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Dealing with loneliness?

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I am feeling everything you just stated. I'm just trying to make it through each day hour by hour. I hope one day I can say this has been the best just what I needed. I stumbled on your post trying to hold on to a thread of hope. I have it but it's burning deep inside saying one day. I just worry about holding it together for my son. If it wasn't for him I would run away, drink, find some one else etc. But I know he was sent to save me from myself and his Dad just didn't love me Enough to be in a serious committed relationship. So I write, look on the computer and sleep. I'd like to date but I don't see how or anyone acceptable to bring in our lives. So right now it's just keep it moving and praying until something happens.  I just keep thinking that this will pass. It was difficult to break up pre-baby now that I look back on it I just had some different coping methods. I keep telling myself that this will all be over soon enough and we will be happier for it. Thanks for your post. Sometimes it's good that you're not alone and the people that are closest to you don't always want to or can't understand what you're going through.

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Have you got a job? A job keeps your mind busy. I have only been separated 5 months, but we were married 12 years. It took some time, but I think I am getting back to being ok alone. Do you have hobbies. I have my sewing machine out in the living room now and always have a project going. I have found it very therapeutic to cut things up and sew them back together in a different way. People have given me totes of old clouthing, and fabric they didn't know what to do with, and I just cut. With every creation I feel like I am destroying my old life a little bit more and creating a new better life. And creations they are, but pretty cool creations. And with each project I remember how he never let me keep my sewing machine out and my only craft was knitting, because it was easy to hide away and keep a spotless and beautiful house. Now I rarely knit, but I'm very good at it. Years of being trapped in the house of his alone, I checked out book after book on knitting from the libary and learned almost all there is to know on knitting. Now as soon as it gets warmer out, I'd like to find some clubs or craft guilds and get to know others that craft. The more challenging the project the better. Make that brain work and think about other stuff than having a man around.
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