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Awww...  Heather...  sorry the u/s didn't go 100% the way you wanted it to, but it is awesome to see the wiggly one!  I do read another pregnancy board (more for laughs than anything - not exactly my target demographic over there), and there are a TON of surprise multiples.  I'm almost surprised that there isn't even one set of twins over here.  I was thinking you were it!


Leigh, I do need to check the expiration on the car seat.  But I also need a new one if we plan to keep our car - our little Toyota Corolla can't fit the three carseats we have, but maybe with a new infant seat...


Sparkle (and all the other HG mamas), I am so sorry to hear that you're still sick.  You are so strong..


Well, girls, today is a stressful day for me.  I have my first trimester scan, which is making me a little bit anxious, and I also have this big thing due for my job on Monday, but we just changed direction pretty drastically yesterday (read:  start from scratch) and I need to get it in for approval by tomorrow.  So I had a total nervous breakdown yesterday (no childcare + a lot of work = one stressed out mama) and did some parenting that I'm not super proud of (hey, kids, want to watch a movie?), but got a good chunk done yesterday and now hope to finish up today (my mom's coming to watch the kids).  Ug.  So, here I am, up before the crack of dawn, frantically trying to finish this thing.  Or...  I will be frantically trying to finish it, as soon as I stop typing on MDC. redface.gif


Hope everyone is doing well.  

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Originally Posted by Banana731 View Post

My thighs make all my pants fit funny and they don't give anything in return XD


Lol!  Yep, this.


Hi everyone!  I'm kinda crashing since I've been just lurking for the past few weeks.  :)  We're 11 weeks...due at the end of August with baby 7.



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Welcome, Jacksonmom!!! Baby number 7!!! Congrats!!!

Melly- sorry to hear about your work stress.... Please let us know how your scan goes!!! Hopefully, seeing your babe in action will give you a boost. I have mine tomorrow...
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Hi Jackson mom, lovely to see you around again! How have you been?

Sorry Sparkle, I hope it's not too much longer for you now greensad.gif

Heather, I'm sorry for the results not being what you'd hoped! It's surprising we have no twins yet, right?
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Bummer, Heather! I am, however, glad that baby is healthy in there!
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Heather, I'm glad to hear that baby is healthy smile.gif


Go, melly, go! And enjoy seeing your baby today...let us know how it goes!


Welcome, Jacksonmom! Congratulations!

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Hey JacksonMom!  Congrats and welcome!


Who's too excited to do her work?  This girl!  T-minus 2 hours until the ultrasound!  (Man, just writing that made me a little bit nervous!)

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had my first mw appointment today. we couldnt hear the HB though greensad.gif

and im supposed to go to FL for a month on tues, but my family (with whom im staying) just told me they have a lice infestation! I think I should push my trip back but I'm not sure by how much. One or two weeks, what do though all think?
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Sounds like a neat ultrasound, Heather! What do they think the original 2 circles were if not twins?


Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound Mellybelly! Hope it goes well!


Hope yours goes well too, sparkle!


Banana, I wasn't able to hear the heartbeat at my last appointment either... Have to wait a couple more weeks until my next appointment! Argh! On the trip front, I would wait 2 weeks. I definitely would not want to deal with lice.


Welcome Jacksonmom! It must be a lot of fun to have a large family!

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MellyBelly. The Graco Snugride30 and Chicco Keyfit 30 are the narrowest infant seats. Combi Coccoro, Diono Radians and Clerk Foof are the narrowest convertables and there are a bunch of narrow boosters, including the Graco Turboride.

I have been on the car seats for the littles facebook group getting advice. It is full of car seat techs.

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Originally Posted by Banana731 View Post

had my first mw appointment today. we couldnt hear the HB though greensad.gif

and im supposed to go to FL for a month on tues, but my family (with whom im staying) just told me they have a lice infestation! I think I should push my trip back but I'm not sure by how much. One or two weeks, what do though all think?

Sorry you couldn't hear the heartbeat, that's so frustrating.  Glad to hear your husband is making an effort to communicate better.  Where in FL are you headed?  I don't know how long I'd wait.  Glad they found out before you arrived.  :)

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Hey girls.

