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Blessingway Ideas/Thoughts

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I am not wanting to have a baby shower for this, my 2nd baby, since I have most everything I need, but I love the idea of gathering my women friends for a blessingway to empower my birth and bless my child. I have been reading about these online some, but am wondering what one is actually like.

Can I throw one of these for myself since I'm not asking for gifts? I would like to ask guests to bring a poem or prayer or special words to bless and empower my birth and maybe ask them to bring me a bead or something made by each of them to have with me while in labor. I'd also like to do henna on my belly and light a candle during the reading of prayers/poems.

What other ideas do y'all have/ have seen done at blessingways? I know it's a while off, but I am excited about it and would love your input.
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Wow, what a fabulous idea! I would love to do something like this. Can't wait to hear responses!
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I don't have any suggestions but I think it sounds great!  Subbing for more ideas.

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I'm also having baby number two and have basically all we need. I'm more of a pp party person and I plan on throwing ourselves a party. It will be a welcome baby party a few weeks after birth with family, close friends and their kiddos. I won't be expecting gifts and will treat it as a gathering or big playdate lol. I will serve party fare/finger food which will be healthy but with some options for the couple of pickier toddlers. There won't really be shower games or anything but I'll organize some easy activities for the kiddos and it will give us parents a chance to kick back and chat while the toddlers entertain each other. I'm very lucky that DD's little circle of friends and cousins is pretty mellow with a minimum of meltdowns and freakouts. The blessing way sounds lovely but I can't imagine DD in a roomful of grownups. My idea of the welcome party will hopefully mean that a) people will meet the baby b) DD will be entertained and occupied and c) I will have some backup and get to use the washroom in peace wink1.gif.
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I would love to have a blessingway.. but I don't really know who I would invite :( I don't really have many natural birth minded mama friends. most of them look at me like I have a 3rd eye when anything pertaining to birth/child rearing comes up :(

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Originally Posted by DiaperJunkie10 View Post

I would love to have a blessingway.. but I don't really know who I would invite greensad.gif I don't really have many natural birth minded mama friends. most of them look at me like I have a 3rd eye when anything pertaining to birth/child rearing comes up greensad.gif

I think you just invite any women friends and mentors and people who care about you. I don't think they have to share your parenting/birthing philosophies. The main thing is that they love YOU and are there to wish you a safe and peaceful journey.
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I have been to a few for mama friends and they differ so much with each mama!  At one friend's there were kiddos everywhere, and the mood was still mellow!  The lights were dimmed and candles were lit (and placed up high), there was mellow music on and it was in the evening.  I think the mood of the adults really focused the energy of the children.  Also, the children were part of the activities!  The Mama-to-Be sat in the most comfy chair and the kids (and the rest of us) brushed her hair, rubbed oils onto her arms and legs, massaged her gently wherever she felt comfortable, and fed her fruits and such.  It was so over the top, we all had a ball!  The kids also helped with belly casting and presenting gifts (small gifts or homemade gifts were allowed at this one).


At others we've done belly casting, bead making (with Sculpey I think), stories/poems/songs... one friend passed out a candle to each guest for the candle/labor chain (I don't remember what it is called, but it is where one person is called when labor begins and then they call someone else to tell them, and they light their candle and call the next person... the mama is supposed to give birth before all the candles go out).  One mama had people bring a greeting for the new babe and put them all into a book.  I think she had paper and pen/markers set out to make something if you didn't bring one. 


In Pam England's Birthing From Within, she says that it is important to eat "savory, delectable edibles, foods that symbolize strength in labor and other energies or qualities you will need to birth."  She also suggests making a Birth Bundle, and sharing it in order for friends and family to bear witness to these symbols and insights within it.  It should include three objects:  A symbol of you, the Mother, a symbol of the energy of the Father or your birth companions, and a symbol to "remind you that you and your baby are working as one to be born."  I really liked this idea, but never did it before DS was born... maybe this time around!

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A friend of mine who acted as my doula for my last birth threw me a blessing way.  It was really very sweet.  They all brought affirmations for me, we did the smudging thing.  They washed my feet.  One of my friends read a poem and we sang.  They each brought a bead that they either made or meant something special to them and they made a necklace for me to wear during labor.  It was really very simple and beautiful.  They all left with candles my doula made with birth affirmations on them to be lit when I went into labor.  Very cool.

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