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Natural-birth-friendly practitioner in Fresno/Clovis

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Hi Mamas, I am 12 weeks pregnant and am moving this week to Fresno from the SF Bay Area.  I had lovely, drug-free births with my 2 sons at a hospital here in Berkeley with an OB, and I have no idea where to begin in Fresno.


Has anyone delivered at Clovis Community?  What is their attitude like toward natural birth?  I only have one friend who delivered there and said she was only allowed to stay in bed or sit in the rocking chair because of the monitors...no wonder she ended up with an epidural!  


Anyway, I would love to work with a CNM or OB who is just open to letting me do my labor thing without rushing things along.  I am also open to home birth, but we'll be at least 20 minutes from the hospital and that makes me nervous.  Has anyone worked with a great doula who helped them get the birth they wanted in the hospital?


Thanks for any recommendations or advice you can offer.



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hello, i only know of a midwife, Detrah Hele, for the area, she knows about the hospitals too, four yrs ago when we lived there, she said the hospitals in Fresno had gone backwards in terms of natural birth friendliness, could be different now though, maybe contact her...

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Thanks for responding.  I actually am meeting with Detrah next week, we may be leaning toward home birth after all.  Wish us luck!

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thats great! i had both my babies, dd 4 and ds 9 mths, unassisted, i know thats not for everyone! you will do very well i am sure, we women are made for this incredible act of birthing our babies into this world! :)

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Hi there. I am curious if you found an OB who would work with you on a homebirth or natural birth?  I am looking for a new OB, as mine is not supportive of either. Thanks and good luck!

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I ended up having a home birth with Detrah. I can't recommend her highly enough! It was an amazing experience start to finish. But no, I don't have an OB recommendation for you. Sorry!
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Hey there- 

We are in fresno too.  We had a homebirth with Detra last Feb. and everything went well.  I can't speak to particular OB or CNM that deliver at Clovis Community, but I have heard both good and bad things about that hospital.  You have already had 2 natural hospital births, so I think you are at an advantage there.  There are actually quite a few doulas in the area.


good luck

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FYI-Dr Reddington is not a pro natural birth. She delivered my baby and multiple times scolded me for not having an epidural. Needless to say, she is not the home birth, natural childbirth OB we wanted.

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@jamiejean We recently moved from From Fresno where we had a home birth with Detrah too! One OB I'd recommend looking into would be Dr. Kopacz from the Fresno Women's Medical Group. I was told she was the most "hippy" and supportive of natural birth  before we had decided to have a home birth. Good luck!

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Thanks SweetSummer!  I will check her out!  Off the top of your head, do you know the cost for Detrah? Did she take insurance?  Thanks for the info!

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Hey there-

We used Detra for our homebirth just over a year ago.  She did bill our insurance for us, but I don't know if she is doing that now.  I think the total cost was around $3000.  We did not have care with an OB and she did all the tests we needed.  She gives a discount when you pay in full (at least she used to....) 


I am still looking (not hard) for an OB... I really need to get in for my annual exam (it has been at least 3 years...)

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Thanks for the info!  She sounds great, we will look into her for our next one. 

I did hear Fresno Womens group has some more naturally inclined OB's that support home births. :)

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