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si joint/spd pain

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Ok, I think I may have mentioned in the chat thread that a couple weeks ago I took a prenatal yoga class that really did a number on my hips, and I now have the spd pain that I had during my first pregnancy.  I tried doing the yoga class a few more times to see if modifying the poses would help, but it doesn't, at all, so I'm not doing yoga anymore, nor any hip opening stretches.


I am waiting to see my midwife, complain, and get a referral to a PT.  Thank goodness I am going to see my mw on Tues!  I did grocery shopping yesterday and I was dragging and in pain by the end of the evening.  I am really hoping a PT can help me.


I've been sleeping with a pillow between my legs, but no matter what, I seem to wake up in pain.  When I sit at the computer, I sit on the edge of the chair so I can have better posture.


In the meantime, I found some stuff that seems to be helping me.  I don't do any of the exercises if they hurt, and I try to really concentrate and engage my core and leg muscles when I do the ones that don't hurt.


http://www.miraclepainrelief.com/thompsonmaneuver.htm  (this is like some kind of crazy miracle.  It's not an exercise.  I'm not even sure I'm doing it right - I think if you google it there might be a video - but my pubic joint was killing me this morning and I did this and it doesn't hurt anymore.)


http://mutusystem.com/exercise-for-symphysis-pubis-dysfunction-spd-or-pelvic-girdle-pain-pgp-i-pregnancy-how-exercise-can-help.html  (I can't do the 3rd exercise listed.  It hurts, so I don't do it.  But the pelvic tilts and the adapted squat seem to help me the most, as well as making sure I'm not flattening my lower back when I extend my legs in front of me.)


http://positivelypregnant-mummytrainer.blogspot.com/2011/06/are-you-suffering-from-hip-and-lower.html (the leg lift helps me the most on this one)




Anyhow, I just wanted to share these in case anyone else might find them useful.  I know there are a number of us dealing with pelvic pain right now.

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Great resources! Mind if I add two more??? I have to be really careful and can't do anything that pulls my pelvis further apart or it actually causes me worse pain/seperation, but I find these ones really help me.

This is my favorite because it releases my back, too, and since they're all related I find it really helps my SPD.

This one is just for SPD and is kind of a modified version of the previous, just one of the exercises.

Oh, and POSTURE. If I can keep PERFECT- and I mean PERFECT- posture I can move around pretty pain free, even if it is pretty excruciating otherwise. However...perfect posture is sort of difficult to come by without effort during pregnancy so I certainly have to work at it.
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1babysmom, thank you for sharing the video clips!  I am going to try those.

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