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Blohnrt- goodvibes.gif to you! Really hoping those symptoms turn into a BFP and your test was just too early.


deli21- Welcome! I've been ttc for 11 months now and totally understand. It's sooo frustrating waiting and putting life on hold month after month. I'd also really like for my DS (21 months) to have a sibling decently close in age. Hope you can get some peace in this process.


AFM, I think I'm in my TWW again. Had a .4 degree temp spike this morning, so hoping that was it. That was on CD15, so just baaaarely early enough for a decent LP if I have another 26 day cycle. I get nervous thinking that I might not have ovulated yet and that this month will be like every other month and end in a super short LP and no BFP. I hate the idea that I might have weaned DS for nothing! Trying to stay positive that it happened though, and we timed BD perfectly!

In other news, if I did ovulate yesterday then I will be 12dpo on Valentine's Day. Could be fun to get a BFP then!

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Originally Posted by slammerkin View Post

Maybe I will get my period after all, I've been feeing pissy at DH for a few days lol. I was on HBC for a few years and I'm still trying to get familiar with PMS and such now being off it. Is he really being annoying or am I just PMSing? LOL.

LOL! I have totally had the same experience these past few months! I'd forgotten how crabby I get with PMS. It sucks! Our poor DHs! 

Originally Posted by AngelKissedKids View Post

Wishing everyone lots of babydust delivered directly from cupid - the extra sticky kind that gives us all dark BFPs and no evap torture this month - and all our little beans stick around for a long, healthy stay.


So much babydust and sticky vibes for you too, AKK!! We are going to get BFPs this month, I feel it! 


Originally Posted by Blonhrt88 View Post

I forgot to update, I have been nauseous again today. And, I have no energy. Could be pms, but I hope not.

Oh that sounds promising! I forget, when are you testing?

Originally Posted by SparkleMaman View Post


Katie You are where you are and I know you'll get your BFP really soon, mama. Let yourself feel pissed off or sad, whatever you need to feel! Trying to push those unpleasant feelings down never seems to work for me. They only resurface when it is less convenient, if you know what I mean. While I was and am SO rooting for you, Katie, I must admit I am glad you'll be hanging out here in the February TWW     (I'd have been over the moon had you gotten your BFP, so please don't misunderstand!). And November babies sound pretty sweet winky.gif Thank you for all of your support always and for your help with my charting. I think February is going to be your month, Katie!!


He apologized for not understanding or previously being fully on board. He also agreed to BD every day during my fertile window. I know this sounds goofy ladies but he usually looks at me like I am nuts if I try for more than every other day. Not sure it will be the ticket to a BFP but I'm so happy to know he's fully invested. This has been so lonely up to now.


You are so sweet, Sparkle! I am so thankful for your support as well. I totally hear you that as much as I so wanted you to graduate, I'm a little glad you're here again as well! Thanks for the validation. I think I did need to wallow for a bit. I'm slowly getting over to seeing the bright side of things. I could have a baby on 11/12/13 of we get a BFP this cycle. Wouldn't that be cool? Hey, we could be due date buddies! Fingers and toes crossed! That would be so much fun! What CD do you think you'll ovulate? I think I'll be sometime between CD 16 and 18. I am SO SO SO happy your DH heard you and is on board!! That is so wonderful. You must feel so relieved. I always feel really off kilter when DH and I aren't on the same page. You need to have a teammate in all of this. 

Originally Posted by amycvincent View Post

Not sure what happened to your quote but I'm so hopeful you did ovulate and I'm so glad the timing was perfect!! Can you link to your chart? I hope this TWW flies for you!!


Hope from work. Survived the Superbowl evening. Unwinding with a hard cider on the couch! Ah the joys of not being pg. LOL.

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I have not posted to these subforums in years.  


I think I might be pregnant, though - and I am a little freaked out!!!!  I am 40, have a 17, 14 and 10 yr old.  This would be a surprise - but given the fact we have used withdrawal for the last 10 years with no "surprises" it feels odd, and a little like a kick in the pants from the universe.  Really - I could not have had a surprise at 33-37, it has to be when I am feeling oldish and fat???  I am worried about miscarriage, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, BIRTH….however i have gone to term 3 times before, and while my blood pressure has gone high, it is always at the end of term.  Moreover, my births have been easy - but it has been so long….


Freakout over.  If I am pregnant I am keeping the baby.  I am in good place financially and relationship wise.  I can eat well and exercise well

….all will be good.  I spent part of the morning googling pregnant over 40 - and plan to do a pharmacy run for some folic acid after this post.  


I am definitely late.  I am 5-7 days late.  I tested about 3 days late and got a very second faint line.  I went and resquinted at it just now to see if the line was grey or pink, and I think it is pinkish, but it could go either way.   I would post the dang image except I am not that competent.  I am trying to wait until tomorrow or even the next day to retest.  I would like a definitive answer.


So…I am on a 2 day wait.  I really did not want to start a separate thread in case it turns out to be nothing, so I am hiding here.

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Oh god y'all. Tested first thing this morning, 12 DPO. Looks like this is really happening. The line is even darker in person.

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Slammerkin…that is definitely positive.  Congrats!!!

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I'm a combo of thrilled and petrified. Heh. I woke DH and showed him. He was very happy, but a little scared too. This will be our first!

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I did it!  I uploaded it…..what do you think????

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Originally Posted by slammerkin View Post

I'm a combo of thrilled and petrified. Heh. I woke DH and showed him. He was very happy, but a little scared too. This will be our first!

Nice!  Get thee over to a due date club…...


Have you plunked in your suspected date of conception and figured out your due date yet?


