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AKK lol.gif Yeah, I am not really complaining. I'm good with every other day most of the time myself. It is just a fact. After 16+ years together we're still pretty frisky. It does make me feel a little badly though, as the joke is always that guys want it all the time, nonstop. I guess quality matters too and I certainly have no complaints there winky.gif Fx that you get some of the fertility boosting magic this month that seems to often follow a loss. Sending you oodles of goodvibes.gif

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Lol sparkle and angel! I messed up the BDing this month - oops ☺funny really as its no rocket science... Ironically I think for me all the temping was my focus instead of romance. I think that your relationships sound just right. I remember (at university) working part time in a pub, one couple would Cain and get drunk every Friday and tell us that was the night they had sex... Lol (THE night???? Wth??) one of my natural therapists had an accident and was almost ripped in half - while recovering a broken back etc in hospital she had BDing with her husband as it was her only way to engage his tender side, and she needed to discuss the family lol (he does therapy too, and their kids were college age) I felt sorry for her for that one! Omg sorry about the rampant tales... Lol! I'm working on my fitness so that should help with 'stamina' lol 😝😜
Re my cycle - it has been 33 days consistently (been recording ready for this) except my first early loss which was a 44-45 one... But I never had a + just knew... I have a feeling I won't be someone who gets an early reading... Just that I'm sensitive to hormones, I used to try that Marvelon pill (Bc) - made me nauseous between 12-2pm every day - lol what a freak! Do any of you ladies have sensitivity?
Generally I've enjoyed my long cycle (less menses) but watching you guys move through so fast lol I realize how long it is...
Happy BDing 😃😃😃😃
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I'm sorry I have been mia

I have been so tired and nauseated I can't think straight. I tested on the day AF was due and nothing, and I wanted to wait a full week before testing again on the 14th, but I don't think I can. I'll be testing tomorrow or Tuesday, I just need to get out and get to the store.
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Hi girls!! Sorry I've been MIA. I have been reading along as I'm walking to and from the car but my schedule when I'm working nights is just so wacky I haven't had time to write! Last night tonight, though, and then a lighter couple of days. Can't wait! Tonight shouldn't be too bad since it's Sunday but we shall see.  CD9 here and it definitely seems like things are gearing up in the nether region but I bet I won't ov until closer to next weekend. We will start our BD marathon tomorrow. We have managed to get in a little even with this schedule in case my body decides to do something crazy and ov early! 


Hugs to everyone. I hope AF stays away for all of you and we see some BFPs around here soon! It's been too long!! Will be back tomorrow with detailed hellos. ;)

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Chuord- I am way super hormone sensitive! I think that's why I always think I am pregnant because I have literally every symptom. I had to quit bc because the excess hormones made me awful. I feel so bad for my husband!

Katie- yay for BD time! Ill be getting home from my trip RIGHT when my window starts... Couldn't ask for better timing!
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Hello lovely ladies,


I've been enjoying reading all of your posts. It's better than a juicy novel! It's great to be able to relate to you and hear your experiences,but enough lurking, it's time for me to step up and introduce myself.


I'm a 41 year old mama to three wonderful daughters. After years of mulling it over, my husband and I finally made the move and had his vasectomy reversed. So, there's some pretty slight odds for you. I'm old and he had a vasectomy reversal ;) I'm not too worried for some odd reason. I'm in pretty good shape, we eat very well, and if it doesn't happen, all is just wonderful as is so it's a no lose situation.


It's exciting to finally be in a place where we're TTC. I think I'm ovulating anytime now, but can't be sure. You all amaze me with your precision timing! How do you do that? I'm just kind of guessing based on cervical position and my sex drive, but I'm guessing that's not the most accurate. Still, if it's charting I need to do, I will just go with guessing (a peek into how much I dislike charting). 


By the way, if this is supposed to be on another thread, please let me know. I kind of guessed that this was the main one to introduce myself on.


Sending baby-o-rama vibes to you all! stillheart.gif

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Welcome mama Tara! I think you're overall attitude is fabulous 😃 hopefully it will carry you through the whole process!
Jjh - it's soo nice to see someone else that sensitive! (sorry lol) I stopped Bc before we got married ('05) so it's so nice to be ttc and having a 'free' go of it lol! I guess there are benefits in that we will probably know about it way before a + hpt!
Katie - are you on a training program? My dh junior reg last year, came back to work with 3 month old twins (nanny luckily) but seems hard to me!
Happy baby making ladies!
Afm - woohoo AF is finally here cd32 so a shorter one this month... Onto the next cycle yay!
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Hello ladies smile.gif I need to hop in your boat!

