkin

2. EDD (estimated due date): 10/15

3. How long TTC (trying to conceive): This was our first cycle trying!

4. Part of the country you live in: Mid-Atlantic US

5. How many kids you have: This will be our first

6. Profession: IT

7. Hoping for a boy or girl (or don't care either way) and why: Kinda hoping for a girl. We have a girl name that we both like, but can't agree on boy names. And I only have one niece out of six children between two of my sisters, so I would really like to bring another girl into the family.

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Dahlia I hope your cold subsides soon! I have always found it difficult trying to "include" dh in my pregnancy's early on, in the past i haven't looked pregnant until at least 16weeks (this time im sure i already have a bump) and that usually when he's felt movement and felt more involved being able to snuggle on the couch and feel the baby move. I guess he feels a little helpless right now, even though his support has been amazing when I've been so tired I can barely move he's come home from work and tidied and fed us all. Which he knows I appreciate so much.

Welcome SlammerkinCongratulations on your pregnancy! First babies are such a blessing! All the best for a happy healthy nine months!

AFM- up way too early today, the neighbours have a dog that just doesn't stop barking if its let outside. Getting into the new school routine now ds has started. Being pregnant still feels surreal. Definitely looking forward to a nap today once I've been out to run errands.
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