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Hi Orschi, we're neighbors! (kind of, at least we're in the same time zone).


I prefer to go by my username

Haven't been to a doc yet but I'm guessing 10 Oct. just tested positive 2 days ago

Not really ttc but not really trying not to

Live in Austria

this is #2

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Originally Posted by slammerkin View Post

I guess I'm joining this group now! I tested this morning, 12 DPO, and got a BFP! My due date is October 15th. Scared and excited at the same time. I don't even know what I should do with myself now. I don't have a primary doc right now and I know I want to either birth at home or in a birth center with midwives. Should I start looking for a midwife and/or birth center? This will be our first baby. Eeek!

Congrats Slammerkin! joy.gif


I'm still lurking in the Feb TWW hoping for a few more of our friends to join us here!  

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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post

Yay for 5 weeks, Danielle! My husband was hesitant to become attached at first too, but now that the doctor has given the thumbs up and he's seen my tests getting darker everday, he's so happy!

I'm feeling good, other than having a cold smile.gif but seriously nothing is dampening my spirits! I'm just so happy! I talked to my doctor and my hcg went from 18 on Wed to 79 on Friday!! Quadrupled! I'm thrilled and so relieved joy.gif

I hope you're all doing great smile.gif

I'm happy for you! Congrats! 

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thanks serenyd! :) how are you feeling?

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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post

thanks serenyd! :) how are you feeling?


Just the normal annoying early preggo symptoms. No morning sickness yet and I still have a fair amount of energy. In fact, I was thinking I felt really good! Maybe giving up my morning coffee and taking vitamins is what I needed to do to feel good! How about you?

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I'm doing ok, just very tired all the time! Some days are better than others in terms of energy. I get nauseous if I don't eat fairly frequently, but nothing too bad. I just have to snack. A friend of mine tried to tell me that there's no way that I could possibly be nauseous already.. But obviously that's not true.


I've been having so much fun looking at week by week facts about what my baby is doing! I love knowing what's happening :)

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Hello, ladies! Excited to be here -- it's been a looooong wait. I think I am still in a bit of shock, actually ;) 



1. Preferred name: Claire

2. EDD: 10/13/13

3. How long TTC: DH and I had actually just "given up" after over a year of TTC when we got an absolutely wonderful surprise this month. I have suffered with fertility issues stemming from complex ovarian cysts. I had a ~4lb cyst removed via laparotomy in October 2012, and I guess that sort of (ahem) "cleared things up down there" for the BFP I waited over a year for. 

4. Part of the country you live in: Texas

5. How many kids you have: I have an 11yo DD from a previous relationship (and 2 amazing dogs who are like my kids). This will be DH's first. Anyone else here have kiddos with wide age gaps? Not too sure how to handle it, but DD is excited to be a big sister.

6. Profession: Sr Art Director at an Advertising agency

7. Hoping for a boy or girl... Everyone has been asking me this, and I really don't have an answer yet. I would be absolutely thrilled with either, but I think I am leaning in the boy direction this time (so far, anyway). 


I really don't remember feeling symptoms like these the first time around -- I guess what they say about every pregnancy being different is absolutely true! With DD I don't remember being sick at all -- just a little sleepy and mostly hungry. This time around, I can't hold anything down (even water sometimes), and I am SUPER dizzy -- I almost fainted on Saturday, which has never happened before in my life, and the thought of food just makes me cringe. Ugh.....Hopefully this part won't last too much longer ;) 

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1. Preferred name Caitlin 

2. EDD (estimated due date) October 10th (my birthday is Oct 14th!)

3. How long TTC (trying to conceive) we had a miscarriage in November and have been trying for about 2 months

4. Part of the country you live in Oregon

5. How many kids you have one cat and one dog

6. Profession Massage Therapist

7. Hoping for a boy or girl (or don't care either way) and why either way is wonderful! We would love to have a baby



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1. Preferred name: Sara

2. EDD (estimated due date): October 4th

3. How long TTC (trying to conceive): 1st cycle TTC

4. Part of the country you live in: Pacific NW

5. How many kids you have: a 5 y.o. girl and a 2.5 y.o. boy

6. Profession: SAHM :-)

7. Hoping for a boy or girl (or don't care either way) and why: I think this one is a boy, but I would be equally happy with either one.

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Caitlin, my birthday is in October too - Oct 7 and I'm due Oct 15. smile.gif Also, kind of TMI, but my mother has said before that my conception was a "celebration" of my older sister's 2nd birthday, which is Jan 22..... DH and I BD'd on Jan 21 and Jan 22, so...yeah. I probably created my baby on the same day I was created. Weird!! Didn't plan it that way...I only realized this yesterday. I oddly can't wait to tell my mom about this. I think it will crack her up!

