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Does anyone know where I can get hemp seeds in bulk at a reasonable price? Right now most of what I have seen is 1 lb for $13...

I have a really bad cold and it has really kicked my butt... Sucks to be sick especially since Eli is getting more molars and is miserable... Oh well. Glad to see the sunshine today it poured yesterday and the wind was blowing at 70km/h so it was miserable out. I think I need to start taking vitamin c again. Money has been tight with nothing for any kind of extras including vitamin supplements.
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I'll keep my eye out for a good deal on hemp seeds!  Sorry about the cold.


here are another couple pics that show KJ's eye color a little better!




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That's close to the colour of Oren's eyes - brown flecks in the middle of the dark baby grey-blue. DH has hazel eyes, so I'm assuming O's will be the same. Curious to see if it will be a green-brown hazel like DH. My aunt has a beautiful blue-brown hazel. My eyes are grey.

Trying to remember conversations, its been a while and I just read like 3 pages at once....

Oren doesn't do much imaginative play. He could care less about dolls, though he does sometimes make a toy animal trot across a table. He loves dressing up though. He'll put on a cat nose and cat ears and meow. He's mostly into figuring out how things work physically - stacking blocks, putting things into other things, putting lids on containers, pouring water, filling containers with beans. And he loves typing on the computer keyboard and mouse. Oh, and climbing. He can easily get on the dining table. And once, DH wasn't paying attention and I found Oren standing on the toilet tank. He also knows that he can push a chair to somewhere so that he can climb onto it. In this way he's climbed on the kitchen counter and on to dressers. I can't leave him alone for a second right now. He's still crawling primarily, though he can walk across the room, unsteadily, if he chooses to.

Next week is DH's last with his temporary work, and then he's unemployed for real. Scared. Guess I'll have to see if there is anything temporary I can do.

We tried a week of night weaning. Big fail. No one slept ever. We'll try again once all his molars are fully through.
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This O, all dressed up. When he says meow is sounds like "mi-low".

He also sings the theme song from Mio and Mao, an Italian claymation short. "Mio. Mao. Mio. Mao. LA LA LA LA LA!

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OMG THATS SO CUTE!!!  Seriously.  I need a matching set of those for B.  And for my older daughter for that matter!


I am going to be so very tired in the morning.  Its been tough trying to re-night-wean Bettie.  I don't let her cry, but I am having to jump through hoops to keep her comforted. 


And just to brain dump on you guys...there is something seriously wrong with the intestines of the people in this house.  First Bettie, and now my husband.  Who is currently in the hospital for what we think is a bleeding ulcer.  Its killing me for multiple reasons (and probably giving me an ulcer too).  First, we haven't told anybody because he doesn't want "the drama" so I am here with the kids alone pretending nothing is going on. Second, the dude is healthy.  Like, he is over weight but has made some incredible changes the last 6 months.  He eats completely paleo and has dropped 50 pounds.  He should probably be the healthiest person in this house.  So what the fracking frick is going on here? 


I should just give up on night weaning and save myself the added stress...

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Sorry, Ash!! Is he under a lot of stress? I used to have serious stomach problems. I had an ulcer at 17! It was 100% stress and anxiety related. Okay, maybe 75%. I also need to stay away from certain foods. Now that my anxiety issues are under control, my stomach is much better.


Isn't there also a theory that ulcers are caused by a bacteria? H. pylori or something? Anyway, it totally doesn't have to be a health thing, meaning he can be healthy and eat well and have gotten an ulcer anyway. I don't think everything is always diet related. 


Also, I think putting night weaning on hold sounds totally reasonable. I'd probably do that! 

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Oh no, Ash!!  What is up?!  I'm so sorry you're going through this!  Definitely put the nightweaning on hold.

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The sleep gods were kind and Bettie slept most of the night last night. My crazy ass husband got out of the hospital and went right to work :/. I'm absolutely sure stress is the cause. The sequestration is stressful at work and home so it's just stress everywhere.

Is anybody else finding that their subsequent children feel no need to talk...ever?
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Ash, I hope he's feeling better.

Talking, Shay has a few syllables he uses to talk. DD was also speaking in one syllable words at 18 months. DS spoke in sentences by that age. So I totally feel it. I think Ari was 5 before she turned chatterbox.
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Yeah, Conner still isn't really talking. It's a while lot of pointing and grunting... If that's what you'd call it.