If I am pregnant, mine might be Oct. 2.  I have not been keeping track of my period, so I am not sure….

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Thanks amyvincent

Sparkle, how nice. It's a gift to have such a supporting partner!

Slammer kin.....YEAYYYY! Congrats!

Katie, I'm going to wait until I've missed my period. I'm glad you had a cider, sounds yummy!

Kathy, test again! Can't really judge that first pic because its past hen you can read the test. I've had many tests turn positive after a day...
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Originally Posted by Blonhrt88 View Post

Kathy, test again! Can't really judge that first pic because its past hen you can read the test. I've had many tests turn positive after a day...

Do you think it looks positive?  I *think* it looked like that right away….


I may not hold out for tomorrow.  When I test again I will post the pic within the hour.  



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Ok! I definitely think there is a faint line.

Larski....how are you feeling? Are you holding out with me until the 7th? Your silence tells me your poas somewhere... Hehehehe
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Slammerkin- CONGRATS!


Kathy- looks positive but hard to tell! Def test again soon!


Katie- here's my chart. Another high temp this morning so I'm feeling pretty good! EWCM dried up as well. So, 10 more days til testing day!

<a href="http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3defe2/">My Ovulation Chart</a>
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larski: hug.gif I know how hard it is not to get into a tizzy over all of this. The emotion of it all is extremely draining. You've got to go with your flow though and do what feels good/right to you when you're in the moment nod.gif .

Welcome deli21! Vent away, we hear you! Yeah, the patience it takes to TTC is dizzy.gif . Hope this is your cycle! dust.gif

katie: I know! WTH do we need cramps anyway?! It's not like we're gonna miss period time w/o that painful little reminder, ugh, lol. Glad you enjoyed that cider. Last year DH and I had some of the best hard cider ever yummy.gif and we will be ordering some later this year orngbiggrin.gif .

ROTFLMAO.gifslammerkin. Most likely he's being annoying AND you're PMS'ing lol. Not a good combo lol.gif .

AKK: Thanks for the extra sticky love, we need it! Right back atcha blowkiss.gif . Once again, I'm truly sorry for your loss hug.gif . I understand the blah's you speak of but I think those O hormones will definitely help out winky.gif .

blonhort: Ooh, the 7th is just around the corner! I'm on pins and needles for you lurk.gif .

SparkleMaman: I wish I had had teachers like you when I was in school! So beautiful that you care so much for each of your students. And that's so fantastic that your DH really sat down and listened to all of your feelings about wanting another baby and is giving you his full support joy.gif . When you're on the same page with your partner, especially about something as intense as TTC, it makes things sooooo much easier.

Thank you all so much for the support and understanding happytears.gif . I'm glad we have a place we can kind of sound off with each other; makes this far less crazy-making in so many ways. Me, I've been passing out at something like 7:45?! the last two or three nights nut.gif . I don't want to speculate but either the kids are wearing me the hell out more than usual or...
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Oh! Looks like I missed a lot while posting that last bit lol.gif . Going back to read!
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amyvincent: A Valentine's BFP would be fun! Hoping those temps stay up and you did indeed O on CD 15 fingersx.gif .

Big congrats to you slammekin! joy.gif

Will be looking for your next pic kathymuggle lurk.gif .

Gah, I'm trying so hard not to symptom spot but these BFP's are luring me in! lol.gif
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slammerkin - Woooohooooo! Yeah! I'm so happy for you! That's a nice dark positive, too! orngbiggrin.gif
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Katie Yes only 50mg right now. Ive been with my fertility specialist since July and Ive had multiple blood tests since then and my husband has had a couple of semen analysis' done as well and everything shows its normal. When Im done with this TWW and test myself this Friday, and its negative, I have one more cycle left at 50mg and then the next step is my specialist wants to go through my stomach (three holes) and do a scope as well as flush my uterus out. I dont even know if I want to TAKE THAT next step!! I don't want to be put to sleep etc. But before my specialist goes any further after this next cycle, this is what she wants to do before increasing the dosage or trying something else. The reason she's keeping me at 50mg is because I had to do three months of blood tests on day 21 and 25 and it showed that I was ovulating VERY well and VERY high so I didnt need the 100mg. To be honest with you it freaks me out to even go to 100mg cuz Im already nuts on the 50mg with hot flashes, moodiness and being up and down all the time.


Today is 9 dpo for me. I dont feel any different and feel exactly the same. I have a feeling this isnt taking for me! I will hold out till this Fri when im 14 days. But I can see myself doing it wednesday when im 11 dpo lol.


Anyways I cant wait for THIS WEEK TO BE OVER!

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kathymuggle - Looking forward to the results of your next test.

mamacat, larski and blonhrt - Testing day is almost here! So excited for you ladies!

deli21 - I didn't have any early symptoms with my previous 3 pregnancies/ babies. Hoping for great news for you, too.

AFM- cd20 8dpo. Last month I had spotting on cd22 that lasted until AF arrived. I'm hoping the progesterone helps with that. Even if I'm not pregnant this time around, knowing the progesterone is doing its job with my LP would make me happy.
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AF today. bummer. time to rethink my strategy. we're dtd 5 days before O (shettles--it worked before) so i guess i'm going to be daring and go w/ 4 days next time... :-P onward to cycle 3!

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kathymuggle, i know the feeling! my older kids are 20, 16 and 13. we were done, were using the withdrawl method for ten years before our oops 4 years ago. it turned out so awesome tho that we ended up wanting another right away, and now want another before being forced to calling it quits. lol. it's awesome having kids when you're older. i'm almost 39 btw.

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