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want to start exercising now

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I am in no way a regular exerciser, but I don't want to repeat my 60 and 70 pound previous pregnancies. I want to start doing something now, but it's cold here, and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions of what is ok to start at 7 weeks pregnant? Would anyone like to join me and have some accountability?

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I got a bunch of prenatal yoga and pilates dvds from my local library and I am hoping to jump into those (the extreme fatigue I have been having has pretty much prevented me from doing anything recently). I also have an elliptical at home so I am hoping to hop onto that a few times a week. I know that it's good to exercise during pregnancy but in all honestly mostly I just want to avoid the gestational diabetes I had with my first pregnancy and I know exercise can help.

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My doctor and Pilates instructors both told me that you can continue any exercise that you had been doing prior to your pregnancy. I can't imagine they would say not to start anything at all, but I would be weary of launching into any hard core program your body isn't used to! Walking is great exercise, swimming, as is yoga (& of course I am partial to Pilates orngbiggrin.gif). In your first tri you can pretty much do it all, but once you start to get that belly, avoid anything involving laying on your back (which you see a lot of Pilates/yoga). I go to a studio and do reformer classes, they have these wedges that the pregnant ladies use while we're on our backs.

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I just started a 1000 minute challenge for February. Today I did walk away the lbs on YouTube. It's too cold here too to get outside for walks.
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Did another 45 minute walk today.
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What is a 1000 minute challenge?


I worked all day yesterday, and then was out. But I took someone swimming for work, and I was doing pushups on a flutter board in the pool. I figured it was better than nothing.

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Just 1000 minutes of any type of exercise for the month.
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I'm working on adding exercising but there's no way I'll get 1000 in a month. My goal is 3x a week for about a half hour (so about a third of the 1000 lol) and even when not pregnant and wiped out, I didn't exercise every day (Sundays are a rest day for me anyway).  If you're up for it, go for it!  I suppose I can count walks but they're pretty slow when my 3yo goes along. orngbiggrin.gif

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The 1000 minutes is my goal, so about 45 minutes 6 days a week for February. I'll just be happy to try and stick to something. I won't be surprised if I fall very short. And walks with a toddler are still walks! smile.gif
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