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Illness, separation and maybe weaning

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I have had a really bad case of the flu so my mom has been taking care of my kids for the past four days. (the Dr. recommended I not be around them) My youngest daughter was still nursing. She is 20 months old. I was already planning on weaning her this spring but since she hasn't nursed for several days already due to our separation should I just continue to not nurse her? My mom says she has done fine but, she hasn't been around me. I am OK with weaning at this stage, I just worry about how it might affect her.

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I think the best thing is to remain flexible and if she asks and you feel ok nursing a little more then allow it. If she asks and it doesn't feel right to you then you can refuse. I just think that maybe she might need a little reconnection due to the separation and in that situation I'd be willing to allow nursing in the short term to reconnect. You can always gently wean in the coming weeks/months by reducing sessions or duration. Since it's been days, maybe she would only ask to know she can, KWIM? Or if she does nurse again maybe it would only be rarely or sporadically. But of course you know your child and yourself best. Follow your instincts and hope you feel better!
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I am sorry that you are not well. Does your doctor know that your daughter is nursing?


Nursing provides her the best defense against your illness. If she is exposed but not allowed the antibodies in your breastmilk she has less chance of warding off the disease. Any chance you could get her some pumped milk that has been pumped today? That would give her the antibodies that your body has created most recently. My thoughts are with you. If nursing is too much for you right now, I would try to get her some milk that was pumped today.


All that you should worry abour now if your recovery, but for what it's worth, if your doctor knew that your daughter was nursing, yet still made his reccomendation, I would likely give him an earful later. Science contradicts his reccomendation for a nursing child.


Best wishes for a fast recovery.

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So, we did not wean. thumb.gif


To be honest, I really wanted to because I have been at it for about 7 years now but it's just not the right time for my daughter.


Thank you sky for what you said about reconnection. I really think she needed nursing to know everything is all good.


Asiago,the doc I saw was at my university health clinic so she probably doesn't deal with moms and babies a lot. No excuse right? But anyway I tried to tell her about antibodies but she said that I hadn't built up any antibodies yet. ( I saw her the morning after I first started getting sick) and I really, really, really did not want any of my kids to get this. It was AWFUL! My mom was more than happy to have them and the kids love it there, especially my daughter, so I felt like it was the best for them. And, none of them got sick. So I guess everything worked out and I will stick with my original weaning plan. Thanks!


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I'm so glad everything worked out, best wishes smile.gif

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