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Originally Posted by crunchynerd View Post


I'm so sorry for what you have gone through, and are going through. 


If you don't mind my asking, how late a BFP have you had before, and did you have symptoms of being pg when you finally got it?


Of course you can ask - I think most of us love to talk about anything related to TTC around here!


Last cycle I managed to get a BFP a bit sooner than usual but it was still a few days after AF was due to arrive.  I had been spotting for a few days already by that time and the spotting eventually turned into a full AF.  My recorded betas only got as high as 36 :-(  The BFP only showed up on a FRER, my $stores were just showing thick grey evap lines.


With DD1 & DD2, I got my BFPs at almost 6 weeks along (my cycles are usually 28-29 days).  Both times I had what I thought was a full 4 day light AF almost 2 weeks before the BFP.  With DD1, I got my BFP and then the very next day MS showed up (my husband joked that I was making it up!).  No symptoms before then.  With DD2, I was only using $stores at the time and I think I might have got a BFP sooner if I had invested in some FRERs.  No obvious symptoms then either, although if I was symptom spotting I'm sure I would have suspected some things.


Do you get late BFPs too?

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Marquess, that must be so frustrating for you!  I can clearly see the +ve line on that FRER.  I hope you get some definitive answers soon (and if it were me, I'd be contacting FRER to report the issue to at least try to get some replacement tests).  FX for you.

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Angel that is a brilliant idea for marquess! I've done that before with faulty products... And since the frees are the 'premium' tests they would want to know that it doesn't work for some.. Good luck with it
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You made my day with that reply. I was beginning to worry no one was speaking to me, but apparently it was me being too anxious and other people having their own lives and not being here every moment of every day. oops.gif


Thank you so much for describing your symtoms and timing and all with your BFPs. 

I'm on the worst roller coaster I have ever been on, because I was never more sure about being pg before, and now AF is 3 days late and the cervix is totally a pg cervix...I even managed to glimpse it in a handmirror (don't ask me how!) and shockingly, it was bluish pink.


Tests still neg, and not a symptom anywhere. Called my mom, and to my utter shock, she told me that she never got a positive test result with my sis, til she was 5 months along! jaw2.gif


So no, this never happened to me before (late AF and still only negatives). I also never had no symptoms before...I was one sick puppy last 3 times!


Adding to the mix, my DH's father had a really close call...ventilators and life support and stuff, and it's a very tense time, waiting to see whether he's going to even make it out of the hospital. I was almost glad if I wasn't pg, after all that. 


Which brings us to the worst part: amidst the family crisis, fully sure after negative tests and no symptoms the day AF was due, I had a few drinks. And now I am worried sick, if I do turn out to be pg after all.


Didn't mean to unload all over the place. A friend of mine just announced she's expecting #4, and had NO CLUE she was pg until well into it, due to implant bleeding and zero symptoms. It would be too weird if that were somehow catching. So, all I want is to just to find out, either way. And I don't think I would be disappointed, either way, at this point. I just want the not knowing, over!


But how can I find out except to wait it out? Go to the doc and ask for blood test? Will that work, if the POAS tests don't?


Thanks for any and all advice and help. I feel somehow like a first-time mother, because whatever it is I am or am not going through, this is new territory.

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im waiting for a response from FRER. i emailed them the 2nd day (8dpo...FRER started showing + at 7DPO which we all know its very rare to get a + at that point).


i have saved them all and have every intention of sending them the tests. in oct when this happened before they sent me my money back. but it doesnt do anything about the fact that the product is flawed. some women, like me, get positives when they arent pg. now, i cant confirm or deny pg at this point. i will have to wait AF out.


i have been having the most odd CM. first of all, its extrememly copious. like, i feel like i pee myself copious. but its EWCM, which makes no sense at this point (being 2 days from expecting AF). still spotting on an off, but at least its a consistant color (pink). weird. but if i think about it, i had EWCM for a solid week before AF came in Jan.


i would just like to point out that i am still getting + FRER and neg everything else. on my cheapies, i sort of see something and then its gone. then after like 10 min the whole test starts to turn pink and when they are dry, they all have bfp. so im disappointed in them. guess we know why they went out of biz :(


im super tired, which isnt good since i have so much to do lately. beyond that, i have no other symptoms that make me suspect pg.


thats my update for the night. i have so much history homework to do so i have to run

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That back-and-forthing between pos and neg is truly terrible. You are certainly in a worse limbo state that I am! 

