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no morning sickness yet- worried!

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Anyone else?  I am used to being alerted to a pregnancy by intense smell aversions and nausea, even before my period is late.  This time, nothing still at 5+ weeks.  I was a week late but feeling perfectly normal when I took a test and got a BFP.  My last pg ended in a 12 week MC, and I'm worried about this one sticking.  I did have awful MS with that pregnancy, up until about 10 weeks when my symptoms just disappeared.  I also had an ectopic in 2010, and I had no symptoms besides abdominal pain when it ruptured at 7 weeks...


Anyone else experience a later onset of morning sickness?  I'm being obsessive, I know only time will tell, but I'm impatient and I want some reassuance that I can cling to.

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I've sometimes it will start around 6 weeks. I've had nothing this time. I'm also worried. This is my 8th pg, hopefully 6th child. In all my other pg I've had morning sickness, even the ones I miscarried. I'm either 6.3 or 7.3 wks.
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With any luck, you will just get lucky! My Mom didn't get morning sickness with any of her 3 babies, nor did my Mother in Law with any of her 6. I've also heard a lot of women say it doesn't sneak up until 8 or even 9 weeks! 


I am 6 weeks and so far, nothing I'd count as morning sickness. The past couple days I have had some icky stomach feelings, but no debilitating nausea. I have had multiple losses as well, so I'm familiar with the desire for symptoms to cling to, however miserable they may be. 

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Same here. Almost 9 weeks, no morning sickness. I've felt slightly queasy a couple of days - and though that was the beginning of morning sickness - but then I was fine in time for the next meal.


Food aversions and cravings, sure. Sickness, nothing yet.

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Very lucky ladies! Mine started at 6 wks and 4+ weeks later is still going strong greensad.gif
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Thanks for your responses. I wish I could see it as a good sign that I'll have a MS-free pregnancy, but I can't help but doubt that. I've got three kids, but this is my seventh pg, and besides the ectopic I've always been hit by MS early and hard! I do feel like crap tonight, even some nausea, but I can't tell if my big lunch from earlier is just not sitting well or if its a symptom...

I do wish all of you easy, nausea-free, SUCCESSFUL pregnancies! And letniaLynne, I hope you're feeling better soon. I never thought I'd be anxious for that nasty feeling. Go figure!
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Same thing going on here. Over analyzing everything. Cravings & food aversions, emotional & crazy dreams, yes yes yes. Nausea... Not a speck. 6 weeks 5 days.
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I'm almost 9 weeks and have had ZERO nausea, not a single second so far.  My only symptoms so far are breast soreness, intense emotions, and slightly increased hunger on certain days.  Some of us are just lucky.  I think for me it has to do with genetics, great nutrition, 100% preparedness for pregnancy (as much as is possible), already being used to eating every 2-3 hours, and using geranium essential oil on my stomach every day fro the last 3 months.  I will admit that I have had moments of freak out wondering if this is actually a bad sign, but it isn't.  Feeling good and healthy is not a problem, so relax, enjoy, and know that they path is already laid out, and nausea or not, you don't have much control over any of it.  What has made me feel better is that the symptoms I DO have are changing, increasing, shifting.  They aren't going away, and they aren't going backwards.  I can feel (physically and intuitively) that things are changing and growing and moving forward!  Blessings for all of you and your babies <3

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Same boat (at 7w4d). My first two I was very sick, this time maybe some sore breasts and the ability to smell (major sinus issues means I usually have NO sense of smell so smelling anything is a surprise) I did find it reassuring but I also have two great friends whose little ones remind me that you can have a symptom free pregnancy and end up with a healthy baby.


Best wishes everyone!

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Margo, what is the geranium oil for? sounds lovely....

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Margo, is this your first? Congrats on your smooth pregnancy with no MS smile.gif

If it were my first, or even my second, or my first with my second DH, I'd probably not worry too much about an absence of morning sickness- I'd just count my blessings. It's not the absence itself that concerns me, so much as the marked difference in what I'm used to. Time will tell, fingers crossed. And thank goodness for boards like this where we can vent our worries together!
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