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**February Exercise Accountability Thread**

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Exercising down the home stretch, ladies!!!  Keep up the good work!!!

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My goal is 600 minutes this month!  I might have to get creative with my limited options, but hopefully I can reach it...and raise my goal the next month, and then add labor to my minutes in April! Lol


Starting off with 45/600....

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My goal is going to  go down to 630 because February is shorter.  I very nearly made my goal last month, coming in just 45minutes short (so I missed 1 day), which I'm going to count as a win.


So far I'm already at 45/630 for Feb.  :)


Right now my big question is whether I go ahead and buy myself another prenatal video because I'm starting to get a little bored with the two I've been doing for the last...15 weeks?  LOL.  It seems silly to spend even another $10 when we have so little time to go and I still do enjoy the two I have/work up a sweat.  But I can feel myself being just ever so slightly less challenged by them, and it seems silly to get complacent now when I've been so good so far and feel really good about my bod this pregnancy.

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35 minutes tonight
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One trade-off I'm NOT loving, though, is the swelling I'm getting in my feet (and a bit in my hands).  Not quite as visible as it is just something I can feel (like when I curl my toes or fingers).  Easily relieved with magnesium baths, but I know it's from working out a lot more.  I only had swelling with DD2 and that was because I was working outside in the hot sun most days up until her delivery, but with DS I wasn't physically able to work out after mid-2nd tri so it never became an issue.  Lately I've been getting in a good 30-45 minutes a day of good activity (beyond normal, everyday stuff) and by bedtime I'm feeling it, mostly in my feet.  I feel SO good working out but am just not a fan of the swelling it brings on.  Though I know I should be thankful that it's not worse, because really it's just a minor amount.  I'd work out with my compression socks on but, uhhh, yeah...not a fan of that idea either!

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I made it to my weekly prenatal yoga class last night after taking a two week break due to illness and fatigue. It was good to be there moving around!


Total Minutes for Week 1 - 240/1140


My numbers for this month actually went up - as we are going to a "partners yoga for birth" workshop next weekend!

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105 minutes to add!  I even skipped a couple days so I feel pretty good about that.  I've been really blessed to have my SPD under control for the most part lately so as long as I'm careful I have been able to get in a fair amount of time most days (which isn't a lot compared to most but considering I couldn't exercise at ALL at this point last time it feels great to me!!!!).
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I'm at 270/630, so behind by one workout.  DRAT.


1babysmom, funny -- I swell less if I make sure to work out!

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My monthly total as of week 2: 630 min/1140

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I fell off the wagon for a couple days!  Hoping to make up for that...
35 minutes yesterday, 80 minutes today!  I was able to take a nice brisk walk with DS this afternoon and it felt wonderful!!!  395/600  (I skipped posting some minutes in there...so far my pg brain has not affected my basic math skills, don't worry LOL)
Still gaining weight on a regular basis- highest weight of my life right now, and higher than I've ever been while pg at this point- but I'm HOPING that having worked out very regularly this time that it might help peel it off pretty fast after baby.  Hard to get my hopes up though since things with my thyroid are so unpredictable.  I FEEL pretty good though, overall.  Except I swear my thighs tripled in size over the last 72 hours.  THAT is icky feeling.
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595/600!! Yay! I have been working my butt off around the house (wish that could be taken literally! LOL) for the kids bday party we had yesterday (and partly nesting anyway), so I burned tons of calories that way on top of it all. Now that it is over, though, i will have to get back in the game. But looks like I still met (will meet) my higher goal even in a shorter month!!
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Total min. in Feb. 960/1140. Missed two yoga classes due to illness. Oh well. 

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I have 40 more elliptical minutes and 30 free weight, putting me at 665/600 with still one more day to go!  Feeling good about that number, and know I definitely could have gone much higher in hindsight (I've had very little pain overall as long as I'm careful).  Maybe I can top 700 today before the month ends!

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I lost track, but I believe my total for February was 585/630.  Wah.  I missed just a couple of workouts, but honestly I think it's pretty good that with everything else (especially trying to do an entire semester's worth of MW school papers in 1/2 a semester) I managed to do 45m long workouts 3x a week on average.   That's in addition to all the walking I do as a crazy NYer, which has to add at least a couple hundred minutes per month.  wink1.gif


Anyway this is the least I've gained in any of my three pregnancies so far, so I have to assume I'm doing okay. 

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Dang I am jealous! I have never worked out this hard yet have gained the most and the fastest with this babe! Totally not the way I thought it would work! LOL
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I finished the last 2 days with 60 more minutes! 695/600 Def. upping my goal to 700 for March! smile.gif.
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