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Kirsten, I'm sorry the shared housing is not helping your relationship. I hope y'all can figure it out.

Nicole, yay!

Joanie, how is your eye?

Abra, Shay definitely doesn't use "No" correctly.
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So cute Sara!  Audrey doesn't say no, she shakes her head and says "uh-uh".

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Coralie did the 'uh-uh' thing for a while, she just recently started saying 'no'.  That video of Shay is pretty darn cute though!


Kirsten,  I can' totally understand how it's hard on a relationship to live in a co-housing situation.  We left TN with 9 puppies in a bus because it wasn't working out to share a house with my sister and her family.  It's very hard to share a space with other adults and have everyone be in each others business all the time.  There's something to be said about having some personal space, even if that means you're living in a 320 sq ft bus!..  and yes, things were actually better in our relationship when we were stranded in a parking lot than when we were living with my sister!  I hope you're able to find a good place to be.


Nicole, Glad to hear that Conner is doing well.


My SIL just found out that she's pregnant with her first.  They happen to live here in NE, so it should be fun getting to talk pregnancy and baby stuff with her.  She came over tonight and had a million questions.  Maybe it's time for another sympathy pregnancy?  Heh, okay, no, that's not a good idea...

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So Im looking at the banner and I notice that it is to win an app for your child for their Ipad. 


Do children have Ipads?  Really?  Do that many children have Ipads that they can run this contest?


I would absolutely never get one for my children.  Is that irrational?

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Absolutely never is a long time. My kids have all kinds of tech stuff and I know at least a dozen kids with their own apps on iPads, tho most of the kids I know use their parents' iPads.
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We've let the olders use the iPad a few times to draw or do phonics/reading apps.  In a pinch it can be a life saver.  But I wouldn't buy one for my kids at this age, that's for sure.  I assume we'll buy our kids laptops at some point, but I'm not sure about an iPad.

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I think a lot of kids are given old iPads when their parents upgrade, but if you've saw a TV in December, you probably saw a commercial implying that every child in the country was getting an iDevice for Christmas.

All my friends had gameboys when I was a kid. I love apps for kids if they're going to be gaming. After an 80's gameboy, apps are inexpensive or free, they come without packaging or waste, the devices have rechargeable batteries. If the family has an iPad, it seems like a great platform for kids if you want them to have some screen time.
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My sons bio-Dad bought him a Kindle Fire and a laptop.  He is nearly 10.  I just see no reason for it at his age.  I feel like an old lady shaking my cane at him all the time telling him to get off his electronics and go play outside.  I make them bring books when we go places.  Im the youngest mom of all the moms around...but Im sure I seem like a mean old lady.

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My kids have kindle fires, they're allowed half an hour twice a day. They don't have to sit still for school, so most of the time they're running around. Thy don't get both half hours most days. I don't feel bad about it.
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I am anti-screen time. I am shaking my cane with you, Ash. I am forever forcing my kids off the tv/ iPhone/ iPad/ laptop. I do allow them to play some, but I seriously limit it. Jasper still doesn't watch any TV really. I just let him watch a movie (Nemo, which he looked at for about 10 min total) with the rest of the family last week. First time ever. No way would any of my kids get an iPad. The have my old iPhone to play a few apps on, but I kick them off all the time. I also have a one screen at a time rule. Meaning if the tv is on, no phone or laptop at the same time. Oh, and no internet in the bedrooms. Only in the main rooms. I need to monitor. I went into the parent settings on their games (Club Penguin, etc) and set daily time limits so they get kicked off after a while. Usually doesn't happen, though, since I'm always bugging them anyway. 


This is me, all the time: "Go outside! Do a craft project! Read your book! Play a board game with me! Bake some cookies! "Take the dog for a walk! Play with your brother!" 


Recently, I've been able to seriously curtail tv watching. My new rule is they can only watch tv in the basement. They don't want to be in the basement, they want to be with me. Problem solved.


Umm.... that said, dsd has none of these rules. Buuuut she came that way! Lol. She's grandfathered in. Has an iPhone and a laptop that she uses in her room. I know, totally unfair, right? But I wasn't going to enforce my rules on someone who already has her own, kwim? She even has a tv in her room. Sigh. Oddly enough, my girls have never said, "How come Bella gets to....." Maybe they think it's her age? Lol. 




Oh, and Ash, my girls' dad bought the 10 yo a tablet for Christmas. It's in her room. And they both have laptops there. I'm not a fan. I occasionally email him security reminders, etc. 


I am pretty extreme, I think... I'm always wondering around muttering about the kids "rotting their brains" with tv and computer games. "You're rotting your brain! Go read a book!" Crazy mom.

