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Yay Sparkle!! That's a great number!! Especially for 11 dpo!
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Yay, Sparkle!!!! I am just so over the moon for you!!! I knew this was your month!! Can't wait to hear DDs reaction! Glad to know your bbs aren't too sore. Maybe that's a good sign for me!

I totally see it!!! Huge congrats!! So happy with all the good news here today!

Mamacats - hope you found a good book! What have you read lately that's good? I never get to read for pleasure these days but next month will be light for me so I hope to find something good!

You are all making me want to test! But I really don't want to be disappointed and the have that flicker of hope holding on as I wait for AF. That stinks. So ill hang out. Wish it was Friday though!
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Sparkle, those numbers are fantastic! Yay! I'm ecstatic for you!


AKK- I'm still giddy for you as well!! Sending you tons of sticky baby dust!


I hope all you ladies get your bfps very soon!


I forget who asked me about the pregnancy ticker, but someone else answered perfectly :) Can you tell I'm only half awake lol? You can copy paste mine if you want (that's how I got mine, from Danielle) or be less lazy than me and you could make one haha. I'm super tired, so sorry for the short replies!

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AKK I see it!!!! AHHHH!!!!

Sparkle I am so happy for you!!!

I'm finally watching the oscars and taking it easy. My OPKs are gradually fading down to a shadow so I am guessing my LH surge was super short and in between testing times. We BDed last night for... Uhhh... Good measure wink1.gif haha I hope everyone is doing well and that no one is feeling too much pressure to test! Good luck to everyone!
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Good luck jj!!

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Chuord, how are you doin? Random, I know lol, but I was thinking of you!

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Stood in the bathroom when I got home and almost tested! I'm just so afraid of the BFN. I am so conflicted!
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Katie, I'm sorry I can't remember, but how many dpo are you?

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Thanks Dahlia! Lol I did a long post this morning but it seems to have gone AWOL! I'm doing well, getting into the 'action' waiting for O - hopefully a few days off, I have a feeling that if I O in march the result will be better for some reason lol. So apart from the tiredness how are you for pg symptoms? I did some quick energy work - your baby is loving it, lol it's like it's floating in it 😃

Katie I admire your resistance given the atmosphere on here - lol but hope your bloods come back positive!

Sparkle - woohoo!!! Your good feeling has worked out brilliantly! It's funny for some reason I couldn't see this month going anywhere else for you! Let us know how dd is with the news - should be fun!
Marquess - hugs xxx
Akk - I see it too! Congrats!
Hugs to everyone else and fx for the good vibes to be catching
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Thank you so much Chuord! That makes me smile :) I'm loving being pregnant, although fighting my way through morning sickness and exhaustion :) But I really don't mind that much, it makes me feel good about my hormones, and that my baby is growing strong! I'm 8 weeks now (yay) and will be having my first ultrasound soon!


I hope your next cycle is the one for you!!! My fingers are crossed for you lady! :)

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Hi, everyone!  I am solidly back in the TWW now and think it's time to de-lurkify myself.  Congratulations to all who had BFPs recently--what happy news!


I think that I O'd on Thursday or Friday, so have to wait some time still.  AF is due on March 8th.  Looks like there are a few of us who will be testing around then, no?


Jjh, I just finally sat back and started watching the Oscars, too. Oh, the suspense!

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Yay, Larski! Hoping the 2WW flies for you and ends in a BFP!


Dahlia, I'm 9DP0 today. whistling.gif Glad you're feeling ok! The tiredness shouldn't last too much longer, now. Can't wait for your US!


