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woo hoo, sparkle!! beautiful!

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Thanks mamas! Oxford: I like Mamablue's plan! Marquess: Big hugs And Katie and AKK: Awesome to get some adult alone time smile.gif On my phone or I'd post more. Sending lots of positive vibes and babydust!
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Im shaking right now. I found out tht rite aid had frer test and confirm on sale
Its a reg test and a digi. I peed on the reg one and unlike the zillion others this one was immediately bfp. Like as soon as it was wet. Took this pic at 1 min
Could i really be pg?!
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Yay Marquess!!! So pleased for you
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Got my fingersx.gif for you marquees!
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Oops! I just realized I've been misspelling your UN marquess! Sorry about that!
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Oh I know I am going to miss someone doing this! Marquess- I DEFINITELY see a line, even on my phone, on that last frer! I'm so excited to hear!

sparkle your line is so defined too!!

Katie- I want a fun night like that!

I'm sorry but I am on my phone and I forgot who asked about the BD stress around o time with DH- but I definitely don't share with him when it is that time, I just instigate. I feel like husbands or partners feel more stress than we do to perform because their part of the job is pretty crucial lol. Have you tried just charting and then when it's time don't even worry him with the details? Maybe that would help! My husband always seems to want to BD even when it is not baby making time so I'm in a little different situation than you are but I surely bet you are not alone!

So I did another O test when I got off work today and yesterday I had a line that was either positive or REALLY close to being positive or definitely positive yesterday. The lines were kind of streaky so it was hard to tell. Today I tested and there was hardly any line so I just don't know what is going on :/ ahh. Oh well we will see how this goes!
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Oxford- YES I totally understand what you are going through with DH's apprehensions! I had a big LONG post on this not too long ago. Sparkle gave me so great advise. I did too much talking and completely scared him off right during the week that was most crucial. I think this month I am going to take the "lower" road and just try the "seducing" method like was previously mentioned! 😉Trust me you are not alone in this...it made me feel better to see so many responses to your post. I think it is more common then not. Must be a man thing!!

Sparkle- I am just so excited for you! I know what it is like to see BFN after BFN, but then when those 2 lines finally appear you just stand there is shock! I can't wait to hear about DD's reaction. She will be so excited!

Hi everyone else! Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday afternoon!
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Sparkle- I am fixing to ask you a personal question and don't feel like you have to answer if you are uncomfortable...okay...here it goes, how often did you BD around O? We all know about Dahlia's epic 11 days (yes Dahlia we are still talking about it 😃). I just know there is no way I can get DH on the every night for several nights without having the baby talk, which may lead to the spot I was in last month. Just curious what worked for you.
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Lol jjh and Livn - I sure could have used the less pressure on dh chat a few days ago 😃😜 we haven't stopped but he's finding it harder to perform under the pressure lol!
So Oxford thanks for asking!
Livn - in heinsight I'm wondering if we just tell them we're at the 'horny' or 'turned on' phase lol and that it's not about fertility - just that you 'need' them right now? That sort if flattery should be good for a week or more I should think 😝😜... But I too would love to hear how others do it!
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Livnkadesmom I don't think there are questions that are too personal here!! I was/am charting temping and using OPKs so I had a pretty good idea when I was going to O. We actually DTD 4 out of the 5 days in my fertile window (epic for us!!). We hit -3, -2, -1 and +1 - not day of O. If it is possible, BDing 2 days and 1 day before O is actually your best bet statistically speaking, those are the days you get the most bang for your buck, so to speak wink1.gif. You are most likely to conceive BDing those two days, with your odds from -2 being slightly higher than on -1. Now I know from experience it is still hard to predict those two days precisely, SO I'd suggest trying every other day the 4-5 days around O. Less likely to arouse suspicion. And I highly recommend the Guafenesin. I think that really helped. I didn't think I had an EWCM issue, quality or quantity, but wow! Copious amoun ts, which also helps sperm to survive to get through the cervix to your fallopian tube to be waiting for the egg. Big hugs, much luck and baby dust to you!!

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Thank you so much for your advice on stressing out DH. When we first started TTC, I didn't tell him anything. Then he got upset when he noticed me pursuing him around the bedroom at baby time!!! We talked about it and decided to have more BD all month and I would tell him when was really important days. This month that really hasn't worked and he just seems pressured an can't finish. That leaves me feeling so frustrated when I know it is the right day.

Next month I'm going to take your advice and just not mention it. May be I ought to try the seduction method for 11 day like dahlia, so he can't tell when it is BD!!! Not sure I could manage 11 days tho!! ;-)

I love seein the posts on this thread and holding out for your BFPs! Is anyone close POAS? I need some vicarious suspense!!!!

