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Greta has always liked dolls and babies and loves on them all the time. She also loves cars or anything with wheels and balls. Imaginative play is really very limited at this age. It really explodes between 2-3 years old. My almost-4 year old is really in the thick of it right now. She personifies everything and plays house all the time. If she doesn't have toys, she'll use her fingers as people and they have all kinds of adventures. It's hilarious to watch and I love listening to the stories she comes up with. It really gives me a glimpse into her little mind. 


It's seriously snowing outside my house right now. DD1 had a snow day and I'm praying for one tomorrow too! I can hardly see the houses across the street from us. It started about 3 hours ago and we already have about 7 inches. I love it!!

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Lucky!  We have had zero snow this year.  My kids are super bummed out about it.


I have to re-night wean B.  And its going to be a disaster.  She HAS. TO. NURSE. to fall asleep the last 2 weeks, and while she was in the hospital she developed some really bad habits (mom pacifier, nipple twiddling, pinching).  I swear she sleeps a good 4 hour stretch then wakes up every 15 minutes screaming for boob.  Its exhausting everyone in my house. 

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Speaking of snow, I'm from KCK (Kansas City, Kansas) and they've got about 14'' right now!!! But of course by the time it hits me, it's just 3 days of freezing rain. YAY! O_O

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Yep, I am in the KC metro area. Still going full force here!
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Ugh, Ash, that sounds really exhausting and frustrating!  Avery still night nurses, but I think when he's done teething I'm going for the nightweaning.  Right now he's getting his molars.  Two have popped through.  Two more to go.  Then canines.  We've been up every hour for the past couple of nights.  Motrin isn't helping. 

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I think Conner is working on his canines right now. I hope they come through quickly, so we can have a few months of peace before the next molars start.
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Ash, if you figure out how to night wean, let me know.

Jasper is getting his first four molars and one front bottom tooth that was taking it's time all right now. Three of the molars have popped threw a bit, but still have a way to go. The fourth is still under the gum. I guess he's been a bit crankier and waking more... But toddlers are just cranky. Or else I'm just used to him being cranky at this point. I swear, it's taking forever did these teeth to come it!!!

Also, it's 63 degrees and sunny here. I'm getting ready to take the kids to the park... In short sleeves. orngtongue.gif
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Originally Posted by TalkToMeNow View Post

Also, it's 63 degrees and sunny here. I'm getting ready to take the kids to the park... In short sleeves. orngtongue.gif

splat.gif  And that's how I feel about that.  19 degrees here and a snow storm expected. 

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She was totally night weaned before! It just took a few nights of sheer hell and exhaustion. But, she also takes a pacifier so it makes it easier to soothe her because we have an alternative to offer.

We had 2 days where it got above 45 degrees. It was amazing and my kids thought it must be close to summer. But it is cold and rainy again...
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So, I told you ladies we just took the girls to St. Louis last weekend, right? Well, our friends have another free weekend coming up and my parents have been asking for an overnight with the girls (they want a practice run with them before we go to Jamaica in May), so we are going again. Only this time it's a group of 6 of us road tripping together (all leaving our kiddos at home for the whole weekend) and staying with our good friends for St. Patrick's Day weekend. I feel 21 again, it's been so long since I've been excited for St. Patrick's Day! Woo hoo!

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That sounds fun Mal!  My MIL is trying to figure out how to make my older 2 kids to Disney World next month.  An extended weekend with only 1 kid, that's almost like having a vacation, right??


We are also stuck in the middle of a snowstorm here in NE.  My DH FINALLY got on the road today, only to have the bus break down again!  Our tow insurance sent out a mobile repair mechanic, who turned the bus on and said, "yup, it's broken"..  duh!  Then they called the tow truck to come, but the company sent the wrong truck (too small), so my hubby had to sit there another 2 hours while they went and got the right wrecker duh.gif.  They towed it 30 miles into a new mechanic only to find out that there was a loose nut..  This is the story of our lives lately.  At least he will be on the road again tomorrow morning.  


I'm giving my girls a bath right now and Olivine is totally washing Coralie down with a bar of soap.  Yay, now I don't have to parent anymore, I'll just let the kids self maintain.  Heh

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Abra, lol about being done parenting. I don't know if I would be happy or mad about the bus. That sounds pretty bad, but at least it didn't cost a fortune.

Hope all you snowy and icy girls are ok.
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The few times dh and I have had a weekend with just Jasper, we have considered that a vacation. Totally counts!

I'm jealous, Mal. I'm pretty sure my parents have decided they are too old to keep the kids. They are not old. Oh well. We can get a weekend away in 17 years. Lol.

Does anyone else's kid hate baths times a million?? Jasper breaks out the newborn cry and acts like I'm killing him. He doesn't even like a quick sponge bath. Any tips? Right now I just try to hurry.
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Have you tried taking him in the shower with you or DH?

My parents are only 47 and 48 so they can use the old excuse...however my mom is crazy and I won leave my kids with her :P. DH's mom is good for an evening, but B wouldn't tolerate a whole night. No for a LONG time. Before she was born though we regularly took vacations alone and even flew down to LA for a week the year before my surgery.
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Eli has also suddenly started hating bath time, he would arch his back and scream, and try to climb back up me... I tried the big bath, he doesn't like it, I tied the shower and he just screamed hysterically. So strange since he LOVED his bath time before....

