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Traveling while Pregnant

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Hi ladies - for those who have flown while pregnant, I could use some advice.  We're planning a 3 week trip overseas when I'll be between 27-30 weeks pregnant.  An acquaintance recommended I get compression socks for the flight.  What do you think? Any recommendations on brands?  Also, my FIL recommended we think about paying a bit extra for economy plus seats so there is a bit more room.  Do you think this is worth it? I'm only 5'2" so, generally regular economy is fine, but I'm really not sure how big my belly is going to be at that time. This is my first, and I'm barely showing at 15 weeks, and still in my regular pants (just not zipped and using the belly band).


Would love your thoughts on tips for the flight (it's ~12 hours long) and any tips for the trip itself. We'll be staying with family with the exception of a 3-day layover in Istanbul on our way home.


We did already check with the Dr. and he doesn't think there are any limitations to travel, and the airline only requires a note, so there shouldn't be any boarding issues.



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DDC crashing...if you haven't had any swelling up to that point, you may not need the compression stockings. They would help a lot through if you have some ankle swelling before flying, because flying will increase the swelling. At you height, I think you'll be fine in a regular seat. Maybe take the aisle so you can get up and walk around and get to the bathroom as needed. That's a good time to fly - you're not huge.


Just google a medium compression stocking, they usually run maybe $25 a pair. Amazon probably has them as well.

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I agree, just regular seating is probably fine. I just had regular seating when I was 32 weeks pregnant with my second and I'm 5'8". I never used compression socks. I second the aisle seat recommendation. My flight was from USA to Romania. My only concern would be the scanner thing the TSA started doing. I would opt out of it personally. Might even be able to get a doctor's note for that. I haven't flown since they came out with it. The advanced pat down sounds not so fun either. But, anyway. 


Oh yeah, another thing I remember being recommended, is to drink plenty of water because flying causes more dehydration or something.

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We're going on a family trip to Mexico at the end of march (23 weeks?) and it'll be no big deal.  I have never heard of requiring a note for air travel either (unless you're within a few weeks of your due date)

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I needed a note, but I was 32 weeks. I would want to have a note if you are showing just because they may ask for it and I wouldn't want to be without it if they asked. 

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I flew 8 hours to Hawaii when I was 21 weeks with one of our kids.  I had NEVER experienced swelling before then and was fine on the flight there BUT on the way home I swelled like a balloon and almost couldn't even wear my flip flops.  Paramedics met us at the plane exit ramp and transported me to a less congested place and checked my BP and several other things to make sure we were ok.  My toes were SO swollen (and feet) that my toes didn't even touch the floor when I walked and this went on for several days.  I also think if you are visibly pregnant they wouldn't even suggest you go through that scanner thing.  I was only 15w pregnant with my last and simply pointed out the baby and they said not to go through the scanner.

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Thanks for all the good tips, keep 'em coming!  I never go through that scanner machine anyway, even when not pregnant, it makes me nervous, so getting a pat down down won't be any different this time.  As for the Dr. note, my doctor offered it up, just to help avoid any problems, and then I checked the pregnant & flying policy of the airline on their website, and they were very specific about when you needed a note to fly, so I'm going by that as well.  I actually didn't even know there were specific policies about that, but my MIL encouraged me to check, and it was good to know the policy.

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i second or third the aisle seat. get up as much as possible and walk around as much as possible--especially since it's a long flight. i would drink lots of water a few days in advance and during the flight and when you arrive. everything else should be pretty normal... i never used the hose, but i think since it's such a long flight it's a good idea. 

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Haven't flown since my first trimester, but I'd also suggest an aisle seat where you could get up and walk every once in a while. And opt out of the scanners. I will likely be getting compression socks before I fly next, but that's because I just spent a rather scary night in the ER for swelling that they thought might be a blood clot.

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I know I should take the advice to take the aisle, but I am flying over the Rocky mountains and to Hawaii and I don't want to miss the views!!
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Originally Posted by cynthiamoon View Post

I know I should take the advice to take the aisle, but I am flying over the Rocky mountains and to Hawaii and I don't want to miss the views!!


If you are travelling with someone else and it's only two seats by the window , then you could switch between seats possibly. 

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