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So, I managed to get a Ovidrel trigger shot last week, and was all excited about taking it on CD12-13. I took Soy (80mg) from CD1 on, along with Clomid (50mg) CD3-7. I decided to use OPKs, to help decide when to take the trigger shot. Well, I took the first one Saturday morning, and it was a blaring positive!!! Temperatures Sunday and Monday morning confirm that I ovulated on Saturday, CD10! Argh! I got one BD in Saturday night, but that is it for this cycle. I don't know why I thought that I had more time. I have ovulated this early before. But for some reason I just forgot all about it, and was focused on a CD14 ovulation. Sigh...
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wave.gif Hi everyone. I can't believe it but I just found you guys on here! Guess I should look around a little more often, huh!  I could of used some advice many times, lol. Oh well here I am now :)  I am currently on CD5.


About me: 

I'm 36, DH is 41. We have been ttc for 2 years in April. We just recently started going to a RE in Dec. So far the diagnosis is I have low progesterone and weak ovulation. His swimmers were great. We have had multiple chemical pregnancies with the longest making it to 5 weeks.  This cycle we are doing 100mg clomid, days 3-7, Ovidyl injectable around cd13, and 400 mg progesterone at the end of cycle.   http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/241e11


Clomid is kickin' my butt today. The last cycle was only 50mg and I am sure feeling the difference....weepy, crampy just overall crappy. Think I'm gonna go back to bed....sleepytime.gif

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Hey Firebugg... Have an update...

BFP!! after IVF #2, cautiously optimistic... Not ready to "graduate".

Also can add my age (40) to my profile? Thanks!!
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Congratulations GuppyLuv!!! I hope your only worries from here on out are choosing names, and deciding on diaper brands!!

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Thx! Right now i'd like not to be puking thru the night. Ugh.
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Congrats Guppyluv! I hope the sickness subsides! 

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Congrats guppyluv!! Wishing you a easy 9 months and birth jumpers.gifjumpers.gif

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Thanks all... smile.gif I have no idea how you all do those fancy dancing emoticons... Lol. Too Cute.
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Congrats, Guppyluv!!!!!
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We have decided to start ici in March or April.
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Granolamommie- What is ICI?

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(just popping in to say ICI is intracervical insemination smile.gif)

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Thanks Onelittlebird. That makes sense.

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Hey all,


How are you doing? 


GuppyLuv:  Congrats.  jumpers.gif  And you get the smilies up at the top of your post where the little smiley face is (lin the little box that is third from the right side).  Many moons ago we could just write in whatever smiley we wanted like :jumpers and they would appear in our posts.  It seems like everyone used them a whole lot more back then.  But now you just click on that little guy and scroll through the pop-up window. 


AFM:  Cd40 - and I refuse to pos.  Normally I will finally relent about 2 weeks past when af is suppose to show and then she'll appear within 24 hours.  Total waste of $.  So instead, I got the FF app downloaded to my phone and snagged a thermometer at the store this week.  Of course I forgot to temp this morning.  Anyway, liking my new dose of thyroid meds although I think I'm probably going to have to go higher.  Feeling a bit better - but anytime I eat gluten it kicks my butt for a few days.  DH and I went for a long walk on Valentine's Day and my energy was zapped for 2 days.  I hate that!  Have been reading up on naturally dessicated thyroid hormone and if I want to do it I have to get a new dr. - Endo already told me that she won't put me on it - she has tried it before with other patients but in her opinion she can't regulate it as well and that's more important with thyroidectomy/cancer patients.  So, that may yet be a future battle to face. 

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Thanks re emoticons. I think the issue is that I post from mobile most of the time and there are no smiley options here! exhausted today. Trying to finish work and quit for the weekend...
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I have two Ovidrel triggers in my fridge, plus I ordered more Clomid and Progesterone. I am seriously considering being done after two "all out" cycles using those supplies. After almost 8 years without success, and the fact that I will be 44 soon, I need to be realistic. I need to move on. I need to stop stressing out over donors. I would like to date, too. I honestly wonder if all of the work I have put into conception has soured me against parenthood. Sigh.
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Stevi:  hug2.gif


Today I give up.  For the past 12 censored.gif years, the medical field has completely failed me.  If you're going to tell me 6 months ago that xyz has to happen and that we will do EVERYTHING we can to get you pregnant and then when I jump through your stupid hoops and the real issues are discovered you chicken out and tell me that it's too risky because I'm all of 35 years old and obviously older than dirt and to go back to my old RE, something bad needs to happen to you.  Karma.  Idk.  I think I'm going to go lay in my bed for a few months, now.  Cuss.gifbawling.gif  That.is.all.

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Stevi & Fierrbugg- Big Hugs hug2.gif That is a enormous amount of time and emotion to put into a journey such as this one. 8 and 12 years is incredible for you both to have persevered through this for that long. Fierrbugg I hope you gave whoever did that a piece of your mind. Horrible. I'm almost 37 and that just chaps my you know what!  To both of you-  I hope whatever way your path is leading you to go it will result in children.  Be that biological or otherwise.I believe Karma does come around and your patience and endurance will be rewarded in the end nod.gif 


Oops almost forgot my update- I had the trigger shot done with intercourse at home this cycle. 11dpo today and another bfn. April will be out 2 year mark ttc. I feel silly telling you how tired I am after you have been trying for so much longer! I just want to cry today and go back to bed. bawling.gif

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JustJenny:  hug2.gif


Hi ladies.  How is everyone doing?  Just checking in to see what is new with you all. 


I am on cd14 - after a 63 day cycle.  Gah!  At least af can still figure out how to come on her own.  My thyroid meds dose is finally helping although I still don't have a lot of energy.  I am going to get back into yoga to try and get my body back into some semblence of semi-good shape.  Not putting too much hope in this process anymore.  In fact I think that after 12 years of being jacked around and doing everything they told me to, I'm giving up.  Just so sick of jumping through hoops that never actually help.  irked.gif

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fierrbughug2.gif big hugs. Wishing you peace with whatever decision or outcome happens. 


Me- 9 or 10 dpo after my first iui cycle. Tested this morning and got a bfn. I'm still holding out hope that its a little to early to test. FF has me at 8dpo but my iui was at 10dpo. So I'll test in a few days to see.

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