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Hi, wonderful, brave ladies,

My name is Morgan, I'm 17 and in a high-school/college program. I'm doing my senior exit project on Postpartum problems, and how it's rarely treated with the severity and care that it needs to be. I'm trying to erase the stigma of "being a bad mother" and make people realize that this is a mental issue and not merely something to be dumped on bad parenting. 
My aunt had pretty severe PPD and recovered after 5 years of some pretty terrible emotional turmoil. Now, together, we are creating a non-profit organization for Mamas  with or without PPD.


I was wondering if any of you would like, or be willing to talk to me about your current situations? I know that's a lot to ask, and I understand if this gets no responses, but if you would be willing to, we could keep in anonymous if you'd like.

If so, you can either respond to this thread or email me at 


I think you're all wonderful and brave, it would be my pleasure to write about the warriors you are. 

Can't wait to hear from you!


All the good vibes,