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Older kids tend to be so gross.  My ODD is , and she is a shining example.  She always has her fingers in her face.  She licked her finger after touching an elevator button at the hospital the other day, I was laughing and repulsed all at the same time.  And baffled.  We hand wash like CRAZY.  Hand washing is so important.  We have only had the one illness go through our house (and obviously it was a big one) so far.  If only OTHER parents emphasized good hygiene also, the spread of germs could be lessened But, Ive seen the kids in public school...its obvious not all parents care to teach good hygiene. 


Amanda, you are cracking me up.My husband also says similar things when we run over the scenario of if he was the SAH.  He says the house would be clean and laundry all done (mind you, we are very clean people, my house has kid toy mess but is by no means dirty or messy generally).  But there is SO much more- because he would clean the house, feed the kids, and turn on the XBox.  I remind him constantly that it takes constant interaction to raise kids.  Im actually not Facebooking and chatting online all day. 


We are having job issues too.  Right on top of our hospital bills.  Because the government budget extension hasnt passed, my husband is getting furloughed as of March 1st.  We will take a huge cut in pay, and he still has to work the EXACT SAME HOURS because he is mission critical.  It feels like absolute ROBBERY.  We are scrambling to change our retirement allotment and tax status just to make sure we can make our house and car payment AND feed our kids. 


I have not worked since my ODD was born.  But we are seriously facing me having to go back to work for a while.  It would be an absolute mess for our kids.

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I am rolling my eyes times eleventy million right now. Anywho...


Umm.... what do you do with runners? Jaimee, I'm thinking of you here! J is a runner. He takes off anytime his feet touch the ground. Like, he will run out the front door of a business and into the street. I can't put him down anywhere; he has to be in a carrier. Even in arms only, he will fight and wiggle to get down. Am I just doomed to wear him in public until he is 5? My girls never left my side... they were like glue. Dh wants to get him a leash. I just gave him *the look* at that one. Thoughts?

LOL, Amanda, I'd be rolling my eyes times eleventy million, too!  Seriously.  Why do our partners think it's just soooo easy to stay at home with the kids and get stuff done?   Granted, my kids behave way worse when I'm around than when it's just dh.  So, maybe the house will be super clean the entire time!  Hahaha!


Yes, runners... remembering when 16 month old Austin ran away from home and hid in the garage?  Yeah....   So, if I was going to a place where I could not allow him to be down, running around, I would put him in a carrier or stroller.  Often I could tell if the stroller was going to be a failure and I'd have the carrier as a back up.  He's been pretty good now for a while- maybe since 2.5 or so?  He'll stay with me and come when I call... mostly.  He's not running away anymore, just walking at his own pace, checking everything out.  Now, Avery has to go straight from the car to a cart or he goes ballistic.  His feet cannot touch the ground for even a second or he'll be off and there will be no wrangling him into a cart or carrier- it will be constant screaming and crying.  I assume it'll be this way until he's closer to 2 years old and then things will improve a bit.  I always assume things will improve by the time kids are 2.  lol.gif

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My kids have been sick a lot the last two winters, and I stay home with them. We're pretty social though, we play with other kids multiple times a week. I just console myself with the thought that my kids will have really kickass immune systems for their adult life.
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My goodness, I'm so sorry to all of you facing uncertain employment!  How stressful!  I'm feeling really thankful right now.

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Last week I was so busy between work and school that DH was virtually a SAHD taking care of Sora the whole time. I LOVED IT. Before we started a family, we had many discussions about having him be a SAHD down the road once I finish my bachelor's and can make a much better living. I had my qualms about him being a good SAHD after how rough things were during Sora's infant period, but now that she is so interactive, he is just amazingly involved with her. I can totally see him taking care of the kids in the future now that he is fully adjusted to parenthood. I'd probably give him some grief about TV use from time to time, but he is far more active and laid back than I am - which is a good combo with a high-energy fussy kid. Sorry to gush so much right now while other people are ticked off at their hubbies. I'm just so thankful for how DH has stepped up and blossomed into his fatherhood role. It's even more incredible since he had the worst/absent father figures growing up.

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My dh could take care of the kids okay, but he wouldn't get anything else done! It just wouldn't work for us.