Chuord - Yay for energy work! I hope you get a nice, strong o! Get to BDing! winky.gif

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i didnt make it to the dr today. basically she said since i already have an appt for March 4 i should just keep it. If Im preggo, we should find out then since shes running scads of bloodwork anyway.  normally she is really cool but today i called her a bit**. yes to her face (she not just my doc, shes been a friend for yrs). i swore AF was coming but so far shes a no show. IDK. Im still crampy and I still have gallons of CM pouring out of me (sry for the TMI). i cant tell you how many times i ran to the toilet to see if AF showed. this mornings test was clearly negative. I even took a pic of it. and well since i bought stock in FRER this month and i already opened the boxes, i took another one. all i can say is WTF :/ i know that is a horrible thing to do, drop the abbreviated 'f' bomb, but i am so confused. its just not possible to only get bfp in the evening, its ludacris and makes no freaking sense. so im still on the pg/not pg train.


Simply put, I am in hell :(

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Oh Marquess, I'm so sorry you're still in limbo. How incredibly frustrating. Major hugs. hug2.gif

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yeah me too. I cant imagine waiting another freaking week like this. I kinda hope AF just comes on already. So irritating. Im down to my last FRER finally (shameful isnt it) and a  box of cheapies.


someone asked if i used opk, i do. where does one purchase wondfo tests?

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You can get them on ebay or amazon really cheaply. Hugs, I hope your BFP starts blazing for you! 

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so i just got some wondfo's. should be here between wed and fri. not buying anymore FRER. they can go to hell. I still havent received an email back from them.

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Good morning!

Marquess- go for it. I hope they refund you!
Make sure you do something nice to pamper yourself over the next few days. We have to keep our spirits up!!

Thank you so much everyone for your advice on DH. I did as you suggested, I ignored the pressure issues and wrote off this month. Then last night he instigated enthusiastically himself, which meant we actually hit the day of ovulation!! I am delighted to be back in the game for this month :-) temp rise this morning, so at least there is a chance.

Your advice really made a difference in making me back off- totally the right thing to do. I had discussed O dates with DH at the start of the month and he had clearly remembered Monday! Three cheers for our boys :-)

So that makes 1dpo for me. I look forward to sore boobs, frequent urination and every other sign that is indistinguishable between PMS and pregnancy!!!

Good luck to anyone gettin near. Is anyone near and needing baby dust??
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Writing on my phone and your recent posts have just caught up...

Sparkle- amazing news!! Woo hoo!!!
I am so happy for you!! Let us know how DD reacts. I live your t shirt idea :-)

AKK- yay!!! Congratulations. Let us know about your blood tests. You must be sooo excited

It's lovely to share all these BFPs!

Katie- I admire your testing resistance. Hang in there! It sounds really promising.

Marquess- you sound to be having such a tough time. Can you make any time for yourself to do something nice. Waiting is just awful.

Dahlia- so nice to still hear your stories! Have you shared your news with those around you yet? Us your due date August? A lovely summer baby :-)

Chord- hope you enjoy this round of BDing, a new month to play for :-)

JJ- sounds like we are close in cycles. I look forward to hearing about any symptoms and testing!!

To everyone else, much baby dust!!
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Thank you all, again!! broc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifDoing such a happy dance!! Couldn't find the T shirt yesterday, will look around again today. I thought Gymboree had them but the store closest to my house didn't have them.


Katie 3 more days, you can do it Mama!! I totally hear you on not wanting to see a negative. Stay strong if you can, I so admire you sticking to your guns here thumb.gif And if you cave, you don't have to share!! And if you do share, you know, no judgement here! I just know it s going to be + though!!! goodvibes.gif


Dahlia Thank you!! And I copied your ticker, don't know why I didn't think of that!! So glad to hear you are enjoying pregnancy despite the exhaustion and MS!! It gets SO much better!!


Marquess Oh my! How unbelievably beyond frustrating!! I truly hope you get answers soon.


Oxford Yeah for being in the running and into the TWW!! fingersx.gif


Chourd Much patience to you as you are Waiting to O!!


Jjh So exciting!! Hope the TWW flies by!!


Apologies if I've missed anyone!! Happy Tuesday Mamas!! blowkiss.gif

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