Sparkle, I am still delighted for you!
You are hope for us all still on the roller coaster.
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Okay so stupid question but just want to make sure I am understanding right...-3,-2,-1 are days before O and +1 is day after O...right? I am temping so hopefully that will help me know when I need to play the "seducing" card. 😋Okay, that sounds really bad...just to be clear DH would be happy with a BFP he just can't take the pressure to well. 😕
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Livnkadesmom Not a stupid question!! Yes, -3, -2, -1 are days before O, +1 day after O. FF counts fertile days as -3 through +1 (the plus 1 is really just in case you actually O'd a little late). And I totally get it mama, no explanation needed!! My DH is thrilled too but the pressure to perform was a bit much, especially trying for every day for any extended period of time. He works a really physical job and really long hours and it just wasn't happening. Are you using OPKs? They also really help as O approaches. I did get a temp dip before O but I know not everyone does. And again, the Guafenesin was super helpful too!! Crossing fingers and toes that you can pull it off this cycle!!


And thank you, Oxford!! I was beginning to lose hope for myself after so long!! I am still shocked jaw.gif and I feel like doing a happy dance all day long!


Lots of goodvibes.gifto you all!!

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Marquess - I saw it on the ICs and definitely on the FRER!! So exciting! 


Oxford - Totally agree with the others about just keeping a bit hush with DH to avoid too much pressure. My DH knows when the important days are, roughly, but I try not to get him too pressured if I can. 


Mamacats - I looked at your chart. It's so tough! I see why FF has your CHs there, since it really is a big dip and all the following temps are above the CL. I think I would go with that, myself, although it is early and doesn't fit 100% with your symptoms. Sorry I can't be more definitive! 


Chuord - I love the flattery thought. That definitely works at my house!!


jjh - Yay for ov time! Do you have pics? How often are you using the OPKs? It definitely can happen that you can miss the true positive so i bet you already ov'd. The surge can be as short as 6h for some people. 


Sparkle - Can't wait for your beta tomorrow!


Sorry if I forgot anyone!!


AFM - Definite cramping today. To the point where I was a little uncomfortable today at work. Hmm. Trying not to get worked up, though. Generally doing a good job of it! Bobs still the slightest bit tender, no more. I feel like I've had that the last few 2WWs with BFNs, though, so nothing exciting there. Had a couple of very vivid dreams last night which I always get when pg but have had occasionally when not as well. Sigh. We shall see. Trying not to get my hopes up too much. A December baby would be fun. It would be early December so not too close to the holidays. There's so much good cheer at that time of year so a birthday would be fun! Always trying to think ahead so I don't get my hopes up too much. Less than a week to testing for me! 

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I am scared to take the digi tomorrow. im terrified i am gonna go get my blood drawn and my doc is gonna call me and tell me im not pregnant. or worse, that i didnt ovulate(again) so theres no way i could be pregnant. the worst part is that it will take til at least tues to get results. i wish there was a way to get it sooner.


im holding on to everything positive i can and hope that it pays off. this is the worst part of TTC. the not knowing, the guessing, the wondering if you are really seeing a line or if its in your head.


if this is real, and i am pregnant my EDD will be nov 5 which happens to be DH and my wedding anniversary. 14 yrs this yr. ive kind of already planned out how i want to tell him. he is out of town til mar 7, but there is talk he will be extended til the 22nd. so i have time to perfect my idea. with the twins i got blood confirmation right before easter. so i waited til easter sunday and bought a digi and a jar of spaghetti sauce (yeah, it was prego sauce). took the test, wrapped it up with the sauce and gave it to him. he was confused first, becasue he didnt see the test, just the sauce. he figured it out though. the look on his face was priceless. we didnt tell DD til after we heard heartbeats, just in case.


cross your fingers ladies, i need lots of positive thoughts

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Hooray for your lines, Sparkle! joy.gif What a nice piece of news! 

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Marquess - I see two lines, mama! Woohoo! I hope your blood test confirms.

AFM - I mentioned previously that I got a positive OPK Friday morning. Well I have plenty of right side cramping today. I hope I drop a little eggy today!
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Happy BDing, mamablue!

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Hi ladies!!

Marquess, I definitely see a second line! Hopefully it keeps getting darker! smile.gif

I tested this morning, and I thought I saw a faint line, but then it disappeared greensad.gif or, I just imagined it existed in the first place! It's so frustrating having to wait to know. In today's society information is so easilly accessible, that I'm just not used to waiting, and I'm definitely not good at it. I am on CD 24 now, so there's still some time. Two days ago I would have sworn I was pregnant (sore nipples, lots of cm, nausea) but today I don't feel anything. greensad.gif The TWW is an emotional roller coaster. I need to learn some patience!

On a positive note, we have some beautiful snow today, and are about to light a fire and settle in for the evening. I hope everyone had a great weekend!
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