It sucks about all the job uncertainty. My dh hasn't been able to work in a month so I know the feeling! Luckily we had a decent amount of savings and an emergency fund. Thank you Dave Ramsey!
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Amanda, tie his shoe strings together so he has to take smaller steps. Or put the leash on his ankle and trip him every time he runs? Something about a change in insurance. I don't understand it. They have no other clients for me, so it's time to look elsewhere. I would make more in the city, so were looking at moving (and Sara wants to work if there's someplace fun to work). And roll those eyes away. I totally understand.
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My hubby is wonderful with Eli, he is an amazing father! He had a hard time when Eli was tiny and had terrible colic... But that was understandable, he wasn't exposed to much crying before...it was a hard adjustment for both of us. I am very thankful to have him on this journey with me. I am so under the weather...I think I have the flu. Eli is coughing, he sounds like a seal. Eli is a runner too, I have him in the stroller for the most part since we don't have a car, but I have my Boba carrier with me all the time. I do carry him quite a bit still.
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My DH is also a wonderful father. Seriously. I couldn't have asked for a better dad for my kids. He's so patient and attentive. He wakes up with him, changes diapers, feeds him... He's so involved. It's awesome.
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It's amazing how different parenting is when your partner is caring and nurturing! The short time I parented with my ex was miserable. But I absolutely love co-parenting with my husband. I do think the girls blow his mind though...mostly our 6yo...and her attitude....
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So true, Ash. While I want to neck punch dh on occasion, he is a wonderful father. He is so in love with J and is very involved. Plus, I think he does more cleaning than I do since I started working. Oops... Anyway, my ex... Not so much. Zero help, only reacted in anger towards the girls, no real connection. I think he does a bit better now, but he had years of therapy.
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Amanda, I thought you were just rolling your eyes about his unrealistic expectations, not that he was a bad dad. Lol. It's funny how many interpretations can be made from a rant.
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So true, Ash. While I want to neck punch dh on occasion, he is a wonderful father. He is so in love with J and is very involved. Plus, I think he does more cleaning than I do since I started working. Oops... Anyway, my ex... Not so much. Zero help, only reacted in anger towards the girls, no real connection. I think he does a bit better now, but he had years of therapy.

Haha, my DH does all the cleaning/laundry, too. I'm the worst wife ever.
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Waaaah!  I'm sick AGAIN.  I was sick 2 weeks ago and now I'm sick again.  Or the sick came back.  I don't know.  But it SUCKS.  I was up all last night choking on snot while Avery slept the best he has slept in months.  Seriously.  He slept like 7 hours and I was up the entire time coughing and feeling like crap.  My dad is here to help me with garden projects and it's seriously 17 degrees outside.  I cannot do anything and I'm mad at the universe right now.

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greensad.gif. Jaimee, I hope you feel better soon.
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Man it's been slow around here lately. Where has everyone been?
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We are out of town. And thinking a lot about work stuff.

One of the most exciting things about moving to a city is that we will be able to bike. What experience do people have with transporting babies by bike?
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Just working. Haha.

I used to ride my bike while wearing Conner but I haven't done that since he was a baby baby. He loved it though.
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Have a bike, stopped biking when I found out I was pregnant.  Always wondered about biking with a baby ... never tried.


Been very sick and busy over here......


The only half interesting thing that we did these last couple of days, is to make Eli homemade Hemp milk.  It is super easy, and so much cheaper than buying the stuff in store.  (There is only one brand and it is $4.60 for 1L).  Oooo and this way we can control the amount of sugar in it too, and change the flavour up if we felt like it.

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I've been busy working and studying for my midterms. And I woke up sick with a sinus infection. Good times...


In other news, Sora just keeps surprising me every day with something new. It's incredible to me that toddlers this young can comprehend and remember things so well! Excuse me while I gush.


I just started giving her bubble baths, and she knows that this one particular bottle is what produces the bubbles. I had no idea where I put it and was just going to give her a regular bath yesterday. Well, as soon as I told Sora it was bathtime, she got so excited and ran into her bedroom, grabbed the bubble bath bottle from a side table, and brought it to me! It was so cute! She loves her bubbles.


Then the other day I brought home groceries and set the bags on the floor. DH was too tired to help me put everything away, so I was kind of annoyed. I turned to put something in the fridge, and when I turned back around, guess who was kneeling on the floor holding up a cucumber to hand to me?! luxlove.gif My heart melted. She was so proud to be helping me unpack everything and kept going until all of the bags were empty. She has never done that before. Came out of nowhere!


We play with dolls together now. It makes me want another baby. *sigh* Sora is going to be such a good big sister someday. She is so nurturing with the dolls! She pretends to feed them with a spoon, feeds them with a bottle, and puts a pacifier in their mouths. She does it on command too if I hand her something and tell her to do it. She's probably sick of me telling her that the baby is hungry. LOL


Kids really are sponges.

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