Is anyone in or around Atlanta? I'm here for the week visiting my parents and would love a break. smile.gif
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Amanda is in Atlanta, right?


Talking... Avery mimics a lot of what we say- even phrases like "pick it up" or "I did it!"  He only associates a few words with their actual items like apple, ball, etc.  He's not as advanced as dd was, but seems a bit more advanced than ds1.

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Eye color...


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Greta has no interest in talking beyond "daddy". It's all she says. She says it just to say it but she also calls DH by that name very consistently. She loves to play a little game with me. She will walk up to me and say "Daddy?" And I say "Mommy" she responds with "Daddy" and we go backand forth with that until I get tired of responding. She thinks it is so funny! She has started saying something that sounds like "Nonny" referring to me. Her version of mommy, maybe? Other than that, I have noticed her playing more with consonants in her babbling, so she is progressing just very slowly.
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No talking here. And the only signs J is interested in are associated with food. Huh.

Nicole, I am in Atlanta! Though I'm not sure your idea of a break would be hanging out at my crazy house. And I work the whole week... How long are you here for?

Guys, guess what?!? I am surprising my kids by taking them to the aquarium instead of school tomorrow! I've never let them miss school for anything other than being sick before, but there was a great deal through my work only good for weekdays. They are going to be soooo surprised tomorrow morning. We're going to go to breakfast too. I am such a dork... I am so psyched!!
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That sounds so fun, Amanda! I would have been really excited about that as a kid!!!


R is talking up a storm. He says about 40+ words consistently and strings them together into little 3 word sentences. He says things like, "No more ____" and "Good Morning, Dada!" He says, "Nurse?" when he wants to nurse and "More wawoo" when he's thirsty. He says, "Uh oh, poop!" When he has to go to the bathroom (both poop and pee) and says, "Hockey! Goal!" when DH is watching the game. He's so cute! And he gibber gabbers all the time, too. With hand movements and facial expressions and pauses and everything. Like he's for serious.


And I think he would be really completely diaper free, now, if DH and I were better about making sure he's getting lots of opportunities to potty when we are out and about. At home he's diaperless and does all his potties in the toilet. Overnight he has a diaper and is dry in the morning about 90% of the time. We usually have to get up to do a potty once a night, sometimes not, though. 


He's coming up on 18 months, I can't believe it! 

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I've actually taken Conner to the aquarium here, but he was much younger and didn't care about it at all. I'm here until Thursday.

Conner is in full blown teething mode... Trying to get his bottom canines in. Ughhh. Why can't my DH be here? LOL He's so much better at this stuff.

What part of Atlanta are you in?
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Jaimee, I think Avery has blue eyes!!

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Eli's eyes :)  today they look really brown.  They change so often.  It is usual that they are either really brown or green.  It makes sense since my hubby and I both have hazel eyes...


Good job with Rhyko!  Diaper free mostly!  Oi... Eli is very aware of his body functions, he knows when he pees and says it too, same with pooping.  He usually runs to the washroom and says "Diaper Pee, or Diaper poop!"  His newest word is "Out-ee" when he wants out of the stroller/highchair.  He LOVES his daddy - it is so cute to watch... 


Finally kicked the cold to the curb, lets hope it stays away!


I heard that Costco sells hemp hearts/seeds.  I am waiting to hear how much they are - hoping my aunt can pick me some up because we don't have a costco membership.  That and there is now way to get there without a car... too much of a shelp!  Crossing my fingers that it is a reasonable price!  I got so lucky and got a 1lb bag for $6.53 at my new Natural market/deli they have a membership and I had $7.5 worth of cash back to redeem!  Awesome!  I can get 6 liters out of 1 bag!  That is super cheap!  Be a while before I have enough money for more cashback redemption...  A 1 liter box of hemp milk is usually $4.6!  Eli has completely weaned so that is why I am desperate to find cheaper hemp seeds :):) 

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Avery's eyes kind of look like my aunt's gorgeous blue-brown hazel.
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Awesome about the pottying, Christina! We haven't even thought about the potty...

Nicole, I'm in Tucker, on the east side of Atlanta.
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