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I'm new to this group :) 

We're having a girl & her name is Willamena "Willa" Faye Felice.

Our boy name was Maxwell Edmund Willard.

(All of our kids have two middle family names.) Our other children are Caleb David Gilbert, Clara Faye Larina, & Caroline Faye Jewel.

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I love Willa!!!


So, I'm having trouble with this naming business and it's getting CLOSE!  I'm also not sharing my names with any IRL friends/family so I'm gonna throw some out there and hopefully you will help me out.  Pleeeease let me know what you think.


1. Navi Rae:

First name Navi means new or navigator and middle name Rae means, well...light so the full name would basically translate to New Light or Navigator of Light.


2. Iola (EYE-oh-LA) Rae:

Iola means violet-colored dawn and her nickname would be Io (EYE-oh) which is a moon of Jupiter and happens to be the most geologically active object in the Solar System.


3. Raya/Raiya Satori:

Raya/Raiya (RAY-ah) means wise guardian and Satori means understanding so the full name would translate to wise guardian of understanding. Raya/Raiya also means friend to all.


4. Avani Rae:

Avani is Sanskrit for earth.


So, whaddya think? I'm a super geek about name's meanings and all (obviously) but I just want to have warm thoughts every time I say her name...minus when she's being a little stinker of course.


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They're all imaginative, poetic and pretty but nothing jumps out at me.
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They are all really beautiful. Personally my favorite is Raya. Second favorite is Navi. Iola is lovely but she may spend her life correcting people who think its Lola. Avani is pretty but very popular (around here anyway) we know 3 girls named Avani. Not that there's anything wrong with a popular name just thought I would mention that. All 4 are really great though! Those are just my opinions on them.
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Avani is popular?  That's good to know, I really want to stay away from names that are becoming common.  Where are you from?

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Iola is my favorite though I imagine superbeans is probably right and she will spend a good deal of time correcting people who read it as Lola.   It reminds me of one of the names on my list...Ona, which means grace in a few languages and also grain and fire in others.

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Soleil, your names are so unique and beautiful! My favorites from your list are Navi and Raya :)

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Thank you for all who replied....this is exactly what I needed! 


Ciga---> Ona is a super great name, I haven't heard that one yet.


Does everyone else have their names locked in?

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I know a Ona she pronounces it Whana.
Is that the same name?
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Originally Posted by Soleilmama333 View Post

Thank you for all who replied....this is exactly what I needed! 


Ciga---> Ona is a super great name, I haven't heard that one yet.


Does everyone else have their names locked in?



Yeah, I love Ona but i don't think DH is going to let me have it so I'm focusing on the names that I have a chance of convincing him of.  So, in answer to your question...no, we totally don't have names locked in yet. not at all.


Shiloh, the Ona I've heard was pronounced totally phonetically like "Oh-na"

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Our little girl will be Lily :)

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What about a name ending in +ona?
Fiona, winona,


I like lily!
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Thanks, Shiloh :)

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Soliel - I love Avani, its beautiful!


Ciga - Ona is gorgeous, its unique but still very feminine if you ask me :-) Like you i have very few names that Dh actually agrees upon, he really likes traditional names. His and our sons names are biblical, by complete chance though as we are not religious at all. Spiritual yes. So I am thinking that is the trend path we will be going down for our wee girl.


Dahlia - I have always loved the name Lily, its so beautiful. A timeless name.


We havent locked it in completely 110% but we are still thinking our wee girl is going to be called Tabitha Grace. Probably Tabby for short. Its very uncommon here in nz. Another name on our list is Delilah. Which is just adore as well. Dh is meh about it though.

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Tabby here is a cat.
Delilah made my list last time.
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I love Delilah, Danielle! Or just Lilah. I'm a fan of the double L names :)

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Soleilmama we live in the NYC area and Avani is a popular name among African American girls in the community where we live. My husband just told me I shouldn't say that because people might mistake it for being a racist comment, I don't mean this at all as a racist comment, our daughter also has a AA name.

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I don't see that as racist at all...just an observation.


So, it sounds like Avani is up and coming (or already very popular, just not where I'm from), so it's out.  I'm leaning towards Raya or Iola, they are both beautiful names.  I'm a little leery of Navi because it is the race of the blue humanoid aliens from Avatar.  Did anyone think of that when they first saw the name?


Tabitha and Lila are both adorable names!


For anyone who hasn't picked out a for sure name, I give to you "Nahla."  :)  I LOVE the name so much and it was our top runner until we realized that it just wasn't going to work because my neice's name is Nola and the two just sound way too similar.  I love the name because it's the name of the girl cub from Lion King (best movie ever) and it means "a drink of" so you can be creative and use a middle name that fits just perfect, one that means sunshine, light, love, joy, wisdom, spirit (because a drink of any of those would be most satisfying).

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I love that you're so into the meaning of names, Soleil! We have always talked about having a little girl named Lily, so it was an easy choice for us once we knew we were having a girl :) And her middle name will be after my grandma who I was very close to. Maybe for our next baby, I'll research name meanings more while choosing a name :)


And thanks Danielle, that's one of the things I love about the name Lily! I think it's just classic, not overly trendy or trying too hard. 

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We can't find a name that works equally well in DF's language and English, except Elsa.   So she will probably be Elsa, but that just bores me.  I would have picked Gwendolyn or Isabella or Jade or Josephine or Annabelle or Mirabella or something equally long and femme-y.  But then again if she turns out to be quite non-femme, or has a profession where a princess name wouldn't be an asset, i.e. a police woman or a lawyer then the name Elsa won't be too frilly and she won't need to shorten it to 'Jo' or 'Gwen' or whatever.   So I guess it's very utilitarian.  Just not excited about it.


Avani is very beautiful!  I love Lila and Delilah,  but they too close to my name which is also full of Ls, so it would be a tongue twister around here.   I also love Lyra, but it would sound markedly different with local pronounciation, so that's out.

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