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Ha, I feel you, Blonhrt!  Things seem promising for you--fingers crossed!

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good luck Blonhrt!

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amyvincent: Sounds like plan to throw the OPK's into the mix too thumbsup.gif . Maybe your hormones are still fluctuating, trying to figure out what they want to do, since weaning? Did you have any other signs of O leading up to this dip? Hope your LP stays a good length! Or even better, hope you get that BFP dust.gif .

SparkleMaman: Yep! In one ear and out the other was certainly my experience as well eyesroll.gif . But plenty of subconscious terror to keep me company, yay! Yeah, not really lol. And no, I don't think you sounded preachy either! We as women are for sure always putting the wants and needs and feelings and, and, and... of others before our own. What I've noticed is that we give so much of ourselves to others, especially before we've truly gotten to figure out who we are first, then once we're a little older, a little wiser, a lot more sure of who we are, we begin to focus on our wants and needs more. I think that can be a little jarring when the people we love are so used to how much we freely give of who we are and the things we sacrifice, some big, some not so much, w/o asking anything, or much of anything, in return; I think it goes unnoticed quite a bit and gets taken for granted. I don't know why so many of us feel guilty for wanting to take care of our own desires shrug.gif . We should definitely own them and make no apologies for our feelings. It's all such a damn tightrope walking act dizzy.gif .

Livnkades: Marriage is a big old ball of crazy lol.gif . In so many ways marriage is absolutely awesome nod.gif but in quite a few others it'll send you off the deep-end nut.gif . No one can explain what marriage is truly like to someone that hasn't gone there, just like giving birth, having kids, going wingsuit jumping lol, etc. It's really difficult to effectively communicate what we feel a lot of times. It would be soooo much easier if your partner just freaking knew right?! Words do get in the way now don't they? wink1.gif Glad you're going to hang out so we can keep up with how you're doing smile.gif .

Biting my nails here Blonhrt! lurk.gif

Me, I picked up five $ store tests a little bit ago. Haven't had even the slightest urge to pee on any of them lol.gif .
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mamacatsbaby- Nope, my cm had been dry with no other pre-ov symptoms since cd15. Today I had a tiny bit of cm, but I don't think it was ewcm. I also had cravings which is typical for me leading up to ov. I did read into having a post-ovulation dip some and there can be a secondary estrogen surge after ovulation which can cause those two symptoms...who knows! I'll have to just wait for the temps to tell me.


blohnrt- So anxious for you! Fx!

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OMG I have missed so much today!! No way will I be able to remember everything but...


Congrats, Slammerkin!! jumpers.gif Awesome news!!


Sparkle - SO glad you and DH are on the same page. That is so wonderful. Marriage is such an interesting journey. 


amyc - I wouldn't freak out too much about your chart yet. Today's circle is open. How far off was it from your normal temping time? Can you try adjusting it and see what you get? I bet with your other signs that you did ov, but FX!! I hear you on the LPD. I had a horribly short LP when I was TTCing DD. Progesterone was the thing that helped me. Seems even now, 5 mo aft weaning, that I'm still not normal. I know some people can be messed up for a year afterwards. Blech. So aggravating! I forget, have you thought about progesterone?


Blonhrt - Can't wait for results!!!


You too, mamacatsbaby!!

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Thanks Katie! I have thought about progesterone. I called and left a message last week for a Holistic NP in the area who specializes in this sort of thing. I plan to make an appt with her at the end of this cycle so we can start testing hormone levels. I'd prefer to get preg without taking anything but I also don't want to wait too long. 11 months feels long enough! Do you still have short LPs now? How is your cycle messed up?
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Originally Posted by Kelly2013 View Post

Well AF arrived this morning, so I'm out greensad.gif Onto our 5th cycle it is. On the bright side I'll get to know you lovely ladies better smile.gif
I missed this before Kelly. So sorry AF found you hug.gif . fingersx.gif for November babies!

amy: Yep, I've read that about the estrogen too. Everything seems to want to point to O; I'll bet you're good to go. Time will give us the whole story now won't it! Getting your hormones checked sounds like a good step to take just to know what you're working with.

katie: I can't believe how quickly this TWW has moved for me lol.gif . Guess fear and loathing are good for TWW madness?!

Me, I'm so sleepy but I can't sleep disappointed.gif . Guess I'll lay down anyway and maybe my day will catch up with me. 'Night all!
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Mamacats, great will power! I'm envious....! I don't have tests in the house or else I'll use them lol

Larski, any sign of AF? None for me, just hanging out.
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Originally Posted by amycvincent View Post

Thanks Katie! I have thought about progesterone. I called and left a message last week for a Holistic NP in the area who specializes in this sort of thing. I plan to make an appt with her at the end of this cycle so we can start testing hormone levels. I'd prefer to get preg without taking anything but I also don't want to wait too long. 11 months feels long enough! Do you still have short LPs now? How is your cycle messed up?

