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Writeonyogamama and crunchynerd -- isn't mother nature kind of a jerk for making AF symptoms and pg symptoms so similar? I am also feeling the bloat (omg, I go into my maternity clothes sooo early, being round in the belly even when I'm not pregnant, it doesn't take long at all for me to need them!), and I am so irritable and anxious! It's either a hell of a PMS, or I'm going to be a cranky pregnant lady. I've had some nausea, but not so much that i'm dead convinced. If I were placing odds, they'd be about 70/30 not pregnant (because this really feels like pms). I am testing tomorrow, Walgreens early response test, fmu. That will be 14DPO for me. I really just don't think I'm pregnant. My uterus is feeling very "hello I'm here!" heaviness low in my belly.

Whatever is happening, whether it is cleansing, strengthening flow or new life sparking awake within me, i am trying to meet it with peace and gratitude. This cycle is welcome in me.

Crossing fingers for everyone who is getting ready to test!
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CLplus1 and Writeonyogamama News?  Living a bit vicariously here as I am only 4 DPO and have quite some time before I can symptom spot and POAS myself. Well a little while at least... Sheepish.gif


Chourd OMG you are so sweet! Thank you and same to you. I SO appreciate all your encouragement and positive energy. Sorry to hear you and DH are not feeling so well. I have a feeling this is your month, though!! Sending out lots of goodvibes.gifto add to your own energy work, mama!!


Zona and Crunchy Fx!!


Primaljoy greensad.gif for the BFN. It's still early!


AKK Hmmm, twins?! I know nothing about dream interpretation but that's some dream!


Dahlia hug.gif Mama!! How are you? Have you had your first OB appointment? You've been in my thoughts. You're a little over 6 weeks? I recall my worst morning sickness was that 6th week, and then it vanished. Hoping you are enjoying a boring, uneventful first trimester and have been able to relax and take good care of yourself.  I'd like to report I was able to pull off much better BD timing this month; it was epic for my house winky.gif FF gives me a high probability of conception (4 out of 5 days in my fertile window) and I am feeling really optimistic. Only a little over a week to go before I'll know!!


I am off to snowshoe with DD. I doubt we'll last long, it is SO cold here today  cold.gif around zero with wind chill well below. We'll bundle up and get a good work out in before collapsing by the fire with cocoa. teapot2.GIF


Sending you all lots of coolshine.gif

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hi there. TTC#4, 1st post partum cycle (no jokes...i havent had AF since march 2010) im 7dpo according to FF, so im gonna go with it. this cycle has been so wacko i cant even describe it.


anywho, im waiting on my tests to come in the mail this week. hopefully i can hold out that long.


no symptoms to report, other than being really tired last night. i normally dont go to bed til after midnight. i have toddler twins and am a full time college student so homework waits til they go to bed...otherwise they 'help' ;)


good luck everyone

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Well that was anticlimactic. BFN for me this morning. I HATE BFNs. :-( I can't help but wonder if bfing is making it harder this time around. We've only been trying for 3 cycles but after lucking out on the first try with DS, this is discouraging.
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Hi ladies,


I am in my tww right now. I am 8 dpo and so far I do not have have a lot of symptoms. So I kinda don't have much hope for this cycle. The only thing I am feeling is I am constantly going to the bathroom to go pee. It started at 4dpo and it hasn't stopped. But other than that..I got nothing! No CM discharge, no tender breasts, no cramps...nothing. I got my positive ovulation on Feb 7,8 and 9. So it looks like I ovulated on the 10th cause on Feb 11 I no longer got a positive. I had sex with my DH on feb 6,7 and 9. What do you ladies think? You think I have a chance with those dates?


Wishing everyone baby dust!!!!!

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Sparkle- I've been thinking of you too!! Good job on your epic BDing this month lol! I'm at 7 weeks tomorrow, and my first OB appt is on thursday. I'm not sure if they'll order a sonogram or not :/ I reallly hope they do. I have such high hopes for you this cycle!! Can't wait to see your bfp! :)

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hug2.gifWriteonyogamama Seeing that lonely line is just rotten, isn't it? I know I feel so deflated. It's not over until AF shows!! Could still be too early. I SO hear you on frustration and surprise. I was also lucky to get pregnant the very first cycle we were trying with DD. I assumed with #2 it would be similarly easy. The past 9 months have adjusted my perspective big time. This is our 10th cycle TTC #2. I am still very hopeful and optimistic. It is ever so frustrating when we feel ready and things don't happen right away. Having patience is exceedingly difficult. But just as becoming a mama pushed me into discomfort with not being able to do it all and having to let go of so much, so too has my journey TTC #2 taught me that I must honor and be respectful of my body and be more flexible. That, and the Universe has an amazing sense of humor. Just when I think I have things figured out, when I think I know what to expect with my body, my life, etc., the Universe throws me a curveball. Good luck and Fx!!


