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Potty help

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Hi everyone. I am in need of some advise. I have a four year old daughter who has been in kindergarten now since September.
She was fully potty trained when she started school no accidents ever.
When she first started she had the odd accident, which I was not worried about as I figured it was just the change.
These accidents stopped. Just before Christmas she was having accidents once a week. Since she went back she has been having two to three accidents a week. This has even started at home three to four times after school till bed time. This is totalling about 5-7 times a day!!
I have no ideas left on what to do. She tries to say that she didn't know she needed to but then there are times I catch her dancing cause she is trying to hold it.
I am so lost and frustrated. I am scared she is going to get my two other younger children sick from pee being everywhere and also scared kids at school are going to start making fun of her.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I would start by taking her to the doctor to.narrow down a medical reason. Both bladder infections and diarrhea can have this as a symptom. If it isn't that it could be stress related. My dd had a bad preschool experience and this happened with her as a result. Once I got the supervisors in the loop and change was pushed on the teachers, along with a lot closer supervision, it got much better and the problem stopped.
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