I'm 11dpo, with a faint line on a hpt today...a digital one after that said negative.

Been having sore/sensitive bbs (not typical for me), and feel a heaviness in my abdomen I've not experienced before. AF is due on the 13th, so I'm poas every morning now to check.

Baby dust to all of you! I'm feelin fertile!
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It's been a busy weekend here so I haven't fully caught up yet, but I will for sure tomorrow morning! But! I had something I just had to share! Been testing for a few days now... and today I noticed the dye hanging up a bit so I went away for a bit and came back to it and there is a faint line. I'm 11 DPO. I'll add a couple pics if I can. I took them with my iphone and they look the same as in real life on there but on my laptop they don't look as good. (though...the screen on my laptop probably is about 10 times crappier than on my iphone. haha so that is to be expected I guess) I played around with inverting it to negative colors and I can almost see a faint line on the 10 DPO strip doing it that way! I don't know! maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me! but DH sees it too. I am hyperventilating with excitement to test again in the morning... SO hoping we'll have our little #3 soon!  praying.gif


Here's the pics:


The first has no flash, the second has flash, the third is inverted. I welcome your comments! Also... here's a link to my chart http://FertilityFriend.com/home/41dc0b


without flash:



with flash:




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Hello, I'm new to this. We have been TTC for 4 months and I got my hopes up this month (sore breasts, nausea, increased appetite). I am now 14 dpo and AF due tomorrow. My temp dropped by 0.3 Celsius today. Does that mean game over?? :-( the low is feeling low after such hope.
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Renaissance! That's what my early positive wondfos looked like! Yay!!
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Renaissance I totally saw the line in the FIRST pic! No inverting needed! Yay! Sorry all I would post to the rest of you but I am unfortunately super sick greensad.gif
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Ugh double post- sorry!!
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Renaissance- I'd say an early congrats are in order!!!! So excited for you!

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Totally pos Renaissance!! Congrats!
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dahlia, jjh, amyc, and katie--- thanks for verifying that my eyes are not totally shot! LOL oh man you guys I am soooo excited. Pic from this morning, 12DPO FMU, still super faint... But I had totally started to worry that all I was seeing on 10 and 11 were evaps... here the pic shows yesterday's strip on the top and this morning's on the bottom - fresh and wet still and within the magic window of time and it is totally a line, a very faint line, but a line no less! lol not an evap! I'm about to jump out of my skin over here! yayyy!


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Congratulations Renaissance. :-)

I have just been visited by AF. :-(
So disappointing after being sure this month. Has anyone got any tips or routines for getting back up again?
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thanks oxford! So sorry AF has come for you! I don't know what advice I can offer, we've been trying for 6 cycles, several of which were really long cycles (41, 42 days, one was 52) where I was just so so sure and then boom... AF. Ugh. I just kept going. I know it's discouraging. greensad.gif But just keep moving forward, one day at a time!

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Congratulations to everyone with BFPs!!! I'm sorry I don't have more time to congratulate you all individually.
Oxford, I know how hard it can be. AF's arrival is suddenly devastating. Don't give up! You and I will both have our own BFPs before you know it.
AFM, I've had cramps the last several days since I checked in. Pressure and heaviness still there, but not as strong as before. I've been feeling really hungry when I get up with DH before he goes to work, and this is somewhat unusual for me because my body still isn't completely adjusted to this new schedule. I usually wouldn't eat until lunchtime. I feel nauseated at times, but I haven't been able to find a pattern with it, so could be completely unrelated. I've also been pretty moody. Cranky in the morning, cranky if I don't eat, feeling like I'm going to cry over the most ridiculous things. These moods could easily be attributed to AF if she's on her way, but the cramps and lack of her arrival make me nervous. Under normal circumstances, cramps = I'm going to start any moment so I'd better get my tampon ready. Anyway, I've gone on for a bit haven't I? I hope all of you have WONDERFUL, beautiful, amazing days today!!!
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renaissance - Congratulations! I'm happy for you! I knew there would be some more BFP's this month, and I'm glad that you are one of them. Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy, delivery, and babe!

AFM - CD27 15dpo. Spotting practically stopped on CD25 and I thought maybe this was my month after all. But nope, still BFN. AF is still not here. There is good news in all this, it means my progesterone works after all. Tonight I will not take a progesterone, and AF has my permission to come. Looking forward to a fresh start.
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