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jjh, I have really good feelings for you this month!  I agree, likely post-O nipple soreness but I think that it's a really good sign that you're hormones are working well :-)


katie, good luck on your exam (what a wonderful distractions!)  Yay, BFP!


dahlia, my EDD is Nov 2nd although my babies seem to arrive early so if this LO sticks around, I'll have to have one foot in the Oct DDC and one foot in the Nov DDC.  Wishing you a H&H 9 months!


mamaBlue, thanks for sharing about your friend's wonderful surprise.  I see your siggy mentions that your DS was a surprise too.  Here is hoping your DS becomes a big brother soon!


crunchy, I love your new found outlook and the connection to the moon!  Sorry to hear about your migraines.  I had two 2 day headaches last week right before my BFP - maybe it's a sign (sorry, I don't mean to symptom spot for you when you've resolved to be more zen).


Primal, I don't LOL very often (and I find that LOL is totally overused online) but I actually LOL with your (GO GO GO! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!) line.  Fx for you!


oxford, wishing you sore boobs, frequent urination and all kinds of other signs to symptom spot!  Keep us updated.


Larski, I hope AF doesn't find you on March 8th; wishing you lots of patience with this 2WW and a BFP of course!


chuord, only 2.5 more days until March arrives!  I hope everything lines up in your favour this month.


Livn, keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that your new lay-low plan with your DH works out for you soon.  Wishing you much patience and persistence.


mamacatsbaby, thanks for the super, uber sticky baby vibes.  I need them!!!  What book did you end up getting at the library?


Sparkle, how are you doing today?


I hope I haven't missed anyone (busy thread!).  Big rain-then-snowstorm here tonight; stay warm and dry for anyone else being affected by the snow.

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Marquess - I'm so sorry this cycle is being rough on you. I hear you about the 35 thing. I'll be 35 in November. But remember mama, we're not old at all. My friend Sarah delivered naturally conceived twins at 45. That's getting up there.

Kate - I see your BFP! OMG! Yay!
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AHHHHHHHHHHH YES, Katie!! I KNEW it!!!!!!!!! jumpers.gifWoo hoo!!!!!!!! jumpers.gif OMG Your tests look Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally see it on all of them.



You see, I fall asleep early and this is what I miss!! I cannot even tell you how ecstatic I am. This is just fantastic!! I just knew we'd be DD Buddies biggrinbounce.gif I am so glad you didn't wait. Good luck on your exam tomorrow, I know you'll be flying high! SO, SO, SO excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AKK Those tests look beautiful, love the progression also. And yes, your numbers are completely in range and sound great!! So excited we'll get to continue this journey together. Oh, and I have had a good amount of uncomfortable cramping as well, 7 DPO- today, 12 DPO. And nausea, quite a lot today. All super great signs!!


Jjh I don't know, I had really sore breasts and nipples at 4-5 DPO like I've never had before this cycle!! fingersx.gif


AFM Told DD tonight, though not as planned. I had sent DH a text on Monday when I got my Beta results, "It's confirmed, I'm knocked up!" (Not my usual way of speaking btw) DD saw that message tonight on DH's phone and asked, what's that mean, knocked up? DH and I laughed so hard we were crying and then had to tell her. She started jumping up and down, squealing with delight, and kept asking if we were kidding. She hugged me so tight and said thank you, thank you, thank you!! Now Fx she doesn't spill the beans to absolutely everyone! I know I'm having a hard time not sharing but I'm not ready to tell all my colleagues just yet. OMG, what a great night!!

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No more limbo. AF has arrived. The only good thing about this is that now I'm certain the soy helped me ovulate smile.gif So I will be back

If hubs gets extended at his current location we are out this month unless I drive from TN to WI at "O" time, LOL.

I am bummed but look fwd to ripping Church & Dwight a new a** for playing me like that.
Need to order some wondfo OPKs
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Congrats Katie!!!! Wow what a busy week, we now have 3 graduates - who's next? 😜😃
So exciting all around...
Mama blue I agree - 35 is not old 😃 I'm 38 and trying for number one, some people don't get the chance to start early ☺
Sparkle I love the way your dd accidentally found out 😃 and so sweet that she thanked you!
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Katie- yay!!! Congratulations!! That is brilliant news. I am so pleased for you :-)

Marquess- sorry AF came to you. She is a nightmare! I hope you have found some peace and enjoying 2 weeks away from the madness of uncertainty.

