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Renaissance, huge hugs - it's never nice, be kind to yourself and know that you are in supportive company - dahlia didn't you get pg immediately after your loss?
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Oh geez, Renaissance I am SO sorry about your loss! I feel like an idiot for missing that post! Take care of yourself, dear
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Blonhrt!!!! omg hooray! I'm so happy for you!


Chuord- yes, I got pregnant the month after my loss, which sounds like it may have been similar to yours, Renaissance- It was really early, but still so painful to experience. I really feel for you. Hugs.


I really hope that you guys don't mind me still hanging out around here lol. I know it's been like a month now, but I care so much about all you ladies, I can't tear myself away! So I've got one foot in the oct. ddt, and one in here :)

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blonhrt - I was hoping you'd be back with an update, and I'm so happy that you have great news! What a wild ride these past few weeks must have been for you! 


AFM - I'm still a lurker on this thread. CD7 here. I'm hoping to post here sometime next week :)

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Thanks everybody, sorry again for no updates. I still can't BELEIVE it took two and a half weeks to get a bfp after AF was due, just horrible, lol.
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Wow! This cycle so deserved that finger Blonhrt! lol.gif So happy for you! Congratulations!!! joy.gif I hope you have a very happy, healthy, desperately boring nine months with a fat, healthy baby at the end of it all my dear! Woohoo!

Back to my lurk.gif once again...
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well, i dunno. i think i am done testing. i took the last FRER from the box i bought this morning and its the same as the other ones :/


im beginning to think they are bogus because the edges of the lines on t his one seem darker than the middle. IDK


my doc wasnt in today, so no progesterone levels. tomorrow is 9dpo and kinda late to be checking that. i still think i want one done though. i mean really, anything is better than nothing and should confirm whether or not i actually ovulated right?

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Thanks mamacats, I'm sure this baby will be fat just like my last one, haha. Baby dust....
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Congratulations, Blonhrt! That's wonderful, fantastic news. That must have almost drove you bananas! Glad you now know.


I'm so sorry Renaissance. I have had two miscarriages so I understand what a wretched roller coaster of joy to devastation that is. Sending love and healing to you.

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I'm popping in! Dahlia just told me you got your BFP blonhrt and I had to come say congrats!!! I'm so happy for you, and honestly a little jealous that you and Dahlia are in the same DDC without me haha.

I don't know who all is still in here.. But I think Sparkle is?? Hi sparkle!! I miss your amazing attitude and positivity. And anyone else who was in the December tww with me HI!!

Good luck and baby dust to everyone here!
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Renaissance, I'm so sorry for your loss. I've had two early miscarriages. I think the hardest part for me was loosing someone I had never met, but would have given my life for, and to have no control over any of it. It helped me to hold onto the idea that no matter how short their existence was, they still existed surrounded by love. <3 Hang in there.

I'm on CD 19. I tested today because I'm crazy, and of course BFN. I don't know if I'm imagining things, but I feel like there's a chance I'm prego! I've been feeling nauseous, and a bit crampy. I think I Od early, around CD 10. I need to not test again... And just wait it out! But gosh, I would really just love to know.

Congrats Blonhurt!!!! smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif enjoy the next 9 months!!
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Thanks, mamacatsbaby. For the moment I'm laying low, unaccustomed to menstrual discomfort. It's hard to think about having babies or doing what is needed in order to make them. Just need a heating pad and chocolate.

Congrats, blonhrt! What a stressful wait!
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jumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gif Congrats Blonhrt!!!! jumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gif


Dahlia SO glad you are still hanging out. Always love hearing from you smile.gif


wave.gifMamamash!! Yup, still here. I miss you too! Hoping to head over to the DDC clubs myself very soon. How are you feeling? 10-11 weeks, right? So exciting!!


hug2.gifMarquess. I have known a few mamas on here who have had similar experiences, with +FRERs but not pregnant. I think checking in with your provider is a good plan. And maybe you are pregnant but it is too early for the other tests to detect. FRERs are more sensitive than most HPTs.


AFM Still boring here. 6 DPO. Crazy dreams and lots of creamy CM. Only about a week more to go! Thoroughly enjoying our Winter Break week. I plan to head outside with DD shortly. Perhaps we can repair or rebuild our igloo or snow shoe through the woods. Stay warm, mamas!!

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so this mornings test has me puzzled. well, not puzzled, curious. the line was way more obvious than the others were at the time limit. as its drying its getting more obvious. so IDK. this is different from last time and i dont want to get my hopes up for nothing. its grocery shopping day, i may buy a diff brand, just to see.


i have to wait another 2 days for my appt and that, in plain english, sucks a**. because their lab is s...l....o....w. if i have blood drawn friday i wont get results back til mon at the earliest :/ surely by then i will have some inkling of an idea in the way of yes pregnant/no not pregnant. so here are some undoctored pics of this mornings FRER (which is my last FRER)


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Marquess Big hug2.gif I can't see a test line in your photos but I know the lines are often much darker IRL. With FRERs, you do have to read the test in the time indicated by the directions. Results are not valid after an hour, I believe. This is so frustrating! You can't get blood work drawn today, before your scheduled appt? Could you call and ask? Let them know you've had + HPTs for a few days and are anxious. That's what I would do. Good luck!!

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so i had this whole stinkin post typed and hit the back arrow. idiot :/ 9DPO FMU update...


this mornings tests has me curious. very curious. the line was much more obvious at the 3min time limit than the others were, but it seems fatter than the other lines. it even photographs better. im concerned that its the antibody strip im seeing, but its pink, so IDK. its prob all in my head :( i have an appt with my doc on friday. but their lab is s...l...o...w so even if i have blood drawn fri, i wont get results til mon at the earliest. by then i think i will be convinced in whichever direction. i also dont want to get my hopes up either.


Im out of FRER and since its grocery shopping day, I have to go to the store. Im considering buying answer, although last time(when i wasnt pg but got bfp on FRER and Answer), the Answer line was way more convincing than the FRER one. So Im cautious.


FRER has a 2$ off coupon on their website so Im gonna print that with my regular coupons and see how i feel when i get to the store. the Answer boxes have a $1 off ocupon on them making them like $6.88 at walmart. IDK.


so here are some undoctored pics of it from my cell phone, analyze away, LOL. most of them are either under or over exposed but i still see it.




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Sparkle- I'm sure you will be heading over to the DDC very very soon! I'm almost 12 weeks, Friday is the day. I've had 2 ultrasounds so far and baby seems to be doing great. I think I'm finally on the tail end of the morning sickness. It's been really hard this time so I'm glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel finally. Overall I'm just feeling so happy and blessed even with the yucky ms and overwhelming fatigue. I'm going to keep lurking so I can see your BFP soon smile.gif
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So i bought a pack of Answers...and got none, lol. Same as frer. Pink line within 2 min. Its drying now and looks like a big false positive :/ makes me angry. I took pics at the time limit and just a sec ago
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Originally Posted by Blonhrt88 View Post

I'm really sorry I haven't updated you all.

I was going through an emotional roller coaster. I wanted to update you though, I got a "pregnant" on a cbd this afternoon!

I feel fine, and I took it on a whim. And I got my result I wanted smile.gif

The reason I have been so crazy emotional, is because I just got the bfp today, and my period is 2.5 weeks late. You can imagine what kind of crazy it has made me.

Holy Crow, Blonhrt88!

That is really something, and by the way, congratulations!

The roller coaster has worn me out already, and my AF isn't due til tomorrow. I can't imagine being in this phase of wondering and waiting and still getting BFNs, for as long as you endured it. But I am so happy for you!

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Renaissance, I am so sorry. 


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