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I do want him to be happy and have his opportunity. But I also really like my little life right now. Just enough work time and home time... I'm home by 3 everyday and I only work 4 days a week. My off day is flexible, too. So I get to spend a ton of time at home with the kids. And go to the school. I'm a whiny baby. 

I don't think you're a whiny baby at all. I think it's super important to have involved parents- especially at such a young age as Jasper. I think your schedule sounds perfect right now. Can you talk to your dh about getting a part time job? Maybe there is something simple to acquire that could potentially help with his business? Connections, discounts, etc.? That way his time at a part time job wouldn't be totally taken away from his new business. I don't know... I don't think it's entirely fair for him to dictate how this goes for you guys if you're currently happy, why does his happiness take priority? I don't want to stir things up for you, but it sounds like you really don't want to work full time and I'm just wondering if there is a middle ground. ((HUGS))
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Katie, I would call those hazel eyes too, although they could still change some and lean more toward one color (I see something like 3 different colors in that pic). They look a lot like my dad's eye color, just slightly darker than his. He calls his hazel. Both my girls are definitely blue eyed kiddos.

Amanda, I am right there with you . Looks like I will be going full time too. I have the same concerns you do, but we are lucky to have family close by to help with child care. That is a huge weight off my shoulders. Still have to pay for it, but I know they are spending time with people who truly love and care for them. Any chance you could get back into teaching, then you could have that time off?

Things here are crazy busy as usual. We just got back from an extended weekend in St. Louis with the girls. They had a blast, but now we are all exhausted! Thinking of going back in a few weeks without the girls. My mom keeps asking to keep them overnight. They will stay with her a few nights while we are in Jamaica this May. They've never done an overnight at my parents house, so she wants a practice weekend with them. Seems like the perfect excuse for an adult only weekend out of town!

Job stuff is up in the air and we'll hopefully have some answers within a couple of weeks. Send some positive vibes our way, we need it!
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This is a pic of B's eyes. Similar to KJ's I think.

Amanda, I think Jaimee put it perfectly! I also do not think you are being whiney. Your feelings are valid and justified.

We are lucky I guess that our instability is not job it's only income. And it's temperary- 22 weeks exactly. My husbands job will stay exactly the same, we will just a giant cut in pay for most of the rest of the year. I'm educated. I have work experience. I could get a job. But DH will still be at work full time just getting paid way less because he is a mission critical employee. So...what do I do with the kids if I have to go to work? At this point working nights is not an option. And the longest I've ever been away from Bettie is 5 hours and her dad was with her.
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I asked Conner for a picture of his beautiful baby blues and he took off running... So I told him I was going to show everyone his mean ass instead... And he froze in place. Haha. Such a weird kid.
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I finally understand why they call it a "meltdown!" We just hit real time tantrums over here, and Sora completely melts from our arms onto the floor. Wowza. I lost count, there were so many tantrums today. Not looking forward to this stage.....

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Yeah, back arching, jelly legs?  Super fun.  Austin still  pulls that sometimes and he's 3!

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Yeah, Eli is also in the 'melt down' phase. ABOUT.EVERYTHING....

He is super cute though, he was waving at this shadow earlier today smile.gif it was sooooo sweet. He then said bye bye and left... Heart melt!
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My favorite is when J makes his body straight like a board when it's time to get in the car. Or turns into a pretzel.

Anyone seen that comic strip about toddler car seat positions??? It had names and pics for all of the crazy things they do when you try to get them in the car. I really, really, really want to see that again!
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Not sure if this is the picture you saw (I think I saw another version somewhere once)... It is pretty funny!

Eli does similar things when it comes to getting back into the stroller after a play in the park smile.gif
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Ha! Love the cartoon. Greta doesn't mind her car seat, but DD1 is definitely the slow poke. I will open her door so she can climb into her seat while I put Greta in. By the time I am done, she's usually still staring at the hang nail she just found or some other silly thing along the way. She is going to be 4 next week and still won't even attempt to strap hersel into her seat. Ugh...
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Shay throws himself backward to communicate his frustration. Always when I have a hold on him, so I wind up lowering his head to the floor. If he's standing, he stomps his feet and cries.

He's pretty good about the car, we drive a two door, so we just stand them both up in their seats and then strap down whoever sits first.

When I read about Sora and Coralie taking care of their babies I was like, wow, Shay's behind on imaginative play! Then I realized that he takes care of the real baby. Not imaginative, but similar? He shoves bites of food into his mouth and tries to pick him up all the time. He does have a favorite doll he rocks from time to time.

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Love the cartoon! Thanks!!! 