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Hi ladies,

Getting over a bit of a tonsillitis here... great timing, right?


danube- Hi! nice to have someone else from this part of the world! We are actually just about 20 minutes from Burgenland!


So good to see all the members joining- I joined DDCs with all of my pregnancies and it was so nice to be in touch with other expecting women... Especially when things did not go as planned.


Today I am home from work because I am sick (as I mentioned above) and boy, it is so nice not to work!!!! My daughter had to go to kindergarten although I would have loved to just keep her home with me, but my DH said I needed to rest. He is right, but I would love to be a SAHM, even for a little while! I stayed home with DD for a year after she was born and only gradually went back to work. SS here pays for moms a percentage of their salaries to stay home and raise children for 2 years. It's 70 % of their salary, crazy. When DD was born we still lived in the US and we almost went bankrupt.


Anyhow, I wish everyone a good day/morning/night/....... (fill in with applicable time zone)



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Hi Everyone! I've been reluctant to join, just because I've been having a hard time wrapping my head around being "pregnant." That being said, I am so happy to be here!! Just reading all of the other posts makes me feel more pregnant.


1. Preferred name: Chacha

2. EDD: October 5th

3. How long TTC: 6 months!

4. Part of the country you live in: Minnesota

5. How many kids you have: A 2 1/2 year old daughter

6. Profession: right now I work part time in the field of organic and whole foods

7. Hoping for a boy or a girl (or don't either way) and why: Hmm.. I'm leaning for another girl and DH is leaning toward a boy (he doesn't want to be outnumbered). Of course we just want a healthy baby!


Not having many symptoms right now, which I should be grateful for. But it makes me worry! That's just my nature I guess. We did have a MC before DD. No sore boobs. I've gotten a couple very light waves of nausea, and am not sure if they were real or imagined. Other than that, just a sore lower back. I guess it's still early. I have an ultrasound in two weeks and am hoping for a lovely strong heartbeat!

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 That is so crazy because I also have and older sister and her birthday is on January 22! What are the odds of that? Well I very excited to be here and hope that Everyone will have a safe and fulfilling pregnancy! Thanks for starting this

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My middle son's bday is Jan 13 and my daughter's is Oct 22. I'm due October 10th or 11th, and my DP's birthday is Oct 15th. So lots of January conceptions and October birthdays here too! 

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1. Preferred name: Serafina
2. EDD (estimated due date): October 4th
3. How long TTC (trying to conceive): 2nd cycle TTC
4. Part of the country you live in: I'm in europe
5. How many kids you have: 2,
6. Profession: sales
7. Hoping for a boy or girl (or don't care either way) and why: I hope for a girl since I have a great relationship with my mother and I hope in a generation from now I'm on the mom side of another mother daughter relationship.
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Preferred name: K

EDD: Oct. 16

How long TTC: about a year

Part of the country you live in: near Chicago

How many kids do you have: almost 6 year old daughter; almost 3 year old son

Profession: SAHM

Hoping for a boy or girl: I just want a healthy baby!

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Welcome everyone new smile.gif slammerkin, glad you could join us here! I keep checking the tww thread to see if anyone else will be coming!
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I haven't been on these forums in forever, but I'm glad to find an Oct. 2013 DDC already up and running! Was totally shocked by a big fat positive on a pregnancy test last night. Yikes! I didn't realize boring old 36-year-old mothers got pregnant accidentally, but apparently everything Toni Weschler ever told me was a lie, so here I am. Eek! :) Husband asked if we should go do the deed in the backseat of the car just to get the full effect of an "oops" but I declined. Am happy to be here anyway--we'd planned on a third, just not quite yet. Totally getting into the idea of having a baby to snuggle on all next winter. Can't wait to get to know you all better!


1. Preferred name: Happileigh

2. EDD (estimated due date): Oct 11

3. How long TTC (trying to conceive): wasn't!

4. Part of the country you live in: Louisville, KY

5. How many kids you have: 2 (DD is almost 7; DS is almost 3)

6. Profession: homeschooling mama

7. Hoping for a boy or girl (or don't care either way) and why: Don't care; already have one of each so this one is just a bonus!



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Welcome new ladies! Looking forward to getting to know you all. biggrinbounce.gif

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1. Amber

2. EDD- 10-14-2013

3. How long TTC- HA! There's the funny part, we have four kids....this one pregnancy was about as big of a surprise as they get :)

4. Right now we live on the east coast, but are hoping to move back to Kansas.

5. We have four kids

6. Doula, homeschool mom.

7. I am hoping for a healthy baby and will be happy with either sex :)

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