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Can we talk about sharing with family? My mother has been making me nuts about giving her grandchildren for years so I didn't even tell her when we started ttc two years ago. Now that we are facing if and have no idea when to realistically expect anything to work I want to talk to her about it even less but at the same time I am so tired of the qiestions. So... How did you decide to tell people? And how did you respond to casual acquaintances asking??
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polyhymnia- We never told anyone. (we just recently got our bfp after 2 years) I find it to be too much pressure. I can't stand the constant questions and personally I think the questions would turn from "when are you" to "what's going on".  My dh and I have been married 19 years this month. So we have had plenty of the "when are you". Enough to make you sick, lol. Everyone finally stopped asking about 3 years ago. I had to get snippy with my Dad and told him- when there's a baby you'll know! Until then quit asking. To my surprise he did and I'm grateful.  With casual people  I just said we are planning on having them someday, don't know when, we're happy as we are right now.  That usually ended the questioning.

  Since you don't feel open to discussing your infertility my advice would be to honor yourself and your privacy. I'm sure your mom is well intentioned - but you have the right to go through this journey as you choose. And frankly, with as stressful road as this can be - helping reduce any stress is a good think imo! 

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I'd love to join this thread, since it looks like no new threads have started for the spring.  We started working with an RE in February, so that counts, right?!


Here are my stats:

I'm 36, and my DH and I have been TTC#2 since 6/13, married for 1.5 years.  I have one 15 year old.  Underwent hysteroscopy and had polyp removed in April 2013.  First IUI attempt this month canceled due to missed ovulation.  We have unexplained secondary infertility.

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So... Two days late, super ridiculously sore boobs.... Positive test. Clearly positive.
But, Internet cheapy.

What brand should I go buy to use tonight? I have never bought a real test before! I don't believe this one.
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Fierrbugg- Are you still out there? I know you said you were done. I just want to make sure so that if we want to keep the thread going we can elect a new thread keeper.


polyhymnia- Exciting! FX'd for you big time! Try any thing but a blue dye test- those are notorious for false positives. Maybe a digital? 

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Thanks. I am heading to the store, don't know if I should wait till tomorrow or go for it again today?? My husband has his follow up semenalysis on Tuesday (0 morphology, 5mil/ml count, low motility too in the last one) and it really feels like a false positive... after two years it seems like it can't possibly be, I am so freaked out today.
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I feel weird posting here. I have been lurking for over a year and posting off and on, but I still feel like I have invaded and am so afraid of hurting feelings. But I don't dare tell anyone because I am so afraid something will go wrong. Is it ok if I stay here for a few more days? Yesterday I took a digital and then this morning another Internet cheapy but it seems lighter than yesterday. Do you think a doctor would do blood tests for me if I call and say how freaked out I am? Will I be able to get a 6 week ultrasound if I just ask? I can't shake this fear.
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poly- I feel the same as you- I've lurked for a long time and only posted here occasionally. I keep responding to people on this thread because I think it would be a valuable asset to keep it going. However I am 6 weeks pregnant and can't be the thread keeper. I don't think you are hurting anyone's feelings at all! This is a place of support winky.gif

   What did the digital say? You can also get lighter results depending on the time of day you took the test and how diluted your urine was.  If its causing a lot of stress go get the blood test. You should be able to get in with no prob.  The ultrasound I'm not sure I think each provider is different. I don't see any reason why they would say no to a dating and heartbeat ultrasound around 6-7 weeks. Let us know what happens lurk.gif

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The digital said positive too. It was the creepiest thing. I'm going to phone the doctor soon, they open at 8. Also phoning the clinic to cancel my husbands appointment tomorrow. He has decided he would rather postpone it and see if this one sticks first.
I am bad about responding because I have a hard time keeping things straight but I do read everything and think about everyone here.
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Congrats! fingersx.gif FX'd that this one is a healthy sticky baby for you Poly!

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So I lost the baby. After my bfp my levels started dropping 2wks later and I started bleeding. greensad.gif
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granolamommie- Huge hugs hug2.gif.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  Was this after your ICI?

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Gm, I am so sorry greensad.gif
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Yes. My ici was in April. I was 5 weeks
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Originally Posted by JustJenny View Post

Fierrbugg- Are you still out there? I know you said you were done. I just want to make sure so that if we want to keep the thread going we can elect a new thread keeper.


Oh, I am never actually done.  Just a glutton for punishment because after 12 years my ttc plan is still fighting with my doctors and bd'ing.  banghead.gif  joy.gif


GranolaMommie:  Sending you love and lots of hugs.  hug2.gif


Poly:  Oh, sweetie - stick around as long as you want.  We completely get having the fear of telling everyone - of daring to believe that this time is IT.  Sending you many sticky vibes. 


GoatMamma:  Welcome. 


And if anyone wants to take over as thread keeper for July - PLEASE let us know.  We're due for a fresh start here soon, I think.  winky.gif


I am officially done editing this post.  Dur.

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Hi everyone! I left one post maybe a month or so again in this forum and have been trying to figure out where I fit - in the TTC or Infertility section. Please add me in here.


TTC #1 since 4/2012. Me: 29yrs DH: 29yrs. HSG test normal, follicular phase hormones normal.


I'm currently waiting to see if this cycle is going to do anything for me or not, waiting for test results from my Progesterone blood test, and waiting on results from DH's semen analysis. So far, I think that was the most stressful part, since I had no control of that - but I guess I can just get used to that because I have not had control of this whole process! I know DH will be devastated if there is bad news on his end... so I am praying for good news and for peace for both of us through this process.


Praying for all of you as well!

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Hey all. How is everyone doing?  It has been quite the slow year for us, huh?  Does anyone want to start a new thread?  Or want me to start a new one?  What's new with all of you?


I am still chugging along although not really.  Dealing with thyroid stuff - trying to go gluten & soy free and limiting dairy intake.  I feel better when I avoid all of those things.  When I don't, I sleep all day.  I have started using FF again - although temps are few and far between.  Realized that since mid-2006 I have only had 51% of the cycles I should have had.  Why haven't any of my dr's been concerned about that?  My endo is on maternity leave and left no one to cover her patients, so I am looking for a high-risk OB who will work with my super old, fat, adrenally fatigued butt.  Wish me luck.  mischievous.gif


Ladies, how are you? 

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Fierrbugg - This forum is kind of slow. I've had more luck posting in the Spring IVF forum - I think it turned into more of an infertility forum.

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I still lurk from time to time T. I think about you a lot. Kind of reminisce about when this was all still so new and this forum was booming with activity and support. Now that I've had 3 miscarriages, 2 in the last 10 months, I guess I just feel that much more jaded. Working with pregnant women is still the thing I enjoy the most but some days I do feel like I'm just rubbing salt in my wounds. We downsized to a travel trailer to help cut our costs and try to pay down on some debt and once we get that sufficiently paid off, we have talked about embryo adoption, though it's difficult to find folks who aren't doing it for super religious reasons. We feel like we'd do that before we'd go the IVF route right now but our thoughts may change down the road when it's actually a feasible option. Anyway, I wish there was the activity to start a new thread. 

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SimplyRochelle - I posted in here quite a while ago and someone found me and brought me over to the IVF thread. It has become the "new" infertility thread. The women in there are very supportive. I posted a link below for you to follow in there (I hope it works). I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriages. What is embryo adoption? I am relatively new to the infertility part of this process. DH and I are still in the testing phase at about 16 months TTC. I hope that the IVF thread will bring you some support and encouragement... I know how tough it has been for me and I sympathize with you in your struggles as well.



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