Marquess Hope your tests arrive quickly and that you get some very good news this week. fingersx.gif


Welcome.gifLisaB!! I think you have a good chance with your dates. I had absolutely NO discernable signs or symptoms with my DD until 6 weeks, when I experience about 10 days of morning sickness. I recall my breasts being a little tender the morning I tested and got my BFP, which was the day after AF was due, but nothing hugely noticeable. And absolutely nada before. I think no symptoms is often a great symptom!! Good luck!!


tea6.gifMe, just sipping my tea and enjoying my glorious Winter Break week!!

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PrimalJoy, you are so right.

And I was so sure, but now I am feeling so non-pg it's not funny. The only thing still different is my nipples are still darker and larger, but I swear they are less so than yesterday.

I even feel better in my jeans now (the ones that were way too tight, are still in the closet...they are probably still too tight, but I don't feel like trying them on).


I went ahead and took a First Response today, BFN. AF is due in 3 days, and I figure, if it's a BFN with Early Response, this close to AF, it's a BFN, period.

The only thing that has me going, "wait and see, you could be surprised" is that a lot of women report a total disappearance of symptoms about this time, and I am not cramping, and I a whole week of cramps before AF each time for the past 3 cycles.


So I will wait and see and just go with the idea that I'm not pg, and can be surprised if there's a surprise, and have a few beers, if AF comes. Telling myself I am not pg, helps me right now, because living on a daily roller coaster of wondering and wanting confirmation, is crazy-making.


But I researched it, and the nipples darkening doesn't appear to be part of any PMS symtom. So if I'm not now, I really do think, I *was* but it wasn't meant to stick.

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Sparkle, reading what you wrote helped.

And thanks for trying to keep everyone's spirits up.

Congrats to all the mamas who have gotten the BFP, and sticky sticky.gif vibes to you!

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LisaB: Dh and I BDed 3 days and 1 day before O and I'm 9 weeks pregnant right now. So, I do think it's completely possible you could be. Much baby dust to you.

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Originally Posted by chuord View Post

Crunchy - lol! That is so something that would happen to me! Wishing you a bfp so you feel justified!

Thanks, Chuord!

The emotional roller coaster has me at not believing I will get any BFP this cycle, now, and I am just trying not to think about it until and unless AF comes. Which should be in about 3 days, so however long those days seem, they will pass and the truth will be known, one way or the other. So right now, I am just going with the thought of "no, I guess if I did conceive, it didn't stick" because it's easier than tremulous hope, but BFN every time I test. Women who refuse to test, are wiser than I am!


If I start feeling pg, I will probably jump as much to conclusions based on that, as I am right now, based on not feeling it. But I have already promised myself that if AF comes, I am celebrating/commisserating with a few beers and a movie with DH. He has been such a sweetheart through all this, and has been on the emotional roller coaster right along with me. A woman couldn't ask for a better DH, and our kids have a wonderful father. I'm glad we have them, and him, and cherishing what I have, makes this all easier.


For ladies who are going through, or have gone through, extended TTC, or long-term IF, I UNDERSTAND. I went through a few YEARS of not even conceiving once, in a previous marriage. It turned out it was for the better, because having a child with him would have been a bad thing, but that didn't mitigate the pain, the bitterness, the longing. Baby showers and pregnancies around me were hard indeed, to bear...and I am blessed beyond my wildest imaginings, to have the children I now have, with the DH I now have, also.


So I can't complain, when my cup runs over with blessings.

I just got attached to the idea of being blessed once again, and won't know how to feel until I know what's going to happen.

Hugs to all!

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Sparkle, what you wrote helped me, too. Thank you!
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Originally Posted by SparkleMaman View Post

CLplus1 and Writeonyogamama News?  Living a bit vicariously here as I am only 4 DPO and have quite some time before I can symptom spot and POAS myself. Well a little while at least... Sheepish.gif


Well, I took another test and it was a wee darker. Still only 13dpo, but I am indeed pregnant. I peed a ton yesterday, or maybe it was my imagination. And I think my boobs stopped being tender. I'm contacting a midwife today to see what I should be doing.

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joy.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifCongratulations CLplus1!!! carrot.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifjoy.gif


Wishing you a happy, healthy and uneventful 9 months!