Just had my ultrasound and am now sitting in a maternal fetal medicine specialist's office, if that gives you any idea of how it went. Sooooo... Not exactly what I was hoping for. Not terrible, but slightly thickened nuchal fold (3.2 - they want less than 3.0). Increased risk of Downs, heart defect, and some XY malfunction (honestly, I started glazing over). They're doing one of these new-fangled blood tests (trying to decide between MaterniT21 and Harmony - only issue is whether insurance will cover it). The doctor is also pushing a fetal echocardiogram around 18 weeks or something and wasn't exactly "pushing" an amnio, but would be very supportive of that, too. Still sort of shocked, but I feel like there's a part of me that was expecting this for some reason. Now waiting 2 weeks for results... Ug. The worst is that I had my mom and kids with me and, for whatever reason, I just don't like talking about things like this with my mom. Ug.
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Oh, melly, I'm sorry you had to deal with that stress with your mom and kids there. You know, I've read a lot of people online talking about having an increased nuchal translucency (some over 4.5), and then having absolutely normal, healthy babies. It must be so scary to wait for results, but I hope that the time passes quickly and that you get good results. ((Hugs))
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So sorry, Melly! Hopefully the tests will come back negative. I hope that the specialist is able to put your mind at ease a bit. Sorry that your mom and kids were there, that sounds rough!


My first ultrasound with DS showed that there was something wrong in his umbilical cord, but when I had an ultrasound done by a specialist it turned out the technician doing the first ultrasound was just off in measurements. I really hope it's something like that for you! hug2.gif

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Aw Melly, that sounds so stressful. I'm sorry you are going through that, and with your mom and kids there. I hope the rest of the testing comes out okay and you can find peace as you wait for the results. Hugs.
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Melly, I am so sorry for the stress and anxiety you're having, especially when you were so excited about your u/s. I am hoping and praying everything turns out normal. Sometimes I think "mo' tests, mo' problems" because it seems like a lot of mamas get these 2-week terrifying scares for something that's not really there. Of course, I enjoy a lot of denial, so I'm always like "why test? I'm totally fine!" [keels over barfing/fainting]

In your case, I hope everything really is all well though. hug.gif
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Oh Melly, I am so sorry. I hate that kind of stress and worry. Please stay off the internet though. I tend to torture myself with the what ifs and lurk on boards that do me no good. Especially without more info. I'm waiting on my CVS results too, and it's stressful. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. 

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Melly- that sucks. I hope it turns out to be nothing. It's really close to the number they want. Try to remember it's just not an exact science smile.gif

I'm going to central Florida. It's where I'm from. I pushed the trip back to the 25th. It's such a bummer. I was going for a month and now it will only be for 2 weeks. But yes, better to find out before. My family is pretty horrified, my sister homeschools, she did not see this coming! I know they are going nuts cleaning and de-lousing, they are just like that, so I think they will probably have it nipped by then.

The upside is that I'm going to see my midwife again at the end of next week, since I'll be here, to see if we can hear anything. I'll be almost 14 weeks then. I've got to start telling people :/
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Melly, hang in there, fingers crosses that it's totally nothing!

Banana, I hope you are not my omen, if I can't hear the heartbeat next Monday, I will be crushed! I can't hide his belly anymore, I'm going to have to tell anyway. Oh, and for the lice, there are sprays that you can buy that have tea tree oil in them (or I bet you can make your own) that are meant to keep lice at bay. TTO is supposed to work well as a repellant, and it would make me feel like I was doing something proactive... Lol...
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Welcome Jacksonmom!!


Heather - I was so thinking you were going to be the one to have twins in the group.  So glad you got to see a wiggly wee one in there.


Melly - I'm sure everything will be fine either way.  I also have to get scanned for heart defects, which I didn't have last time, but its because of me being diabetic.  Makes me a little nervous.


Banana - Too bad about the lice.  That's a bummer that you'll only be able to go for 2 weeks.



We get to meet our doula tomorrow.  She basically it for the area, but I've had rave reviews. Excited!!

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