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Our third baby - accidental UC!

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Our baby girl arrived on January 15 at 1:38am in the craziest, fastest fashion possible.  She made an entrance, that is for sure!

On the night of Sunday the 13, I started having pretty regular contractions for most of the night.  They were painless, basically BH, but they didn't stop.  I thought it might be a sign since I hadn't really been having any the previous few days.  Woke up Monday the 14, took a bath but they kept coming.  I wasn't sure if it was prodromal stuff or not, since they didn't hurt at all, but I called the midwife just to give her a head's up in case it picked up later.

My Mom ended up coming over since she was taking my MIL to a doctor's appt the following morning, so I was able to relax a bit with her help watching the kids.  We hung out, laughed, talked...checked in with my MW and husband at work throughout the day, but told them nothing felt imminent -- they were still painless, though pretty regular.  I was absolutely convinced this was just practice stuff.

My Mom called my Dad and sisters, and they planned on coming over after work, but late in the afternoon I told her to call them and tell them not to come -- it just wasn't happening yet.  In the next few days, likely, but nothing yet.  I was having no signs, no bloody show, no mucous, nothing.  We ordered a pizza for dinner when DH came home, and then my contractions stopped completely.  Totally stopped.  Called the midwife around 7:30 or 8:00pm to tell her it wasn't happening, and that I'd call her to check-in in the morning.  Stayed up a little later than usual playing a game with my eldest, and finally went to bed around ten or so.

Woke up suddenly around 1:10am with a strong contraction.  Thought I was dreaming, until I had another a few seconds later.  I laid there for a minute and thought, THAT is a transition contraction, and THAT is impossible!  Had another one and got out of bed, had another one.  They were short contractions, unbelievably, but right on top of one another.  Called the midwife and she said she was on her way, woke up DH, and stripped off all my clothes.  DH moved our kids into another bedroom so they hopefully wouldn't wake up, and I tried to get into the bathtub to help with the contractions.

It's funny, because I've read in other birth stories about trying to do something and not being able to because of contractions, but I've actually never had it happen to me.  I turned on the hot water in the tub and then tried to get in at least three times, but kept getting doubled over by the intensity of the contractions.  I remember leaning against the bathroom door jamb and thinking, omg I am going to lose all the hot water down the drain...but I literally could not get my leg over into the tub.  After what seemed like five minutes, I finally got in, laid down, and then promptly felt like I had to go the bathroom.

Now, I *know* after my other births that the feeling can be brought on by the baby.  But I was seriously in denial that this was possibly happening this fast.  I went in the bathroom, sat on the toilet and gave a good push...I heard my sister and Mom came in the front door.  Thought, gosh I really have to go the bathroom, can we please make this happen!  Hahaha.  Gave another push and felt something move down.  Stood up, and I yelled for DH, "Oh my God, she's coming out!  She's coming out!  Tried to walk out of the bathroom but they came running in...felt down and realized it was my bag of water, coming out like a teardrop.  It was the coolest thing ever.

So I leaned against the wall, and thought, WHEW.  Just the bag of water -- not the baby.  Still time for the MW to get here.  But, of course, another big contraction a few seconds later and I felt her coming.  I yelled that she was coming (again), she was really coming this time.  DH got on his knees between my legs, and asked me to please get on the bed.  Ha!  I told him there was no way I could even make it to the bed, she was coming out.  Next contraction her head was out and my water broke all over DH's arms with a huge splash...I looked down and saw it running down his arms, it was the most surreal thing I have ever experienced.  Felt her head and for a cord briefly, and DH asked, "Her head is out!  What do I do?"  I told him to wait a second for her to rotate, and that the rest of her would come out on the next contraction.  Sure enough, three seconds later out she came into his hands with another huge gush. 

I was shocked.  Literally, shocked.  Looked up and saw my Mom leaning against our towel cupboard, watching.  We threw some clean towels down on the floor and started rubbing the baby.  She was a little gurgly, so I suctioned her cheek pockets, and after a few seconds she began to cry.  We wrapped her up in some clean towels and I settled down skin-to-skin with her on the bed.

After about ten minutes DH called the MW to let her know the baby had arrived, and she and her assistant arrived about twenty minutes later.  From there, everything progressed as normal...they cut the cord, inspected the placenta (which my Mom had bravely gloved up and "delivered", lol) and all other baby things.

She weighed in at 8lbs 7-1/2oz at 20" long.  My biggest baby by half a pound.  I did need some stitches, but nothing too bad.  After all my worry about the pain and length of labor, she was by far my easiest and least painful delivery.  Completely manageable the entire time.

DH was absolutely on cloud nine.  He is so excited about having caught her!  He even cleaned up the mess in the bathroom, bless his heart. 

She's just been such an easy baby so far, not fussy, no reflux...after my high needs second daughter, it has been such a relief.  Knock on wood it stays this way!



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Wonderful! Beautiful story. Congrats to you all. joy.gif
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lovely story! congratulations!

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Oh thank you for sharing your story! Amazing!!!!

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That is just awesome! :) Congrats!!!

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Love reading stories about fast births! Congratulations!
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OMG that sounds amazing!

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Loved reading your story.  Amazing and I'm just as happy you had a great labor and delivery as I am that your husband caught her :)  Congratulations!!

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Wow! I was sitting up in suspense waiting for how she would be caught! What a lovely story. And good for you for being so educated about what to do and being so in control! That's impressive.
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That is awesome! Thanks for sharing your story.

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Wow this is SO amazing! I had a pretty fast first labor (though full of interventions!) and am hoping this second one will be nice and fast too!

LOVE that your DH caught the baby. It'll be a story for the ages for sure! We are planning a homebirth/waterbirth and I want to be active in delivering her myself or DH. It would be so cool!
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So similar to mine! I tried to walk down the stairs but couldn't move because each step would trigger a colossal contraction. From the Tim I knew I was in labor until my daughter was born, it was about 45 minutes. I went from BH type no pain short contractions with 10 minutes in between to short incredibly intense contractions that were right on top of each other. I should have figured out what was happening when I started vomiting but I couldn't comprehend that I was in transition with zero active labor. My daughter was a nearly (paramedics watched but didn't intervene) unassisted accidental homebirth. It was incredible, I just wish I knew what was happening in the moment!

Congratulations on an amazing birth!
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