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For my last child we had his name picked the entire time...gave birth he wasn't that name finally picked one after a week.
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irielyn--i like horizon--that's a very cool name. 

we still can't decide on a conception name.  all of my kids have a conception name as their second name. 

"eternal" for being conceived after watching "Eternal Sunshine..."

"shawnee" for being conceived at Shawnee National Park

"michael" for being conceived after/due to my brother's death (not directly after!) & on the Day of the Dead (November 1st)


this one is tricky...she is an accident & i don't want a negative spin.  "wonder" is the top runner right now.  i just keep thinking there has to be a better one, but i am not digging words like "serendipity" "kismit" , etc.  any wordies out there who have the perfect word for accident that isn't TOO obvious???


our first & third had the full names picked out way early.  the second one was named his first name in the operating room--& a few days later for his second name.

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Thanks for the advice ladies! I think I have to just put my foot down on this one and tell my honey how it is...I mean, come on it came to me in a dream, it was fate!!! I really like the spelling Horizon but am open to shortening it to the spelling "Ryzon" if he would prefer to call him that.


Em, what if you use the word surprise instead of accident? There are far more beautiful words that I can find meaning surprise, like astonish, amazement, wonder, marvel, fortune, mystify, bewilder...just a thought! I looked in my thesaurus at the word "accident" and all I found were negative sounding words. I LOVE the word "kismit" though! So do you use their second names as middle names? Or just sort of a nickname?

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yes, surprise is better than accident.  the conception name ends up being their middle name, but i also give them all another middle name of "sky" because their last name is "walker" & i am a complete dork!  so they end up with 4 names (1st, 2nd, 3rd, & last names.)

i do like "wonder" a lot....mystery was another i was playing with.


i'm glad you are sticking to your guns with horizon!  i think sometimes we just know what their names are because we have such an intimate connection to them.  my guy sometimes has difficulty accepting that i am always right about their names :wink

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