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I'm sorry Fierrbugg... Giving up seems to be in the air this spring. sigh
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Hi all,


Just checking in to say hi.  We had a BFN after our insemation and I have been on the, "go with the flow" attitude.  I am finally back to being regular with cycles.  We are keeping our fingers crossed still.


Hope everyone is doing well 

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Originally Posted by darlawoods View Post

Hi all,


Just checking in to say hi.  We had a BFN after our insemation and I have been on the, "go with the flow" attitude.  I am finally back to being regular with cycles.  We are keeping our fingers crossed still.


Hope everyone is doing well 


Sorry about the bfn.  How exciting that things are beginning to sort themselves out with your cycles though.  Small things make all of the difference.orngbiggrin.gif

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I have two days left on my 100mg of Clomid, which I'm taking in preparation for using a trigger shot. I am amazingly unexcited about it. I'm not even stressing over the fact that I have no donors lined up, yet. Sigh. I'm more excited when I think about starting to date after I use up the 2 trigger shots! So, while I have had some crying jags since my decision, I think I'm happy to be moving on soon. I kind of feel like I'm already done.
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I took the trigger shot today, 13dpo, negative OPK. But, the OPK was positive about 6 hours later.


Now I just need to get some more inseminations. I have 2 donors lined up for tomorrow; hopefully they don't fall through.


I'm considering making this cycle my last hoorah. If I do, then I'll use the second trigger shot as a booster at 5dpo.


I was pretty scared about taking that trigger shot! Now, I'm glad that I did.

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Stevi- HCG makes OPKs positive so the trigger will do that on its own. Cd 13 is prob a good day to trigger if you know you usually o around then!
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ToothFairy2Be... I know. But from what I have been reading, it seems like it usually takes 24 hours to go positive. I'm just hoping that it means that my trigger timing lined up with my natural ovulation. But, it doesn't really matter that much. lol
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Stevi- Mine has always showed up positive within a few hours after trigger. FX's for you this cycle smile.gif



AFM- 4dpo after a iui. I think they inseminated to late because I ended up ovulating on my own before the trigger. I took the trigger anyway just in case. Hoping that it works as this will be our last iui. We've decided to move on to ivf after this.

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Regardless it will do the job smile.gif I think using the 2nd trigger as a booster sounds great!
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Thanks ladies. I may even split the trigger into 2 boosters... I'm researching it now. I feel okay about the donor situation, I had 2 yesterday and have another scheduled for this morning. I figure that will cover me if I ovulate late, though I think I ovulated yesterday.
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I did end up splitting the trigger into two booster shots. I took one in the morning at 4dpo, and the other in the evening at 7dpo. I'm now at 9dpo and am beginning to test out the HCG.

It is so strange to see a positive HPT, and know that it could go either up or down from here...

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Stevi- I know by now you are beyond jaded with the process- but- maybe last times a charm??? FX'd for you smile.gif



Me- IUI was a bust again- got my 2nd bfn this morning. I will stop Progesterone tomorrow and wait for AF. We will be taking 6 months off to save$$ and better prepare my body for IVF. Gonna try to lose some weight and start back on the herbs again....

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Thanx JustJenny  I'm sorry that your IUI did not succeed.


10dpo - The test looks lighter than the one from yesterday.

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My 11dpo test looked darker, so I got all hopeful, then at 12dpo is was obviously lighter. I decided to skip a day and test at 14dpo (today), hoping for clearer results.


Nope. Still in limbo. The test seems darker than the one from 12dpo, but not dark enough to make me feel sure about anything.


I'll test again at 16dpo. Sigh


And Congrats again JustJenny!!!

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Well, there goes that. I'm done. I am not pregnant and I cannot keep going along this path of heartache.


I want to thank all of the people who have supported me on this site over the years. Most of whom got their BFPs, and so, are no longer here.


Think Fertile Thoughts!

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Stevi- I am so sorry. gloomy.gif  I wish you all the best and hope that you will be excited for your future. Whatever that may bring. Maybe your turn at mothering is still there, just in a different way than you wanted. You are so incredibly strong- unbelievably so! Good luck to you...

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Stevi - I'm so sorry you've had to reach this point. You've been such an amazing source of support to so many people here for many years, you deserved to see your dream come true and I'm so sad that it has not happened. Life is just so unfair.
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Stevi- I'm sorry this is the end of the road for you. I hope you continue to pursue your dream of motherhood through foster/adoption as you've talked about before. You've been a fixture on MDC during my journey & I wish you all the best of luck & love in your future.
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Stevi, I checked in here to see how you are doing. I'm so sorry. I hope that deciding tomove on lets you enjoy dating, brings you peace, and leads you to motherhood alonga diiferent path. Huge hugs! love.gif
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Feeling.. I don't know.... Today we had the appt with the fertility specialist.

Appt this morning seemed singularly unhelpful, although we really liked the doctor (and he has very good ratings, is highly recommended and lots of experience). He wants dh to redo the semen analysis (which the doc kept saying semenalysis, is that a thing?) and have the lab be more specific about a couple of things,namely white blood cells and specifics about morphology. He wasn't really interested in talking to us about treatment options yet, wants more info first. I'm a little bummed cause I wanted to talk logistics of ivf so we can start discussing, preparing, thinking, whatever...

He did confirm that unless further tests improve we are looking at ivf instead of iui so I guess we know something, said he likes 5 mil motile sperm to do iui and we don't have that. Dh had 1.4ml of 5 mil/ml, with only 14% motile. He also agreed that dh's sleep medicine isn't an issue which is a relief to me as dh thought he might go off it, which I think is silly as he's a grouch when he doesn't sleep. Lastly he suggested vitamin e supplements but nothing else, said fertile aid, etc are a waste of money. Think we might try that anyway though.

but I also didn't get a sense of urgency from him and I think that is disconcerting. I know we aren't "old" but 31 seems older to me especially since we'd ideally like 2-3 kids, and needing to do treatments to get them will take more time and money...
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