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Medicine while pregnant?

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Hey ladies :) I have a nasty cold, and am wondering what over the counter meds I can take? I've heard tylenol products are safe, but want to be sure before taking anything. Thanks!

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I tend to go for more natural remedies while pregnant just because you never know.  I would probably cozy up with some chicken soup (with lots of garlic!) and some peppermint tea.  That's just my .02 though :)

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Thanks :) Chicken soup is always a good idea, and I'm totally addicted to peppermint tea. there isn't any risk in certain herbal teas, is there?

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I know there is in some but I don't think peppermint tea is one of them.

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The two sites that I have been reviewing most often for advice on herbs during pregnancy do not list peppermint as an issue, though I think as with most herbs, you probably want to be careful to avoid heavy/medicinal doses. 





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Yes, while Tylenol is deemed 'safe' in pregnancy and early childhood, there is a well-established, long known relationship between tylenol use and frequency and severity of asthma in children, especially in families with asthma. Just an FYI.


This site may help too and if you are in Canada, you can call them and ask: http://www.motherisk.org/women/index.jsp

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I have a yucky cold too. greensad.gif

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Peppermint is fine. So is elderberry syrup, like Sambucol. Zinc and vitamin C. Plenty of water. Rest is really the best cure. I save Tylenol for when I'm really desperate. Hope u feel better!
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I didn't know elderberry was okay!  I just woke up at 4 a.m. unable to breath out of my nose and having a scratchy throat (although I am pretty sure it's just from breathing through my mouth all night) and was just about to go make me some peppermint tea and take my vitamin C and D3 lol.

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Re: elderberry, I asked a few midwives before recommending it to friends, they said it was fine, woohoo!
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Elderberry is perfectly acceptable.  It is in Juice Plus whole food supplements.  Elderberry is really a preventative, it should be taken all through winter.  Also peppermint is perfectly acceptable, especially as a morning sickness helper.  If you are stuffy put some boiling water on the stove and do a steam.  

Also, with all of this forced heat through winter, keep a boiling pot on the stove most of the day and let all that water get back into the air.  Lovely hot tea, like red raspberry leaf and nettle will also feel good and help clear up your stuffiness.  Oh, and hot rice packs across your sinuses.



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Good ideas Nurturingspirit! Thanks!

I've just been drinking peppermint tea and lots of water, and getting extra sleep. The cold seems to be moving on now smile.gif
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Are there any teas to be totally avoided?? I think someone mentioned Echinacea? A friend of mine is pregnant and drinks it daily.
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Nuturingspirit, I have heard that nettle can stimulate the uterus too much during the first trimester, but it's fine during the 2nd and 3rd.

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chamomile - can't remember why, think it stimulates the uterus. 

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I've heard that too serenyd.
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I've heard licorice root is no good, which sucks because I'm addicted to a lot of tazo teas with that. I love tea, and I need to find some new favorites. Anyone have any suggestions?

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It's been a bit of a minefield for me to navigate the herbal teas... I dont drink coffee but live on herbal teas...

I read on half of the sites nettle is bad and half say its fine. It's one of my regular teas pre-pregnancy, but lately I have mild uterine cramping when I drink it, so I've stopped & will re-evaluate after I'm in my second tri...

Licorice is definitely out, from everything I read.

I've heard/read no hibiscus either, during first tri. It's in Starbucks passion iced tea/lemonade and soooo many other herbal tea blends which sucks.

I found some guidelines here:

But I caveat that for every site I find that says don't drink x, I find one that says its fine!! So it's a mixed bag...

Ultimately I say ask your doc/midwife!!!

I've stopped teas at this point and moved to hot lemon and honey or maple syrup (yes I know raw, homemade honey has its own set of issues, too... Sigh...) sometimes with a twist of cinnamon...
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Does anyone know about collodial silver during pregnancy?

I've messed up just about everything that I can mess up so far (before I knew) I took an Advil, cleaned the litter box and got dental x-rays. I'm stinking talented, huh? I figure collodial silver is going to be a no no because I'd been supplementing with it before I knew!
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