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Amanda, lol, that's why we have certain times of day they're allowed. I have no desire to fuss about it. They watch a show on Netflix Monday nights when I'm at work and they are allowed half an hour after morning chores while I'm laying the boys down and half an hour while I'm making dinner. They usually forget and it's not a fight.
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Yeah, no electronics for Conner. He's got his kids toys... Life a fake lap top and stuff, but I seriously have no desire to raise a robot. I remember my childhood and all the awesome times I had outside... I know times have changed, but I still hope to have a kid that prefers real life stuff to electronics. No TV will ever be in his room, he'll get a phone when he starts driving... Hell, I don't even own anything but a cell phone and a lap top... Why should he? Haha.
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My DS (9) thinks that the computer is actually going to rot his brain (he's very literal), he still wants to play. My kids have had way too much screen time lately, Uhg! We have 1 family iPad that everyone shares.
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I don't even think screen time will rot their brains! It just transforms them into little zombies. I let my ODD watch a ton of TV. But she would naturally get up and play- now my son is opposite, if I left him playing Minecraft at 8AM and came back at night he would still be playing because nobody told him to stop. I set his computer so it logs off at 8PM and won't turn in until 10AM. He has a cell phone that can dial 4 numbers, and does not do apps or games or anything. He recently asked if he could text his friends and I was appalled that so many 9 year olds have smart phones!

When Bettie was in the hospital I tried HARD to get her to watch cartoons but it only lasted minutes before she lost interest.
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For us, and probably a lot of parents in cold parts of the country, this time of year is super challenging.  In the late spring, summer, and early fall my kids are outside almost all day long (except for school).  But during the cold months when we're battling illness every 2 weeks, we simply cannot be outside for long or at all really.  Who wants to play at the park when it's 20 degrees outside?  I barely want to go get the mail.  So, we're inside.  A lot.  And that gets difficult.  I try and get the youngers engaged in activities, but really things only last 10 minutes and then there is fighting, crying, clinging, sulking...  I admit, Austin has been watching a movie almost every day while Avery is napping so I can get more than 5 minutes in a row to accomplish tasks like cleaning, laundry, indexing dh's book (which I'm getting paid for!), planning my garden, checking my email, decompressing, sneaking a piece of chocolate, etc.  This is a sanity saver.  This happened last year, too.  And the year before.  And it always reverts when the warm weather returns, so I don't feel too guilty, but definitely a little guilty.  So it goes for us.  I wish I had the patience and brain power to work on 3 year old appropriate, mind-expanding, teaching tool, bonding projects with him while Avery naps.  But I don't.  I have to recharge.  So screen time it is.  And the thing is, by allowing Austin to play Star Fall more often he has really come along with his phonics.  So for now, that's a win-win in my mind.

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I don't think there is any reason to feel guilty.  He is not being hurt by it at all, and you need to recharge.  You HAVE TO.  All moms have to, and if that means a movie every day then by all means, I see nothing wrong with it.


I did not mean to say anything about parents giving kids screen time in particular, more the notion that kids have Ipads.  They are expensive, and breakable, and I guess I just see no reason for a child to have an Ipad just like I see no reason for my child to have a Kindle Fire.  I just don't get it.  My kids watch TV and we very often have family movie night.  We also watch endless Youtube videos while Im making dinner or cleaning.  I did not mean to slight anyone who uses screen time as a tool...at all.  Sorry if anyone took it that way!

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Thanks Ash!  I didn't feel slighted, it's just my own stuff about not being a super mom.  I can't shake the part of me that is yelling that I should be reading books, making glittery valentines and baking heart shaped cookies with Austin right now instead of counting how many broccoli seedlings I need to start while eating potato chips in the back room where he can't see me and ask for them. 

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I totally have serious mom guilt, always have. It motivates my tv issues. I'm neurotic, believe me!

Part of my thing with J is I feel like I have to set an example. If I let him watch tv, I promise you dh would plop him in front of it constantly. Sigh.
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DH and I signed up for life insurance today... Finally. We wanted to do it before we turned 25 so it wasn't more expensive. I don't understand though why the $500000 was cheaper than the $400000, haha. We'd decided on $400000, but it worked out to be more expensive. So odd. I feel at peace now though. Took a huge weight off my shoulders.
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Nicole, yay for life insurance!

Jaimee, I feel you on winter! My big kids used to get a movie a day from equinox to equinox. As it is they play a lot of cards between running around.

I feel fine about being a good enough parent. I know I'll never be perfect, so I do the big stuff and watch them grow. I don't sweat the small stuff. Usually.

So, I think I'm unemployed. Well, I still have an employer but no longer have a client. I'm more than a little nervous.

I also trimmed Shay's bangs. Badly.
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