Is there any way we could all just be zonked out a la Office Space, so we could go through the next 2 weeks at least, without realizing it, and sort of fast-forward to the time when we KNOW? nut.gif

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Ok TMI here! SO. You all should seriously consider gustaf.... Whatever lol mucinex type drugs because I have EWCM like you would NOT believe! So here is the story- I have had it the past two days- so much that even when I wipe it is way abundant. And it is definitely true egg white consistency. I have NEVER had EWCM like this before. It has to be due to the medication too because I just got an almost positive OPK earlier today- I am going to test in a few to see if it has darkened! So woo hoo to that! Happy baby making this evening ladies smile.gif
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crunchy, sorry to hear about your FIL.  I wouldn't worry too much about having had a few drinks on one occasion at this stage.  The placenta isn't formed yet so it wouldn't affect the baby much at all right now, other than dealing with fluctuations with your blood sugar level, but diet alone can cause that and babies are usually hardy and can tolerate some fluctuation.


I'm amazed you can peek in to see your cervix!  I wish I could do that :-)  I would be feeling very hopeful after seeing the bluish colour.  But very frustrating to be getting BFNs still!  If you think your doctor might be willing to order betas, then I'd definitely ask.  I know that sometimes our bodies can be very good at metabolizing the hCG and none/little shows up in our urine but it's still circulating in our blood.  Given your mother's history, maybe you have inherited that ability?  Although I'm not sure if it can happen in one pregnancy but not others.


No worries about the extra sensitivity... maybe it's a sign you are pregnant and dealing with all those lovely emotional hormones!  I know that I check in on here a few times a day but only have time to post after my kids are in bed or are busy with my DH.


Wishing you some answers very soon!  I find the waiting after AF is due to arrive extra tough.  I can't imagine what Blonhrt went through waiting 2.5 weeks after AF was due to get her BFP!  I'm feeling surprisingly patient right now, despite another BFN this morning, but it's very unlike me.  AF was due today but hasn't showed yet and I'm symptom spotting like crazy but also at peace knowing I won't likely see a BFP for another few days at the earliest.  Good luck and keep us updated!

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Crunchynerd- I would definitly call my doc for bloodwork. HCG is in the blood before it can be in the urine and a blood test is much more sensitive.
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Crunchy and AKK - How annoying!! Hope you both get some clarity soon. I would be asking for a beta as well.  AKK, last month I got a NASTY FRER evap. Everyone said it looked totally positive but everything else was BFN. Just terrible. I hate the rollercoaster. Hope you both get true positives soon!


jjh - Too funny about the mucinex! Maybe I will try it next cycle. EWCM never seems to be an issue for me, and I start getting it about a week before I ov, but it couldn't hurt I suppose! 


Sparkle - I am still over the moon for you, mama!! Just so exciting. Can't wait for you to be able to tell DD. I wouldn't worry too much about the twins thing just yet. I held out testing with DD until 13 DPO and the test line was almost darker than the control line already. I was SO worried it was twins! But you really can't tell with pee tests since levels vary so much. Just feel good that you've got a strong implanter there since you got a pos so early. This is going to be a strong bean!!


AFM - DH and I are just back from a really fun cocktail party. Just enough small talk and silly dancing and we left at 10:15. Perfect for me! Ha! I have to work in the morning so I had the perfect excuse. I needed a night to just laugh and have fun so that was great. Felt a little cramping today and wondered if my boobs are a little sore, but I've been feeling that the last 2 (decidedly non-pg) cycles as well. Could just be the progesterone. Trying to just roll with it. Doing pretty well...so far! I have to admit, Sparkle that your 8 DPO BFP has me very quietly thinking about testing tomorrow but I won't do it! The early testing only seems to result in me being let down so I'm just going to wait it out this time. Hope you al are having lovely nights! 

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Marquess - I'm wondering what a digital Clear Blue test would be helpful to you. You know, the Pregnant or Not Pregnant test. 


JJH - I'm hoping you get you positive OPK very soon!


Crunchy - I'm sorry your FIL isn't well. I wouldn't worry about the drinks either. No harm done, I'm sure. I hope you find out what's up with your cycle soon. 


Katiecornflakes - I love POAS, so I'm proud out you for your ability to resist. 


AFM - Today and tomorrow are my likely ovulation days, so lots of extra BDing going on here. Something is different from last cycle - I'm taking mucinex but my EWCM has not been anything exceptional, and my libido is normal as opposed to crazily frisky. My husband thinks this is will be our cycle, and I keep telling him not to get his hopes up. So I guess we are Mr. Glass Half Full and Mrs. Glass Half Empty. 

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Katie I am still flying high! And still in shock. I'm not really too worried about twins, I feel prepared to roll with whatever happens and it seems like a pretty remote genuine possibility. I'd like to say I only tested so early because of my crazy, vivid dream (which was compelling) but I probably would have anyway Sheepish.gif I will say I felt a few different things this time. I had more creamy CM beginning very shortly after O and my breasts were sore almost as soon as I O'd. At 5 DPO when I took off my bra I almost let out a little cry, as they were so sore. The cramping since 7 DPO was also different and pretty uncomfortable. And I have never ever had cramping after an orgasm, it was actually a little painful. I have definite increased urinary frequency now (9-10 DPO) and I am gassy, like too many beans gassy (sorry, gross I know). I am also noticing my thighs feel really sore, like I've run a lot recently but I haven't (that started around 7 DPO too). And I am not PMSy weepy or irritable. And lastly, I think my chart looks different from last month. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/41c7dc Obviously it is only 2 months of data, but still. I am seriously excited to see your BFP this week mama!! I can just feel it is going to be + energy.gifBig hug.gif to you while you wait!!


