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Noisy Baby!

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Baby girl is 6 weeks old. Daddy swaddles her in a blanket at night and she nurses to sleep. I put her in the co-sleeper next to me. She sleeps for about 4 or 5 hours. Then I feed her, but I have a hard time re-swaddling in the blanket, so I use a Swaddle Me with velcro. She will only sleep next to me in the Swaddle Me, because it does not swaddle her legs. When she is next to me, she is very noisy, grunting and panting. She is quiet in the co-sleeper for some reason. Also, during the day she only naps when I am wearing her or she just ate and is laying in my lap.


What is going on? How can I get her to sleep in the co-sleeper without her legs being swaddled?


Thank you!

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My 2.5 month old is also a loud sleeper. I dont swaddle her though, shit has never likd it so we skipped it altogether. She sleeps soundly for the first few hours but then it starts...grunting, legs kicking startling herself, panting etc.hat I find works sometimes is letting her fall asleep on my chest and once shs in a deep sleep I edge her off of me slowly. So fom lying belly on my chest to in my arm then on the bed beside me with my arm near her then on her own. I did this last night after nihts of noisy sleeping and she slept great.
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