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Thinking about Ash and Bettie...
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Originally Posted by MrsKatie View Post

Thinking about Ash and Bettie...


Me too. Any updates, Ash?

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She posted on FB to say that Bettie took two bites of food, but still isn't standing or walking.

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Yes, thanks Jaimee! We will be here at least another 24 hours. Bettie has been awake today and even made some silly faces and named her facial features. She still is too weak to sit up or stand on her own, but she had 3 bites of fruit a few hours ago and with the help of IV meds has not thrown them up. So it seems like she is slowly healing, and we are just going to hang out here until she is able to nourish and hydrate herself without help.
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Oh, and I would give just about anything to have some kind of comfort for this kid today! Hospital gowns and scratchy hospital blankets are not what a sick baby needs :/ When we get out of here I'm totally making some quilts to donate.
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I cannot imagine how hard this has been, Ash!  And just after your other kids were sick.  Thank goodness you are still holding on and haven't gotten it!

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I know right!? It's a miracle, for sure. We have an amazing pediatrician who gave me Zofran tabs to bring with us so if I get sick It won't be too bad. We had assumed that everyone had he stomach flu- but only 3 out of 5 of us got it (me and phoenix did not, and it's pretty rare for one of 3 kids to not get sick). That made some of the docs wonder if it was food contamination and not a virus. They are doing stool and blood cultures to check. But those results won't be back for a few days.
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hug2.gif to you and Bettie, Ash!!!!!  It seems like things are improving...hope you can get home and get rest soon.  Thinking of you!!!!!!!

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Ladies I have a question/concern. This happened this afternoon: Eli was sleeping, he had been asleep for 2 hours so I thought I should check on him since his naps no longer last that long. I walked in, put my hand on his back to make sure he was okay. He seemed awfully still and my hand wasn't moving like usual on his back. I went ice cold because I thought he stopped breathing. I gently shook him, he didn't move. I shook very hard and he didn't move, I eventually picked him up and he woke. He was sleeping in his crib, his back covered with a light blanky (sleeping on his belly, blanky no where near his face). Our room is very well ventilated, window open slightly, heat on to counter the window being open. I feel concerned that something is wrong. This is the second time this has happened in the last few weeks, last time he woke faster than this time. Is he just sleeping super deeply, or is there reason for concern?

Any thoughts?
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Welcome Lali.

I hope Bettie is doing better and that they figure this out!
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Ash, I hope she continues to recover.

Sonja, how hard did you shake to wake him? In the right stage of sleep I can change Shay's diaper or sit him up and let him flop back over and he will stay asleep. He isn't in that stage or I don't try to wake him very often, so I don't know for sure. I usually put my hand under his nose if I want to know if he's breathing but honestly I haven't done that since he was tiny.
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Yeah, Rhyko can be 'dead asleep' sometimes, too. I can move him around and he won't wake up. I think toddlers sleep pretty deeply?

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In regards to shaking, it's not shaking rattling his brain, just thought I would clarify. While he was sleeping I was shaking at him to wake him. I did it really hard. It really felt like he wasn't breathing much at all. I know the sleep stage where you can pretty much do anything to them and they will keep sleeping. But this felt different...
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I don't know. I didn't think you meant shaking him violently, I just wondered how much movement he slept through.

I really don't know what's normal.
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Yep, we knew what you meant by shaking.


If you think there is a problem, I'd trust your mama-intuition! 

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Lol, I re-read the post and it sounded bad wink1.gif it was a lot of movement he slept through... A lot. I almost hyperventilated because it was a very strange situation. I was on the verge of yelling for my dh to come help... I will have to keep a closer eye on him when he naps...
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Eeee I'm so excited, my sister and her husband just did a gender reveal for their baby and I have another nephew on the way! Yay! It was neat, I've never seen a gender reveal like that before. They had balloons hidden in a big box and then did Facetime and webcam with four sets of our families around the country simultaneously. (My sister and BIL live in California.) We watched them open the box and let out the balloons (blue colored of course), and we got to see everyone's reaction at once. It was so cool. We were cracking up when we saw the set-up they had on their counter with all of the streaming devices (2 iPads and a laptop, LOL). My sister asked if I wanted to do a joint baptism with them next year, and I replied, "Are we going to do that via Skype too?" lol.gif

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Joanie that's awesome!

Sonja- I would at least ask for a sleep study from the ped. It is probably just a deep sleep phase, but you will probably continue to worry unless you talk to someone about it.

Bettie is hamming it up and being silly with the nurses. They haven't repeated her blood work but I imagine its nearly normal. They did a rotavirus test and it was negative- but the smells coming out of this child are shocking the hospital staff. Haha. She has still kept down nothing but breast milk. And we can't leave until she can (and will) drink water and eat and quit vomiting. I honestly can't imagine having to stay here longer greensad.gif. I want to give her comforts of home like fuzzy blankets and soft toys and peace and quiet...and we all miss the other kids.

Hoping things turn around by morning.
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Aww Ash, I'm glad Bettie is keeping cheery! You're in my thoughts. I hope she can go home very very soon!


Out of curiosity, what kind of sleeping situation do hospitals have for children that age? Do toddlers stay in cribs, or did they give you a bed to sleep on with her? I haven't seen pediatric rooms before.

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When we first came they had a hospital crib. Then they told us she wasn't allowed to sleep on the fold out chair with us, and we laughed at them and told them she wouldn't sleep in the crib. So they actually got a normal bed in for us to share and took the crib out. They have been very accommodating so far.
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