I stopped nursing in August and was continuing to have short LPs. Same thing happened when I was still nursing DS and TTCing DD. Progesterone worked last time for me so I started it this last cycle and had my first 13 day LP. 11 months is definitely long. Not terribly surprising with nursing but it's definitely long and I'd be frustrated too! You can definitely get your progesterone levels tested but it's a pretty fickle test since the levels fluctuate a lot and so one level doesn't really tell you a whole lot. If you've been nursing and your LP is short I can almost guarantee your progesterone is low. I would imagine your NP will probably prescribe some so you can get a stronger lining and support implantation. FX you don't need that and this is the cycle for you but if not I would definitely make the appt. goodvibes.gif


Hugs, Kelly


FX Larski and Blonhrt! I think I am going to make DH hide all my tests this time around!

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Mama- here's my link http://FertilityFriend.com/home/41dc0b
I'm more optimistic about it now with days of sustained higher temps... 7 DPO and all I can think about is getting myself to 9 or 10 and start testing lol I am a mess!
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Chart looks good! I hear you in going crazy to test!!
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Thanks! At least tomorrow is going to be a busy day so I won't be going crazy then... But today is a long and boring day and every little bubble or twinge or twitch I'm like "oh! Implantation?! Oh! Maybe!"
Lol agggghhhh! It's ridiculous. Cause I know Im not the one who would ever feel such a thing! Lol no pregnancy symptoms early on, when they do hit they are mild, etc etc. sigh. I just have to WAIT and it is so hard today!
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Nice looking chart Renaissance! fingersx.gif

Blonhrt: Every time I think of testing my stomach ends up in my throat lol.gif . Good deterrent orngtongue.gif .
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Thanks mama!
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Renaissance- our charts look crazy similar this month! Your chart looks excellent though. GL with the next couple days...find something to distract you til you can start testing! :)


My temp was up again this morning. 2 more days of high temps and FF will confirm ov for cd15!

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CD22 10dpo. Tested this morning with FMU. BFN. No big surprise. I plan on testing again tomorrow.

I'm discovering that I like testing early. I view it as a gentle reminder that AF is around the corner. What I mean is that I know there is a possibility of a BFP within the next few days, but just seeing a BFN prepares my mind for AF. So there's my wacky logic for the day.
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It would be so much easier if I could get my mind to use that logic mamaBlue! Hey, it's not wacky if it's working for you, roll with it lol.gif .
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Just needed to vent!


Sparkle Thanks for sharing your story! I got teary eyed to the part where you mentioned you were crying over missing someone who isnt even there yet. Thats exactly how I feel, I have my daughter and my husband but my family doesnt feel complete and after two years now of trying im so freaking frustrated!!


I feel so super sensitive this morning. Thank god my students have gym right now because im just a basket case. Today is CD29 and 11 DPO. I tested yesterday at 10 DPO but BFN so go figure. I think thats why im so sensitve right now. Ill test again this Friday when im 13 DPO.


I was so cranky with my husband this morning and I felt like I couldnt express to him WHY I was so upset and cranky because I felt like if I did, then I would just break down and Im just trying to hold it together right now. I was emotional last night too watching my daughter, relying on me for entertainment and she has no sibling to have fun with and play with. I have 3 siblings and I could not imagine growing up as an only child.


Im just so frustrated and I just don't have a good feeling about this one at all.....AGAIN!


I think Ill run to the dollar store rt now during my prep and torture myself with POAS knowing it'll be neg again! Ill save my expensive HPTs for this Friday!


Anyways, thanks everyone for sharing your stories, Im just so sensitive today!

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It's taken me a long time to get to this point. My DD1 was a clomid baby, DD2 was my injectables+IUI baby. DD3 joined us by adoption. Then 8 years after my last pregnancy (DD2) I discovered I was pregnant with my DS. So I've experienced TTC two ways - the hard way and the oopsie way. Now here I find myself trying for another - I have no idea how this is going to go. I hoping that a little progesterone is all I need, but no matter what, I'm going to be zen about the whole thing. :)

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Mamablue- I totally get that logic and sometimes... Soooometimes It works for me too. Lol the last couple cycles DH really got into the whole "I wanna know everything at the same time you know it" thing and it was exciting at first cause he is such a good dad and so present and excited in the ttc journey and just really cute... Haha, anyway... But something I realized is that I need a moment when I get a BFN. A moment with just me and the sad pee stick where i can just be sad and breathe... And if he is looking at it with me I don't get that and it became really stressful! So for this cycle I need to talk it over with him and let him down gently that I need to process the BFNs by myself before he gets to see. Lol I guess I'll need to be having that conversation here in the next few days since I wanna start testing at 9 or 10dpo and today is 7. o_O
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