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Originally Posted by trekkingirl View Post

It's official, we're in contract for a short sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting to hear the counter offer from the bank, this could take 30 days. When it's a short sale what they really mean is that it's a "long" sale!


Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! So exciting!! I hope it moves swiftly. My fingers are crossed for you! Congrats!
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Yahoo trekkingirl! How awesome! Congratulations!

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Congratulations trekkingirl!!!how exciting!!!

I, for one, can not wait for March. I'm sure it will bring lots of money my way smile.gif
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trekkingirl, YEAH! I hope the bank gets back to you quickly.  My next door neighbor has been doing  a short sale and it has been goind on for a year.  I hope yours is much shorter!



orangemomma, I am glad that I was an inspiration to you!


AFM, March has to be a better month than this. Taxes are done - basically a wash for us. Still glad the government didn't have our money all year long.

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Okay, here's an example of how I frustrate myself and really stink at budgeting.  I got paid on 2/22 - paid all of the bills that I could and set aside my budgeted amount for gas until my next paycheck.


Background: My son has been doing a homeschool activity on Tuesdays - that we budgeted for and we have already paid for. Problem is that this activity is a fair distance away so I told him he had to secure his own ride. Which he did. Another homeschool parent gave him a ride for 4 weeks in a row.

Sunday eve - received call from other homeschool parent that they can't give the usual ride this week. Could I do it and bring their two kids as well? Was I going to say no, of course not. I gave everyone the ride and all were very appreciative.


However, I used my entire week's budgeted gas money in that one day. So what should  I have done for gas money for the rest of the week? 

Should I have known something like this would happen and have budgeted for it? Should I have just stayed home until March 1st? Use my credit card for gas?

My budget is so tight and I am trying so hard and one little thing like this just ruins it :( 

I gotta get better at this. Sigh

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orange I have a feeling that is exactly what my life is going to be like when I get the house. Dave would say if it's that tight you need to bring in more income. Gee thanks Dave headscratch.gif

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orangemomma, do you get paid March 1? What difference would it make if the amount to buy gas came out on Tuesday or now? Could you have asked the other family for a little gas money next time although they might ask the same of you in return for transporting their son? Have you tried gasbuddy.com where you can find the cheapest gas in your area to cut costs? I know how the gas portion of the budget can just ruin all good intentions.  I wouldn't use the credit card because then you will get into bigger issues and pay finance charges. Can you increase your gas budget in the next month to cover unexpected excursions like this? I know for us it just means we eat less because there really isn't any other category to take money from.  Ugh.


trekkingirl - yeah, the "Earn more money than you spend" admonishment.  Today I am having a second interview for a different job. It is 1 hour and 10 minutes away from where I live so my gas budget will quadruple to go back and forth. I think it will be more money although we haven't gotten to that discussion yet. If I make too much more money our tax bracket will go up. I hope your short sale goes as quickly as possible and you are in your  new home with your family.  You deserve a break!


I can't believe it is March!  In a couple weeks I start my IVF cycle. Keeping all the expenses not covered by insurance paid off as they come is our goal.  Searching for and finding a better paying job as close to home as  possible is my second goal.  I want to be able to "Earn more money than I spend" instead of "Earn as much money as a I spend".

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Yeah, Dave can be a tad irksome in that respect - "well just earn more money". Well, yes I know, I am working on it.................................

lilac - I paid my bills on the 22nd - set aside x amount for gas and it was all gone by tuesday the 26th. Like literally all of my money that I had budgeted in all the categories. I know I keep playing it too close with the budget but it's because I am so eager to get out of the mess that I created.

What I ended up doing was rolling up some pennies and taking that to the bank to get some bills and used that for gas when I had to go to work on Wednesday.  And now I get paid today. And yes, gas buddy is my friend.

good luck with the IVF and job situation lilac - hoping for a sticky bean on the first try and for a great job close to home for you.

trekkingirl - keep us posted on the "short" sale.


Thanks for the encouragement!

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Orangemomma, I know how that feels. My second interview today required me yd fill my car with gas and the gas budget for the next two weeks is spent. Glad you got paid today.

My second interview went well but the principal has to confirm that my qualifications fit the requirements for the position since she thought I was a social worker but I am trained as a school counselor. Hopefully by next week I will get the news. Feels good to be wanted.
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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!  HUGE DR fan here!  We're on BS 2 with one more debt to go that's about $5200.  Our original goal was to be debt free (we rent) before TTC, but we believe YHWH (God) has other ideas so we're trying now.  However, moving to BS 3 is **STILL** a goal.


A little encouragement: you can do it.  We're down to only one debt left so it's truly possible to get rid of debt!  Keep going, everyone!  clap.gif

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welcome...........what's YHWH?

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In the old testament of the Bible, everywhere you see LORD in all caps, the original Hebrew is actually four letters which in English is YHWH.  It's the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  The great I AM, the Almighty, etc. :)

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Taking notes...
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Is there a March thread? Sheepish.gif

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There is now :)

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Awesome - Thanks! orngbiggrin.gif

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