Dahlia jumpers.gif  Yeah for 7 weeks!! jumpers.gif Is the morning sickness diminishing? I will keep you in my thoughts, especially on Thursday. Can you request the ultrasound? That would be fantastic to see your little bean.


And I am glad what I said was helpful, Writeonyogamama and Crunchy. The TTC process has been a lesson in patience and humility for me. I am trying to navigate through and find some bit of balance/center/zen om.gif I am also so very grateful for the abundance in my life, I know I am blessed. I focus every day on what I aspire to be, more flexible and flowing. And I am hoping that work (and obviously the BDing) will bring me the new little one that I know is missing from our family.


Sending out much dust.gif

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Thanks SparkleMaman! Good luck everyone!

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Congrats cplus1!!!! Hope it sticks and is an uneventful 9 months!
Sparkle - lol thank you! I agree with the humility and learning to accept that your body is not entirely under your control lol... Patience in this instance is the mother (haha) if all virtues! I'm hoping for this month too, or if not then the next... See flexible already lol 😜
Dahlia - yay on 7 weeks, wow has time gone fast! And devilish at 9 weeks, so many graduates that sparkle, akk, Katie and I (others too) have seen go through - its very heartening!
Happy BDing and baby dust all round, sticky vibes to those in the tww...
Afm - it's morning but still in bed, hoping to fell good enough later today or at least tomorrow to let the romance begin lol 😜😝😜😝
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chuord, sorry to hear you're stuck in bed (and not because you're busy BDing!).  Wishing you wellness and romance ;-)


I'll add my appreciation for all the talk about the apprehension we might have about growing our families and the talk about finding a greater respect for our bodies during this TTC journey; all sentiments I share too.  If only the last week of the 2WW wasn't so difficult!  I don't know what it is about it but I lose all my ability to remain zen and at peace with the process.  After my loss last month I vowed that I would not obsess so much this month since we're really not in control of any of it, but that went out the window after I experienced textbook IB last night (~7DPO).  It only lasted for one tissue wipe and no spotting today.  Textbook!  I'm also experiencing major fatigue.  Early bedtime plus afternoon naps for the past two days - I'm usually a nightowl who runs on 6-7 hours of sleep!  I won't bore you all with all the other possible symptoms (yay for bloating and lots of lotiony CM and sore nips) but I'm feeling very hopeful that we caught this egg (or eggs - yikes - I hope not!) and that it's a sticky little one.

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Hi everyone! Just checking in- it seems like a lot of us are moving on to the next cycle! Yay for the BFPs though- I'm so happy for you all! I am currently on antibiotics for my very nasty sinus infection and about 700 miles away from DH so no baby making yet for me! Also no O testing which makes me very very nervous. I think I am really going to focus on losing weight though for these next couple cycles and finding a new job. The stress my job is causing me is way unecessary! I'm really hoping and praying we do conceive in the next couple months though because I am terrified of reaching that one year mark and having to struggle with infertility treatments and testing. Has anyone else struggled with PCOS here and successfully conceived! Vitex is helping me ovulate but I'm just worried there is something else wrong... What about the at home sperm tests? Anyone used those? I'm just getting so discouraged! Sorry to vent I hope you all have a much easier time than we have had!
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remind me again how we arent supposed to use opk as hpt :(


shame on me i know. but i am a chronic early tester and i freely admit it. and its the halfway point so POASitis was rearing its ugly head. and i know there is no way a hpt would be positive, even if i was pg, so to satisfy the 'craving' i peed on an opk, like i have been for weeks LOL.  around 4dpo they started to finally fade. 5dpo was lighter, 6dpo even more so. and i figured tonights would be the same or single lined. yeah, like i said, this month has been a majorly weird. imagine my suprise to barely get the strip out of the cup and the dam* thing was positive :/ freakin hormones are a nightmare. my CM is creamy and abundant. oh, and i am still spotting. the pic is blurry and overexposed, def doesnt do it justice but do you see the difference in the previous 2 days and tonight? all taken at 9pm, which is about the only time i get 5 seconds alone in the bathroom ;)


sadly, while digging thru the mound of opk, i found a FRER leftover from october. i hate them. they say im pregnant, even if im not. it makes me sad that i cant trust what is supposed to be the best test on the market. so maybe i will take it in the morning. lets see what my temp looks like.  

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an hour later, thats all i held it. took another one because im a glutton for punishment...if i didnt suspect i already ovulated(and have the temps and cm to prove it, i would swear by this that i was going to. ok, going to work on homework now and stop obscessing over the stupid little strips

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