I am so sick... Bad bad cold... Ugh... Today was a crappy day. I had a whole bunch of errands to run and had the crappiest customer services EVERYWHERE I went greensad.gif one of those days where it would have been better to stay in bed. But we had no food in the house and my diaper pail ran out of liners... greensad.gif
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Conner loves baths. Loves, loves, loves. He usually showers with me in the afternoon, too while I'm getting ready for work... To keep him occupied. LOL He has a blast. He'll stand up and act like he's climbing over the side, so I'll go, "Are you all done?" and he'll sit down and "swim" away. LOL It's so cute. I'm glad he likes baths/showers though. I wouldn't know how else to entertain him while I get ready for work. I usually leave him in the running shower to play while I get dressed and everything.


We're going on vacation with my parents in July (When I'm 8 months pregnant. I was pregnant on our last vacation, too. How lame.). But I'm excited... Kind of. LOL I feel like I'm going to be so fat and miserable, I'll end up being the babysitter while my parents and husband have a good time. LOL


Have I mentioned how unbelievable awesome this freezing rain is??? <--- I don't think I've ever been more sarcastic. I have a work meeting at 6am, shoot me in the face, and I'll probably have to defrost my car for a solid 20 minutes... Meaning I can't wake up 5 minutes before I have to walk out the door. Less sleep tonight, no nap today... Love my life.

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Amanda, my oldest hated getting wet. Water made my skin crawl while I was pregnant with him, even. We used to joke that it was from a past life. We did sponge baths as infrequently as we could get away with until he started to tolerate the shower around two.

Shay loves water so much he makes a pest of himself and tries to climb in with everyone's shower but then gets mad that the shower is spraying.
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I'm going to try the shower again. He can't even stand a washcloth when he is lying on his changing table. Sigh. Yesterday, I stripped him down, put him on the bath mat (NOT in the tub), and started washing him with a wash cloth. When I turned to rinse the cloth, he ran screaming out of the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. You know, cause that would totally stop me. 


My parents are 59 and 63, which I do not consider old. But my mom is on the crazy side, and their house is icky. They have cats and dogs and don't clean up after them well. My kids are getting to where they don't want to go. Dd1, my issue-y  kid, brings her own plates, cups, silverware, bedding, water, and food when she goes. We all end up coughing and sneezing while we are there. It kind of sucks. There's no nice way to say, "We don't want to visit because your house is filthy." They even have house cleaners who come every two weeks, but those people don't do a good job. I guess because they can get away with it. 

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I think we ended up with about 14 inches of snow here. No school again today and a smaller system is moving in Sunday night into Monday morning. Lord help my children if we don't have school Monday either (I'm wondering anyway with this snow, it's so deep and ice packed and I can't even get out of my alley to get to work and it's supposed to stay very cold for a while, so no thaw). DH dug out my parents last night (they don't have an alley to contend with), so my mom is coming to pick up me and the girls in a little while. We're going to my sister's where DD1 can play in the snow with her cousins and I can enjoy some hot coffee in the warm house.


My parents are older, my mom is 64 and my dad is almost 66, but they don't let it slow them down. They also have a huge house, so plenty of room for the girls. It's rare that they baby sit for us though. They have 20 grandkids and end up baby sitting a ton, more than they'd like, so we usually ask DH's parents. They are a little younger and the girls are their only grandkids, so they love it. I would be more comfortable with my ILs only because the girls are very used to being and sleeping there. But ILs can't keep them the whole 8 days we'll be in Jamaica and I'd like to girls to be at least a little more familiar with my parents house before we leave for such a big trip. The only thing I dislike is that my dad smokes in the house. We've gone round and round about it and I've come to terms with it for now. He keeps it in another part of the house (I mentioned the huge-ass house, right?), but that's as much cooperation as we get out of him when it comes to his smoking. 


Baths... the girls bathe together and Greta loves it. The rare times I bathe her alone, she still likes it but loses interest pretty quickly. She has started trying to go under water lately, DD1 does it all the time and Greta thinks it's hilarious. DD1 almost exclusively showered with me or DH until she was maybe 2.5. It was easier than running a bath and it killed two birds with one stone. We started bathing them together shortly after Greta was born. Greta had never showered before, but we were in a hurry one night last week so DH took her in the shower with him. She freaked!! She absolutely hated it the entire time! 

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My Mom has an apartment that she smokes in.  It REEKS and its full of birds.  I have told her many times I wont let the kids go over, but she still keeps inviting them, to them, and telling them how fun it would be.


Amanda-  I have lost great friends over messy houses.  I think when people don't live in it, they don't realize what an effect it has on your respiratory system to go into houses that messy.  I had a friend who had 4 kids and a dog who peed freely on the floor and in the heater vents, and it was occasionally cleaned up.  I literally had to end our friendship because she would not take her kids places because they are too crazy, and I just could not sit in her house.  I got sick every time and had asthma for days afterwards.  I do NOT understand how people live like that!

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