AKK- all sounding good! I am watching your story with delight :-)

I hope 35 isn't too old. I am 35 now and 36 in May. It will be my first baby as I have never had the right relationship before now. I have finally found a great man and we got married last year :-)

On the age thing, I have a question....
I seem to be producing less EWCM now, only for 2 days. I read on auntie google that it does decline in your mid thirties, has anyone got any experience if this? And secondly, any tips on getting more CM?? I keep hearing people mention mucinex and vitex? Does that help and how do you take it? Also I saw a tip about robitussin- anyone had any success??

Your advice is really appreciated!
I live in England, but I'm sure I could get some shipped over here!!

Baby dust to you all
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Sparkle- your DD sounds wonderful! That's great that he is so excited for you. She will be a good help for you too. Keep us posted on the newly pregnant news, I am living vicariously! Xx
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Congrats Katie and Angel! Woohoo! joy.gif


Marquess, I'm glad you're out of limbo. Better luck next month. hug2.gif


Crunchy, I hope you get your answer soon. fingersx.gif

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Oxford- the vitex is really for cycle regulation and ovulation support- not for EWCM! If you're regular and ovulating- I would definitely shy away from that. As far as mucinex I had a really good experience with it this month- like tons of EWCM which I never have. So if you can get ahold of it, give it a shot! Make sure it's the one with just gaustefein ( I can't spell the word without seeing it!) and NO cough suppressants (shouldn't say DM)! Good luck!

Sorry I can't respond to everyone right now- ill be back later!
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Question for those of you that did the guaifenesin. Did you do the 600 mg? If so did you take 1 or 2 tablets every 12 hours? Or did you do the max strength of 1200 mg (1 tablet every 12 hours)? Also, what about the B vitamin? Do you take B6 or B vitamin Complex? What is the difference/benefits of those?
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Wow! This thread is moving! I know I'm going to miss someone but here goes!

katie: Woohoo!!!! I'm so happy for you! joy.gif Looks like it paid to just pull the trigger lol.gif . Super sticky baby goodvibes.gif to you my dear! Oh, and the book I ended up getting at the library was The Day of the Triffids. It's excellent! The last book I got completely sucked into before this one was Nightfall and DH and DS are at the library picking up more books now carrot.gif . Also on my agenda to read are Cocaine: An Unauthorized Biography and One Nation Under Sex. I read a lot of everything lol.gif . Congratulations once again doll!!! A healthy, happy nine and beyond to you! And GL on your exam. Concentrate! reading.gif

Welcome back to the crazy Larski lol.gif . I'll be testing somewhere b/w March 7-10. fingersx.gif for more BFP's!

hug.gifmarquess I'm glad you at least have some answers now. Time to start with a nice, fresh cycle. Hope AF isn't being too rough on you. Certainly took her long enough to be known so she shouldn't get to play the cramping and such hand! Oh, and what wonderful news about your friend! Congratulations to her! Great surprise smile.gif .

PrimalJoy: It's renewing to take a step bak for sure. Yep, your message sounds nice and clear so there should be no drill confusion lol.gif . GL this cycle! dust.gif

crunchynerd: I'm so glad you found some peace! Nothing like it with this whole TTC business that's for sure. Ugh, so sorry about the migraines, I hope they keep their distance!

Those tests are looking fantastic AngelKissed! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif I'm so happy for you!!! Hoping the spotting continues to stay away praying.gif . Keep us posted! Oh, and I gave a small rundown of what I'm reading right now up-post if you're interested smile.gif . It's definitely better to return to my book obsession than all this TTC crazy lol.gif .

Me, just the usual going on with the kiddos, house, etc. 4DPO tea6.gif . Hope you're all keeping toasty as winter keeps trying to hold on just a bit longer!
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Katie!!! YAY!! Congrats mama!!
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Just got my 2nd Beta results, 238 at 13 DPO!! Doubling time of ~33 hours. joy.gifSo happy for a strong little bean.


