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Leftover uses:

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I thought a thread about how we use up our leftovers would be fun and helpful since I'm trying hard not to waste food.


Right now I've got a container in the freezer with odds and ends of cooked veggies-honey carrots and broccoli to make fried rice in the slow cooker with.


I've also got a bit of mushroom gravy for stew or shepards pie.


Last week I had some tin peaches leftover from DD's pancake bday so I made peach muffins and peach/hoison tofu.


This week I'm using some marashino cherries I know I'll never use up before they start smelling weird and making muffins. Not really healthy but compared to store bought muffins I'm sure they aren't that bad lol


I've also made apple peel jelly during apple season while making apple sauce and I'm saving peels and cores for apple vinegar.


I'm also attempting this right now:




Other mamas what are you doing to cut down on waste?

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I save veggies too and make soup or chowder. I have a hard time finding fresh good produce in the winter here of MA so I end up using leftovers a lot more often during the colder months. I honestly throw leftovers on one plate sometimes as a meal, just to be rid of it!

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Today is the day of leftovers


I'm slicing the veggie loaf into sticks for the kids to dip into salsa that needs to be eaten

Mashed potatoes into "pancakes"

Leftover shaved brussel sprouts saute is going to be made into a slaw for dinner tonight eat.gif

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We do the mash potatoes into pancakes too! I add onions and garlic to them and a splash of tabasco. Really good!! I fry em in EVOO

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Yest we had a pretty big snow storm so we couldn't get anywhere. I made a potato and corn chowder with leftover frozen scalloped and mashed potatoes. Came out decent for a thrown together vegan cream soup.


Since I've been saving leftovers we've def been wasting A LOT less food. And my grocery list for next week isn't nearly as bad

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I'm big on leftovers too. I make a potato and veggie enchilada bake from leftover potatoes that my family enjoys a lot. I also use leftover chili in burritoes. I save all vegetable scraps and peelings in a bag in a freezer and make vegetable broth. I then freeze the broth and use it in recipes. I never buy broth since I always have some frozen in my freezer.
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