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My surrogate son's name is Dagan. I really like it!!
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I have had to switch off about names until we find out babies gender next week. Ds1 still thinks it will come down to a vote. And his choice for a girl is now Violet. Dh will not budge on Katherine for a girl. But has said if the baby is a boy I can name him.
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Desmond...that's my youngest son's name!
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i do like Desmond!

There aren't many awesome d names..

kinda like w names...

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We found out tonight baby is a girl. Dh is now completely set on Hazel. I'm not sure I'm set on it though. Anyone know any girl names that are similar style to Hazel?
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Well, I love the name Hazel and will use it if we have a girl. However, what about Haven?
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Oh, I love the name Hazel.  And Willow as well.  And Rowan.  Jeez, can you tell I grew up in the Pacific Northwest?  It's all trees with me!  :P


We have our first names picked, and have for some time - Cyrus for a boy, Norah for a girl.  But the middle names are driving us both a little batty.  We debated so many that I think at this point we just agreed to wait until our ultrasound in 2 weeks time so that we'll hopefully know the sex and will only have to agree on ONE.  Lol.


Some possible boy middle names - Tavi, Avi, Meir (my husband's Hebrew name)

And girl middle names - Parvin (after my grandmother), Cynthia (after my mother), Ester


Plus a million more that we just threw around.  Sigh.  Tooooo many choices.  :)

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I really like Hazel too, I think it's a very sweet name. Hmmm names in the same style

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I loved the name Nora until I had to work with this horrible woman...it's a shame she gave a beautiful name such a terrible connotation in my mind. :/ I still think its beautiful, I'd just never be able to use it myself. Same with the name Julia.
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Originally Posted by rainydaycraft View Post

And girl middle names - Parvin (after my grandmother) 



Is she Persian?

I knew a gorgeous persian woman, mother of a childhood pal, named Parvin.

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Already chosen a girl name, but as I was catching u on Games of Thrones, I wondered: Why Game of Thrones inspired so many parents to name their girls Arya but not Daenerys? I love scrappy Arya, but I admire Daenerys so much more, and Danny is a pretty accessible nickname.
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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post

Is she Persian?

I knew a gorgeous persian woman, mother of a childhood pal, named Parvin.

Yes!  Good eye.  :)  My father is Persian, and I'm 1/2.  I'm trying to be sure that our child has one Persian name and one Hebrew name, since my husband is 1/2 Jewish.  It's the parts of our heritage that we like the most.  :)  Cyrus is actually Persian as well, although it's the Anglicized version - Khorosh or Kurush would be the Persian version.  It's from Cyrus the Great, the first king of Persia.

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my favorite boy "D" name is donovan.


i'm going with "M" names for mine:  girl--magnolia   boy--murphy

my son brought me a magnolia blossom the other day.  i was already set on the name, but that made it really real :)  i have a daughter named clementine & i was searching for a name that went with that.  magnolia is the one!

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It's a great name!

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I do like magnolia
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We just found out baby is a girl . . . and have had a first time picked out since September!  And DH agreed, without drama on the middle . . . so we're having a Heidi Noelle!

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Awww!  Heidi is a great name!  How sweet.  :)

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We also just found out it's a girl and are thinking we like Avani Rae...Avani is Sanskrit for "Earth"

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These names are all beautiful!! Love Avani Rae and Heidi Noelle. Also love love love Magnolia. Gosh naming babies seems to be the most fun thing to talk about lately to me!

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Love them!!!
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