Livnkades I used the 600mg tablets, just one tablet, twice a day ~12 hours apart. As for supplements, I use a Vegetarian phytonutrient based B Complex. I prefer this as the B Vitamins work better when consumed together, it's a synergystic effect. I had heard that B6 helped lengthen LP, it actually seemed to lengthen both LP and FP for me! I suppose it also depends on what other supplements you take.


Mamacats Yeah for great books and distractions!! So, so hopeful for you!


Oxford Thank you, my DD is such a spirited, wonderful girl, a real firecracker!! You must have something there in England with the same active ingredient. Could you ask at the pharmacy? I spent a semester in college abroad in London and recall many over the counter meds had different names but the pharmacist could look it up and help. The drug here is sold as Robitussin or Mucinex and the active ingredient (and ONLY ingredient you want) is Guafenesin. Any other cold/allergy med with dry up CM, you want only Guafensesin. I used 600 mg tablets twice a day from ~3 days before O (my first close to positive OPK) through my temp shift confirming O. It was amazing the copious amounts of EWCM. GL!! Oh, and I'm 36, btw. Not at ALL too old!! winky.gif


Marquess So sorry AF found you but glad you finally have some answers and closure!!


Jjh I am now waiting on pins and needles waiting for you to test next week!! Sending you goodvibes.gif


Katie and AKK Just wanted to let you know the November DDC opened up today. See you over there too!

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Livnkades - I took the 1200mg time release Mucinex for the fist time this cycle. It improved things, but didn't make things copious by any means. But I've noticed that my CM has been really scant the past couple of months, so any improvement is welcome. I also take a B complex with extra B6 to try to extend my luteal phase. Also I take vitex to help with regularity of cycles. My cycles are nice and predictable now, so I think it's working. I've been on it 3 months.

AFM - I'm 3dpo. Nothing interesting to report. I did switch to taking my prometrium vaginally this time around. I spotted a few days early when I took it orally last month. I'm also making a point to reinstate my forgotten habit of taking a good run/jog on the treadmill daily. As my husband said, "Maybe it'll help pop an egg loose." I dunno about that, but can only help, right? Bikini season is just around the corner.
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Congrats, AKK and Katie!!


I'm reading everything, but I have the memory of a goldfish so I don't remember who I want to reply to by the time I get to the end.


Waiting to O, predictably negative OPK last night (only CD9). Successful ravishing of the husband, though!


I'm determined to stay sane this cycle, so I'm focusing on our trip next month, which will certainly be more fun if I'm not sober and nauseated (because, really, while on vacation you should really only have to be one or the other).


Good luck to all my fellow would-be procreators!

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I started a B complex vitamin today. My luteal phase is 11 days, which was when I got preggo with DS, but I would like to see it a little longer. I also take a prenatal and folic acid tablet daily. My last thyroid check was 2.68, which is MUCH improved but I told her that since I was TTC I would like to get it between 1 and 2. She increased my dosage and I start that tomorrow so we shall see. Feeling much better about things though!
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Gosh I'm just so happy that everyone seems to be happy or at peace right now for the most part! You ladies make me smile! Random thought for the day smile.gif

Anywho- for all the ladies getting beta testing done EVERYONE'S numbers are looking good so far!! Yay yay! AKK I'm thinking about you and anxious to hear the numbers!
I had to fight the urge to test this morning and I did it by telling myself that I am sick of peeing in a cup LOL. how sad.
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Hang in there jjh! I have a great feeling for you!!!

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So far AF has been ok. Not horrible like last time. Hubby did get extended so I am only temping this month as there will be zero chance of conception. Which is fine because I didnt want a Dec baby. too much happens in Dec (finals, xmas, travelling, etc). I wouldnt mind another March baby. Or even a summer baby. Of course it really doesnt matter when he/she/them comes. Hubs wont be back until AF is due again so I will keep taking the soy exactly how I did last time. I could get used to having a normal cycle. even if normal is somewhat induced by outside means, LOL.

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Marquess- don't worry...I will probably be hanging out with you for the long run. I have yet to get DH 100% on board with TTC. He really wants to wait until this summer. He has a point about timing. I am a teacher and maternity leave in April or May would be great but I just don't want to wait. I would like to get a jump start on the trying in case it takes a little while. I keep hoping it will just happen.
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