Jasper does not do much in the way of imaginative play. He prefers moving things around the house, making messes, banging things, and rolling his cars. Oh, and throwing things and climbing. He will hug a baby doll or teddy bear, but that's it. He will color if you give him a crayon. And he will squirt his yogurt or bang his sippy cup to make a mess, then finger paint in that. I feel like he is pretty normal... Wait, duh... of course he doesn't do that stuff with a baby. He doesn't have stuff for his baby. OMG I probably didn't give him baby toys because he is a boy!! Nooo!!!! Note to self: pull out some baby gear from the girls' rooms when I get home. I'm so ashamed....

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Conner doesn't do much imaginative play, either. He plays with the dogs, his trucks, me. He pulls stuff out of the cabinets then puts it back. He walks... And walks... And walks... And climbs... And climbs... And climbs... Haha, but that's about it. He hugs the cats, does that count?
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Amanda, our dolls don't have stuff. Except a stroller that the kids like to ride around in at breakneck speed.
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Amanda, kids can have imaginative play with trucks and plastic food and dishes and all kinds of things.  They don't need dolls.  Your not slighting him!  I gave my son a doll once and he ripped its head off and drank our of it like a cup.  Not all kids love dolls :P


B has a picnic basket with a cloth and plates with food shapes that fit into the food shaped holes.  She will sit and have a pretend picnic for an hour.  She does carry a doll around sometimes and gives it kisses and hugs.  But she also uses it as a weapon when she gets mad.

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Ha! We have ALL the stuff. Like sling, diaper bag, cloth diapers, food, a million outfits, changing station, bunk beds, cradle, etc etc. My girls were super into dolls. I should bring the doll stroller up from the basement so he can race it around. 


Ash, I love the doll head cup. Awesome. Also, the picnic sound adorable. 

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Avery's also a big climber and has managed to get around our shoddy stair gate situation and climb the stairs without anyone noticing.  He'll close the top of the stair gate behind him, which is funny and helpful.  He just learned how to climb up the bunk bed ladder yesterday, so that's something new to look out for... he can even get over the bed railing onto the top bunk.  He's up on all the step stools, too, and I'm sure any day now I'll find him atop the dining room table.  He can walk pretty fast now- basically he runs, but not cross arm running or anything yet, but he'll get going so fast that he falls over his own feet. 


Avery picked a baby doll out to play with the other day and signed baby repeatedly while laughing, but he doesn't feed it or nurture it.  Poke it in the eyes and mouth, yes, but nurture not so much.  If Avery is in the right mood, he will play by himself for quite some time, too.  But, that usually means dumping things out of other things, looking at them, chewing on them, picking at them, throwing them, and finally walking around and dropping them somewhere else so I have to clean it up later.  Unfortunately with Austin around, Avery doesn't get too much dedicated toy time.  Most toys get taken from him or thrown at him and what might have been gentle pretend play turns into throwing things everywhere play, which they have a great time with, but I loathe.  I get so frustrated with the need those boys have to destroy and make messes.  Avery hears me telling Austin to pick up so often that he has adopted this phrase.  Just today he told me to "pick it up!" when he saw a banana on the floor.  Hilarious on one hand, and a sign of what life has become around here for now.  Seriously, I spend so much time on the floor picking things up that I do not have a single pair of jeans without holes in the knees.  I'm so fashionable.

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Eli loves kicking things around on the floor, so we finally bought him a ball. He is very loving with his teddy bears, hugs them and pats their bums - so funny. He is quite the ham! He likes to tickle our feet too (isn't too ticklish but we still laugh because the giant grin on his face makes it worth it). Yes, throwing things...oi... Blocks get thrown around a lot. Eli isn't climbing yet... He is trying. And we have no stairs so he isn't familiar wih them either....

We don't use a carseat ever, since we don't have a car, the few times I get a ride from my aunts place home after a visit, Eli cries the entire way home since he isn't used to the seat/car rides. I have a car seat for him that my inlaws bought, it is a convertible. The bought it when they came visiting last summer, because they rented a car, and to rent a seat would have been more for the week than buying a new one... So we can use it if we ever rent a car in the near future or my inlaws come visit again.
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I'm not sure i would call Coralies behavior imagination just yet. It's more like she copies what she sees and will do it if you ask her. She is fairly gentle though and loves to give hugs and kisses to everything and everyone. However, she still LOVES to eat crayons, markers and dog food. I'm pretty sure my older 2 were over those things by now! She's repeating words like crazy this week, a few short sentences too!
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Noch likes to play with his train table a lot now. And we caught him with one of my daughters wooden dolls zooming it around the house making funny noises. But thats about it for imagination play so far. :)

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