Marquess I think the digital test idea is brilliant! At this point, it should be positive if you are and could offer peace of mind. So sorry you can't seem to get a definitive answer.


Crunchy No worries!! I know when I first started posting I didn't see many replies either. I am so sorry about your stressful family situation. Try not to worry about the drinks. There's little chance of actual transfer until a week or so after a missed period, ~2 weeks after implantation. Fx!!


AKK Oh I SO hope you see a BFP this week too!! Fingers and toes crossed!


Jjh I KNOW! Crazy, right?! It's Guafenesin. I wish I had known months ago! Happy BDing to you winky.gif And I hope it is the key to your success this cycle!!


Mamablue It's hard not to get discouraged when you've been trying for a while. How much Guafenesin are you taking? I used 400mg 12-hour extended release tabs twice a day. Is your Mucinex JUST Guafenesin? The multidrug formulations usually have other ingredients that dry up CM. It should be listed as "Active Ingredients."


Livnkades wave.gifI wanted to share that my DH isn't actually convinced I am pregnant. So all my months of obsessing and censoring myself and freaking him out before when I did mention things (scared him off just like your DH) is continuing. He saw me test again this morning and was like WTH? Why can't you just wait for your blood test tomorrow? I was like, uh, hello? Have you met me?! So, I guess I wanted to say, it doesn't end with a BFP. Fx that you can persuade him this cycle mama. I know it is harder than you'd think, I truly know. hug.gif Until this cycle mine was looking at me like, what's your motive? any time I was in the mood.


AFM Tested with 2 tests this morning (will post shortly) and feel confident they are darker!! Can see them in the photo without tilting or squinting joy.gif

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I'm convinced
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Those are gorgeous lines, Sparkle!!!! Yay!!!! Thanks for all the positive vibes. I hope they help!!
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Good morning ladies! I'm now somewhere in the TWW again lol.gif . Here's a c/p from another thread I post in:
Originally Posted by mamacatsbaby 
Aaaaaalllllllllrighty then! I have no idea ROTFLMAO.gif . Ok, here's my charty-chart from FF. Their software gives me dotted CH's at CD10 but I didn't get a 2/10ths temp shift 'til CD12 which would put O at CD11 according to FAM temp rules but I was still having O pain, EWCF, and lube sensation through CD14 (still having what seems like residual O pain lol). Although CF was some kind of S-C-EW combo that was most abundant in the morning on CD14, it was the lube sensation that was even more prevalent throughout the day. Soooo, CD14 was my PD and IIRC, according to FAM O likely happened around PD, maybe the day before (more evidence supporting this with the second temp shift 3/10ths higher than my previous 6 temps). Um, ok? So possible O days are CD10, 11, or 14 lol.gif . Maybe I'll scan in my paper chart too orngtongue.gif . Fun times, fun times lol...

Also, this time both temp shifts are above the CL on my p/p chart. Care to opine? lurk.gif

Hope to see some more BFP's soon! dust.gif
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im certain teh digi would say not pg so i am not prepared to spend anymore money on HPT. I took a FRER and cheapie this morning. FRER same as always, no tweaking or oversaturating. theres a line. anyone surprised? but on the cheapie, at the 5min time limit i think i may have seen something. knowing how they dry i took pics right away. inverted on my phone there is a line.


tomorrow i will be begging for bloodwork. im 13DPO today so tomorrow morning I should either get a temp drop and AF later in the day, or if my temps go up or stay the same Im getting blood drawn. the one thing i hasve always been consistant on is the dip before AF. and its usually a big one. I am really glad the 2ww is almost over for me. its been too dramatic this time.





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Hello!sorry for the silence, work has been mental. I have been reading your journeys though :-)

You ladies all seem to time bd really well! Has anyone had struggles with DH cooperating? It's frustrating when I spot the time for O approaching, I know what we need to do! It seems he becomes less interested or we try and he can't finish. I have backed off to not pressure him. We talked about it this month and agreed to go for it. It seems to have made not finishing worse. Now I don't know whether to try and talk about it or whether that will jut make it worse. We had no problems before beginning bd, however he usually instigated sex.

Any advice?

Congrats sparkle!! Your pictures made me smile :-)
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Cutting in again- sparkle those lines are amazing!!! I am so excited for you! I'll check back tomorrow for your beta results!
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Oxford - My husband can get stressed out, too. What I did/do is keep all the details (temps/CM/OPK) to myself. Then when it's BD time, I bust out the lingerie and massage oil. Sleeping naked helps, too.
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Sparkle - Looking good! I'm so happy for you!
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